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Richard D
10-21-2004, 09:34 PM
I recently tried to sell my Pioneer SA-900 power amp and matching TX-900 tuner on ebay with a $34.00 starting price and even though a bunch of folks looked at it nobody bid on it. And this is the model that has a Walnut cabinet. The specs on this amp are great and it has a bunch of features that most medium power amps don't, like you can seperate the power amp from the pre amp with a switch. Is this stuff not worth anything? For 34 bucks I will keep it.
Richard. :scratch2:

10-21-2004, 11:48 PM
I'm needing a set up for my computer room. I've never had a Pioneer integrated amp and seperate tuner before, just receivers. I think it would be sweet to check out some seperates from the company that built my favorite receivers. What kind of shape are they in? Also, do you know when they were made? If the price is in my reach, and everything's cool, I'll save you the trouble of re-listing them on ePay. :thmbsp:

Richard D
10-22-2004, 01:48 PM
Hi, Ithink they were made in the mid 1970s, here is the description and picture from my ebay auction.

Here is a Pioneer SA-900 power amp and matching TX-900 Tuner. I played the system through some small bookshelf speakers and it sounds and works great. The power amp has more features than I have seen in any other medium size amp. First it has inputs for phono1, phono 2, tuner, aux 1, aux 2, tape head, and mic ! Plus it has a mode switch for normal stereo, reverse stereo, left channel, right channel and left + right channels,(mono). It has seperate bass and treble control for each channel. Speaker selection, balance, muting, tape monitor, loudness and high/low filters finish out the front panel. On the back it is switchable to seperate the power amp section from the preamp section, you can feed the power amp from another source or hook up outboard gear in between the pre and power amp. It even has a center channel output! The phono inputs are designed to accept a magnetic cartridge or a ceramic cartridge, there are three power outlets and much more. I am not sure of the output wattage but I will find out and post it, Each channel is fused at 3 amps, and the amp is heavy. The Tuner is also ahead of it's time with variable interstation muting, seperate output level controls for AM and FM, multiplex filter and more. Please look at the pictures and email any questions you might have. Small print stuff, Winner will please contact me within 48 hours after auction ends. Payment due within 10 days of auction ending. For overseas bidders I can accept paypal only, if this is a problem please email me. THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION. Thanks!
The picture wont paste, here is the link to the closed auction, I think you can still access it,

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