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04-03-2009, 04:18 AM
Today I found two albums are/were a little unusual:

First One: CD-4 Quadraphonic Persuasive Percussion

I'm sure most people around here are quite familiar with the LP "Persuasive Percussion". I have several that came with bulk buys, and find it showing up in many places I look. Sort of up there with the Herb Alperts and the Barbara Streisands for "it's everywhere" syndrome.

Well, today I found one that is a little bit different. It has the much-less-common ABC records cover, with the montage of nude-torsos-with-daisies design, instead of the pattern of black dots design. But that isn't what makes it really unusual.

This one is rarer, because it is a "Command Quadradisc"! :banana:

I brought this LP home, but haven't heard it yet. My gear is all disconnected now, to get the plasma TV hung on the wall and put together new gear racks, etc...; I won't be able to play it for 1-2 weeks or so. Looking forward to hearing what crazy Enoch Light did with FOUR channels, beyond the usual 2-channel shenanigans... plus, it is one of the few albums that can actually help one to "dial in" a quad system! :D

Second One: Beatles Yesterday and Today Paste-over

This one has my curiosity button pushed, and an hour of Google-searching and reading online hasn't satisfied me, so I'm posting here about it.

I found a copy of The Beatles Yesterday and Today. Always on the lookout for a "butcher cover", I took a closer look. It has a slick paste-over atop a different cover, but looking at it, I suspect it is not the butcher cover underneath. The real buther paste-over usually shows a faint sign of a black triangle, from Ringo's collar, visible through the white slick. This one seems to have been pasted over a black square or rectangular picture of some kind, instead. But the spine and back of the LP looks correct for a butcher LP (and is, of course, not a paste-over).

I found one price list online for butcher covers that mentions one version which has the slick pasted over a different album. The listing shows a value of $1000 for that version. I'm wondering if I just found one of those(?). This seller has this priced around the same price as other older/rarer Beatles LPs he is selling, which makes it more than the average LP but still well below $100.

I am aware of the extent of counterfeits (and that some fakes are starting to command some prices of their own!); I don't think this is a complete fake; if it is, it is a genuinely old cover and LP, at least. The disk inside is real enough, although I haven't checked the dead wax markings or done any real research on that, since I haven't bought it and don't want to examine it so long and closely as to cause suspicion and trigger the seller to investigate further, just in case. Not entirely fake, possibly yet a genuine butcher if my eyes deceive me about what is underneath...but I don't think that. I'm just puzzled by it!

What is this? Does anyone have any further information about that one authentic paste-over which has the slick pasted on the DIFFERENT cover? What did that different cover look like? Did it have some kind of darker pic set in a bit (with margins) from the edges of the cover? I'm wondering if I've found one of those, and if so, I think I'll get it.

But I don't want to throw money away on a near-worthless fraud, though, so would appreciate any info/tips. I would love to have one 'good' copy of this historic LP for my modest Beatles "collection", other than the later re-releases (I have one of those) but have no intention of getting every version and fake out there.

Any relevant info appreciated; thanks.

04-03-2009, 05:50 AM
Well, today I found one that is a little bit different. It has the much-less-common ABC records cover, with the montage of nude-torsos-with-daisies design, instead of the pattern of black dots design. But that isn't what makes it really unusual.

This one is rarer, because it is a "Command Quadradisc"! :banana:

This is very interesting! Are you suggesting that in the '70s Enoch Light did a quad remix of a 1959 album? I thought that only 3-track recording existed in 1959.

I found a copy of The Beatles Yesterday and Today. Always on the lookout for a "butcher cover", I took a closer look. It has a slick paste-over atop a different cover, but looking at it, I suspect it is not the butcher cover underneath.

You've got me stumped with this one.

Are US pressings of old LPs generally common in Hong Kong?

04-03-2009, 07:10 AM
I suspect that copy may be a censored one or who knows what. In any case if it is an altered version it is still collectible you can be sure of it.

I remember that summer when the album came out. "Nowhere Man" was burning up the radio waves. We heard about the other cover but it just made the censored one more fascinating to us. The same thing with Beggars Banquet.

04-03-2009, 07:58 AM
Can you post pictures of the Beatles Lp or is it being sold locally where you live. I know there was a copy that had a different cover slick with the trunk cover down one side not sure if it was a counterfeit or not only saw it twice on ebay and they both were a couple of years ago. Matrix and stampers sure would be helpful also.
I know that it was issued as Yesterday and Today using the Capital stampers in a few other countries but i can't remember what countries they were. I only learned about those when a big Beatles collector in Texas passed away a couple of years ago and they sold his collection ebay.

