View Full Version : Jennings Research Speaker Project

08-15-2004, 12:56 PM
I had a pair of 8" woofers sitting around doing nothing, and I loved these for their excellent midrange detail and clarity. Having just refoamed my Jennings Research passive radiators got me to thinking, what about an active speaker in the back instead of the passive one? So, I took the 8" original woofer out first, put in the one I had. I thought the midrange was much cleaner and had more detail, but bass was lacking compared to the original. I had those other speakers in my EPI 20+ when I first bought it, and they ran with no crossover, very good speakers but they didn't quite match the timbre of the EPI's. Having replaced those with original EPI's woofers these were available. First I tried them with the Jennings crossovers, pretty good, but the new woofers seemed to roll off too soon. Next I connected them with no crossover, just straight wiring like they were in my EPI's originally. Much better match now, the woofer has good upper end response and has a natural roll off that mated well with the Peerless tweeter. Satisfied with that setup, rather than build a custom crossover for that woofer, I put the original Jennings woofer in the back where the passive radiator had been, using it's original crossover. Wow...bass is very prominent now, and the ambience the active woofer in back adds is very nice. The bass was immediately apparent, where it was only decent before. Quite authoritive. I also added some more acoustic stuffing while I had the speaker out. Very tight and controlled, not boomy at all. Now I can feel the floor vibrate with these. If you walk around the room the sound never seems to fade out due to off-axis response. The imaging and soundstage do not seem affected, probably due to the time/phase. I know this technique is used primarily with tweeters, but since most the music you hear is from the midrange this seems to work quite well. All-in-all a very worthwhile project.