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04-29-2004, 07:11 PM
hi guys im new here. ive got a question for any of you that can help me out.

i bought a old sanyo dca 611 from a swap meet for really really cheap. "came with the 611k tuner" i was wondering if anyone knows anything about this model? i think it was made 1980. a dca311 was on ebay with a asking price of $180, and mines the 611.

the tuner works great but the amp wont drive any speakers. it lights up and all the buttons and lights work but no sound whatsoever. if the amp is worth fixing then i will, but i have to find out if its worth it from someone? any experience with a old sanyo integrated anyone?

04-29-2004, 07:15 PM
This here...

Manufacture Years: 1977 - 1981
Additional Information:
Power: 60
Retail MSRP: $275.00

04-29-2004, 07:41 PM
yea thats the one mine has a 1980 tag on the back.

for you guys with more experience.

the amp powers up everything works. but i dont get any sound from either A or B speaker terminals on any source. what could that be?

04-29-2004, 10:59 PM
Since the origin of the equipment is really unknown, it would be a guess the "good deal" was had for the reason you are experiencing. This is a nice pair of seperates, close to the top of that particular series. While nothing spectacular, the cosmetic design is all classic Sanyo, and is Vintage "eye candy" for all silver faced fans. From what I have seen so far, The DCX/JCX series receivers were certainly more robust machines than the "DCA" seperates, but again, the pair you have is respectable.
Most Sanyo's had speaker protection relays that "click" on a few seconds after the power button of the amp is on. If you are not hearing this engage, there could be a fault in the Amp or protection circuit itself, that energizes the relay. There are of course many other possibilities, but problems of this nature are common, which is why I mention it.
It is up to You of course, whether the unit is worth getting repaired or not, these typically do not fetch that much at all on the online auction, (maybe 25 to 60 dollars), they dont come up all the time, but there are a few here and there. The DCA 311 example from your post is something that is not uncommon to see on ebay(but not representative of the units value).
If it is something that you totally lose interest in and just want to dump or offer for parts, AK has some great selling forums to help the fellow bretheren. If you want it repaired, AK is also the place to be and if some of the resident experts here such as EW cant help, then I'd say contact me and I will not let these just go to the hammer pile.
Hope my ramblings have helped - Best of luck