04-03-2009, 10:04 AM
I own several of the Command label Lps....Percussion, Enoch Light and various other artists on the label. The Quad "Persuasive Percussion" Lp which I also own, was Command/ABC's attempt at cashing in on the 4 Channel craze in the early 70's. No doubt, nowhere near as successful as their early Stereo LPs from the late 50s-early 60s, which are still plentyful. I ownly recently acquired a copy of this Command Quad release at an estate sale in NM condition this past summer. They do pop up on that auction site from time to time, but are IMHO more rare than the other Command LPs. I don't own a Quad system any longer, so I can't comment on the 4 channel mix/sound.
As far as The Beatles "Yesterday And Today" LP is concerned, I've owned and sold Pasteover, Peeled and a Sealed "First State" Mono copy of this rare Beatles Butcher Cover album over the years. But never saw one that was pasted-over without a Butcher Cover underneath. I have heard that they are known to exist, very rare, and an obvious factory error at the time.
As was mentioned, there were several "Trunk" slick variations created but never used. These include a purple background as seen on the 8 track issue of the LP, the only variant that survived in some form. Keep in mind that over the years the Butcher Cover along with all the "Trunk" variations have been re-produced, some currently are excellent reproductions. I own the Stereo Butcher re-pro and it's superb.
It's possible that the LP in question could be one of those with say the purple cover underneath. It all comes down to dealing with a reliable seller with a great reputation and knowledge of this rare Beatles album.

04-09-2009, 01:05 PM
Hhhmmm, thanks for the info, guys.

Grooveman, esp. thanks for the info on that Command Quad PP LP. I thought it was uncommon; I have a number of both Command Quadradiscs and Persuastive Percussion discs, but didn't know this one even existed, until I saw and got it.

Beatcomer, I'm not sure if I'd say that US pressings of old vinyl are common here, but they aren't all that rare. I find a good mix of pressings from all over, including UK, Germany, Japan, USA, France, and some others. In percentage terms, local (and Singapore) pressings of Chinese-language stuff dominates the local market, and the Asian companies did re-press some of the most popular English/Western music here, but locally less-well-known artists and titles you find here are all overseas (including US) pressings. There were plenty of imports, and some brought in by expats who didn't take them along when they left.

I've been busy and sidetracked by other stuff, and let the Paste-over LP slip to the back of my mind until today, when finding five more Beatles LPs and the (1983 re-release) Parlophone red label Please Please Me/Ask Me Why single reminded me of it.

I have a feeling that if it is the authentic 1966 pasteover on a DIFFERENT cover, the seller might not fully realize what it is, but only that it is an "collectible" beatles LP. I'm skeptical but hopeful of a real "score" being buried there (literally buried under the pasted-on slip!), despite it not being all that cheap.

I KNOW that there WAS a release version with a genuine slip pasted over a DIFFERENT cover in 1966, but I can't find anything about what that different cover looked like, or what might show-through from it. If I could, I'd be more certain that this is or isn't that LP.

I can't believe I didn't go back to re-examine it sooner, but I'm hoping it will still be there when I go back for another look. I did sort of slip it behind the other covers so you couldn't really see what it was, hoping it would "hide and wait" better that way. :nono: :D

I'll go back and assuming it's still there, examine it once more and decide, but I'm leaning towards getting it, just in case it turns out to be a real rarity. If I do, I'll report back here in more detail.

Sam Cogley
04-09-2009, 02:00 PM
I recently saw a copy of "Yesterday and Today" at my local used record store - it looked to be an old pressing, and the cover was obviously pasted on - but it showed none of the usual "butcher" bleedthroughs. I have no idea what was under that cover, or if they simply used up extra pasteover labels on other surplus covers or even on blank white jackets. It's the only one I've seen like that, but it seems to match what you're describing.

My dad's original copy is very obviously a butcher pasteover - a bit of the butcher cover can be seen to one side, and Ringo's shirt is very visible, even though the pasted cover is in excellent condition.

04-09-2009, 03:16 PM
I have had (and think I still have somewhere) a copy of Beatles VI that had been assembled with two back slicks - one where they pasted the back slick wrong, so the spine was sliced off for the opening. They simply put a correctly placed back slick on, and a new front slick over the other. It was a fun curiosity, but certainly not of any real value. So, it is not unheard of for a front slick to cover an assembly error. Rare, unusual, and of value to a Beatle collector. But if you have a legit paste-over Yesterday and Today, you would be able to tell pretty easily with some strong light and careful observation. If you have doubts, take it to an expert collector dealer. They will be glad to tell you for sure. And as people have been saying for the past 40 years, if you think you have one, don't be a boob and try peeling it.

04-09-2009, 04:19 PM
Important note regarding "Yesterday & Today", Don't peel a paste-over copy. There are few of them left in unmolested state. They're rare and worth more now than a peeled copy. Especially Stereo copies. This is a USA only album in this version and maybe Canada.