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SoCal Sam
01-03-2010, 07:19 PM
Following the 2600, Marantz made the following Receiver innovations:

1. SR-9000G, one of the first digital tuner Receivers and one of the best. Other then the digital tuner and presets, pretty conventional at 130 wpc. LED Power Meters, w/ hi/lo range.

2. SR-8100DC, where Tom got on board. Second generation digital tuner, 5 Band EQ and DC Amplifier. This one was the first with a cpu that would allow for it to be programmed to go off an on at certains time with specific functions. Otherwise, pretty conventional with an analog signal path. Still had a metal face, though.

3. SR-940. The first of the plastic faced Marantz Receivers. Included the programmable timer feature. First Marantz with an IR Remote and a digital signal path. Those were the "big deals" here. Upped the power from 70 to 100 WPC.

4. TA-165. Marantz decided to jump in the power race and increased the SR-940's power by 65% (165 wpc) while maintaining the same price point. Upped the ante by including seperate 5 Band EQs for left and right channels w/ defeat. Full IR remote and added he bus system to control other components. Digital signal path. Most powerful Receiver in the world when introduced in mid-'86. Added Pre-Out Main Ins. Returned to LED power meters, w/ hi/lo range.

5. TA-170AV. Came out about half a year after the TA-165, in response to Pioneer's SX-V90/900 with video integration. Essentially a TA-165 with video inputs sold only in the gold color. Same specs as the TA-165.

No doubt, the fall from grace was swift under Philips but at least they made some effort.

01-04-2010, 08:03 AM
Pics of the sr9000g

One of my favorite sounding receivers. Pleasant sound, with plenty of headroom. Uses some pretty nice output transistors that have been used on some high end stuff.