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  42. Deoxit
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  46. Motorola SK109GW 1970 Stereo Receiver
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  52. Newbie.... Any One have any thoughts?
  53. One more time
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  55. New guy and old stuff.
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  58. Marantz 2245 or NAD C 165BEE Preamplifier
  59. Altec 352a
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  61. Toshiba SA-775
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  63. transistor equivalents
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  71. general motorboating question
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  76. What did I just do?
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  81. Soundcraftsmen Take Two
  82. phase linear emitter resistors
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  84. Please translate this Japanese warning sentence from turntable.
  85. Damn....
  86. Help!! Please!!!
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  88. Electrocompaniet Ampliwire AW100 ?
  89. Yamaha CR-820 Receiver or Hitachi SR-903 Receiver
  90. Setting bias and dc offset after replacing trim pots
  91. Testing Transistors
  92. KENWOOD KR-8840 and HK 150+ quad receivers
  93. Audio Research SP-5 Preamp
  94. DC Offset and Autoformers
  95. Crackling noise?
  96. luxman R-1050 relay
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  98. Carver The Receiver 2000 fix
  99. Phase Linear 2000 Switch Surgery
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  110. Hard work by Sansui
  111. Any using Aloia amplification?
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  114. Technics SA-80 Speakers?
  115. Finally got a seperate power amp, some thoughts and questions.
  116. #0000 Steal Wool for Mild Scratches in Silver Face Plates
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  118. Headphone Jack?
  119. Soundcraftsmen SP 4000 preamp?
  120. Is your unoptainium power switch worth $5 and an hour or so of your time?
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  123. Powered FM Antenna to 75ohm Attachment
  124. Parasound amps. HCA 1500a vs. 'upgraded' HCA1200
  125. Can I connect a poweramp at tape out?
  126. All is now right in my world. Thank you AK!
  127. Just wondering if I'm in the wilderness now ....
  128. Onkyo 732
  129. NAD 7175PE receiver, preamp dead
  130. Sansui qrx-7001 impression
  131. Please help me avoid killing myself: SX-1250
  132. harman/kardon 630, silent FM radio?
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  134. Realistic STA-2270
  135. Onkyo a-10 or kenwood ka9100?
  136. Yamaha cr620 sound question
  137. Marantz 2252B transformer (?) "hissing"
  138. Looking for a tech in NJ/NYC area
  139. Sansui 9090 Protection Light
  140. Sae 2400 amp anyone own one opions/thoughts?
  141. Has anyone heard of impulse audio brand?
  142. Is this amp missing something?
  143. Audio Research D100B
  144. Carver TFM-6c as Dual Mono Blocks?
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  146. How many of you?
  147. SX-1980 Sold (Ohhh the agony)
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  149. Antique audio antenna
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  159. Sony STR VX5 Receiver
  160. Sony STR VX5
  161. Should old SS amps be brought up on a Variac?
  162. Looking for a Vintage Gear Service Tech
  163. How to tell if it's time to replace electolytics
  164. Another shootout Kenwood KA 7100,NAD 317, HK 670
  165. Realistic STA-2000 near monster
  166. Sansui 4000 wood case build
  167. Can anyone help identify this Burstein Applebee Solid State Component Radio
  168. Help with sticky volume slider?
  169. Solid State Units with good Bass Responce
  170. Amp Hum
  171. Question on Crown DC300 power amp
  172. XAM43T Need help finding a bulb
  173. Vector Research VA-1400
  174. NLD (new Luxman day!)
  175. SX-1250 in the house (problems, GRRRRR)
  176. Luxman M4000 transformer?
  177. Multipal Recevers 1set of Speakers
  178. Transistor replacement questions
  179. SAE 3000 pre & SAE 3100 power amp!
  180. MC 2105/C28 Maintenance
  181. Looking for advice on a Harman Kardon amp (or perhaps some other brand)
  182. NAD 1600 Preamp upgrade.....Please Help Nubie!
  183. help troubleshooting Fisher 440T
  184. Bose 1801 input IC
  185. Receiver shopping
  186. Realistic STA-2000 part 2 (Warning-nudity)
  187. Stax DA-80 Amplifier
  188. Luxman M1500 amp too hot?
  189. Old LLOYD´s Receiver Adjustments need help!
  190. Equalizer choice: Marantz EQ-315 or Pioneer GR-555?
  191. pre-amp to power amp RCA connection max lenght question
  192. Rising
  193. Source for knobs and buttons for vintage receivers
  194. Sansui or Pioneer...decisions, decisions.
  195. The BIG Sony V-FET (free)
  196. Help, reciever volume, amp or preamp?
  197. Anyone repaired a Sony STR-11L?
  198. Accuphase C200 recap question
  199. Onkyo TK-1500/2500 Mk2 a good upgrade?
  200. Had my Harman/Kardon 430 serviced and it's still blowing fuses
  201. Recapping Magnavox Astro-Sonic Amp
  202. Is it mostly the current of an amp that is responsible for its dynamic power rating?
  203. Dirty Pots?
  204. Rail Voltage & Ground possible short?
  205. Anyway I can remove the step on the volume control of Marantz 1180DC
  206. I don't know what to do now.
  207. Restoring/Rebuilding/Repairing a NAD 7240PE Reciever
  208. Need a little help please, Kenwood KR-4200
  209. Looking for some info or help guys??
  210. Sony TA-F3A Quiet Channel
  211. How is the phono section on Carver Receivers?
  212. Realistic STA-40 alignment
  213. Vector Research VR-7000 DOA :(
  214. Bose Spatial Control - Power Switch Solenoid
  215. Fisher CA-283 amp, any info?
  216. BOSE PLS-1310 schematic diagram need
  217. Getting Sony TA N330ES Power Amp. Preamp?
  218. bigger ss amp
  219. A few new to me toys
  220. Sony STR-V4L
  221. Pioneer SX 780 Left Channel Issue
  222. First attempt at adjusting DC offset
  223. Found an Old Stereo Multiplex
  224. Question about Sansui 4000
  225. G33000 assistance needed
  226. Tough Call, Aragon 4004MK II or Threshold 400a
  227. Marantz 2245 or Pioneer SX-750
  228. Dynaco ST416 problem - Left channel power supply fuses keep blowing
  229. Carver preamp remote out~????
  230. Philips 786 Sudden Left Channel Issue
  231. Anemic Little HH Scott Transistor Receiver
  232. Starting a Recap
  233. Marantz 2275 No Sound
  234. Marantz transistor replacement
  235. No sound in Marantz 1060. Could it just be dirty controls?
  236. who can rebuild vintage receiver in D/FW?
  237. troubleshooting Kenwood Basic M1D
  238. Marantz 1060 Amp versus Marantz Receivers?
  239. Amazed by harman / kardon PM655
  240. Sherwood S-110CP Repair
  241. Sansui AU-317 Cap question
  242. Bryston 3B- popping fuses
  243. Kenwood KR-5200 power switch
  244. Best Receivers (mid 70s to early 80s)
  245. Settings and Caps for a Sony TA-1130
  246. Sansui QRX5500 Issues
  247. STA-2000 done and a big thanks to Dwojo
  248. Heathkit AR-1302
  249. Airline
  250. Sony TA3200F Rebuild