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03-23-2010, 10:23 PM
Maybe some of you guys may want this list. It's not complete. Found it on a Japanese website. I could fill in a lot of the blanks, more equipment, 'at a later date' if you guys really want a list like this, but this is a pretty good basic list.

Japanese Address:

AD System APS-1400 APS-1400M MC-50

AMP 2301Vintage 441 520W 661 A-1150 A-3000 A-3001 A-5000 A-5001 A-7000 A-700Di A-700Vi A-700XR A-717 A-900XD A-950 A-E500 A-E700 A-M7 A-M800 A-M9 A-M90 AS11 AU-07 Anniversary AU-10000 AU-1100 AU-11000 AU-111 AU-1500 AU-2000 AU-20000 AU-207 AU-207II AU-22 AU-303R AU-307 AU-307II AU-3300 AU-3500 AU-405 AU-507 AU-5500 AU-555 AU-555A AU-5900 AU-607 AU-607G EXTRA AU-607i AU-6500 AU-6600 AU-666 AU-6900 AU-707 AU-7500 AU-7700 AU-777 AU-777D AU-777DG AU-7900 AU-8500 AU-888 AU-907F EXTRA AU-9500 AU-9900 AU-999 AU-a507XR AU-D507X AU-D55F AU-D607 AU-D607 EXTRA AU-D607F AU-D607F EXTRA AU-D607G EXTRA AU-D607X AU-D607X DECADE AU-D670X AU-D7 AU-D707 AU-D707F AU-D707F EXTRA AU-D707G EXTRA AU-D707X AU-D707X DECADE AU-D707XCD DECADE AU-D907 AU-D907 LIMITED AU-D907F AU-D907F EXTRA AU-D907G EXTRA AU-D907X AU-D907X DECADE AU-G99X AU-V7500G AU-X1 AU-X11 AU-X1111 MOS VINTAGE AU-X111MOS VINTAGE AU-X901 AU-α117k AU-α205 AU-α305R AU-α305RX AU-α307 AU-α317 AU-α317K AU-α505RX AU-α507 AU-α507i AU-α507MRV AU-α507NRA AU-α507R AU-α507XR AU-α607 AU-α607 MOS PREMIUM AU-α607DR AU-α607EXTRA AU-α607i AU-α607KX AU-α607L EXTRA AU-α607MOS Limited AU-α607MOS PREMIUM AU-α607MR AU-α607NRA AU-α607NRAII AU-α607XR AU-α707 AU-α707 EXTRA AU-α707DR AU-α707EXTRA AU-α707i AU-α707KX AU-α707L EXTRA AU-α707MR AU-α707NRA AU-α707XR AU-α907 AU-α907 LIMITED AU-α907DR AU-α907i AU-α907i MOS LIMITED AU-α907KX AU-α907L EXTRA AU-α907MR AU-α907NRA AU-α907XR AV-207II AV-D607 AV-α305R B-2102 B-2102 MOS Vintage B2102MOS B-2103 B-2103 MOS B-2103 MOS Vintage B-2105MOS B-2105MOS VINTAGE B-2201 B-2201L B-2301 B-2301L B-2302 Vintage B-2302V B-77 BA-1000 BA-150 BA-2000 BA-3000 BA-5000 BA-F1 BF-1 C-2000 C-2102 C-2105 VINTAGE C-2301 C-2302P C-2302V C-55 CA-2000 CA-3000 CA-606 CA-F1 G-3000 G-5000 G-7000 HF-V60 MA-7 QA-6000 QA-7000 QR-1500 QR-500 QRX-3500 QRX-7500 QRX-9001 QS-100 QSC-9050 SAX-150 SAX-2000 SAX-250 TA-E510 TC-505

AMP AV AU-V7000 AU-V7500B AUV-7500G AU-α555VS AV-5000 AV-7000 AV-7700 AV-8800DSP AV-9500DSP AV-C10 S-XV1000


AMP Mini A-5N A-E300 A-E710 A-H05 A-H5 A-H7 A-M70 AU-2607NRA AU-α7 A-α7 A-α77 A-α9 A-α99 B-55 BA-100 BA-60 BA-90 R11 S-707 TA-E310 V11

AMP Mini AV AV-X99

AMP VTube AF-350 APS310 ARS-18 AU-111 Vintage AU-111G Vintage AU-70 B-209 BA-202 BA-303 C-902 CA-303 FM-7 MS-11B MX-10 P-44B PM-555 PM-8 PM-880 PM-900 PM-R550 PM-V660 PR-330 Q-3535 Q-50 Q-55 SAX-100 SAX-200 SAX-300 SAX-600 SM-10 SM-12A SM-18 SM-33 SM-34 SM-80 SP220 TU-70 UNK_SANSUI_001_VAMP W-10B

AMP(DAC) A-900XV AU-a777DG AU-α999DG

Cartridge MC-6S SC-50 SV-10 SV-10A SV-27A SV-28 SV-29 SV-45

Cartridge Shell Shell

Cartridge Stulus SN-27 SN-29 SN-60

Casset Deck 700CD-R D-570 D-700Di D-717C D-770R D-95WR D-99D D-E910 D-M50F D-M70W D-W10 DZ-α507R SC-1 SC-3 SC-5 SC-5100 SC-55 SC-7 SC-77 SC-D77

Casset Mini Deck D11 D-900XV D-9MH D-H07 D-X77 D-α7 D-α77

Catalog Catalog

CD Deck 55CD-R 7000CD-R CD-700Di CD-900XV CD-E510 CD-E700 CD-M505 CD-V550R CD-α205 CD-α305 CD-α307 CD-α317 CD-α317R CD-α507 CD-α607 CD-α607D EXTRA CD-α607DR CD-α607i CD-α617D CD-α617D EXTRA CD-α617DR CD-α707 CD-α707i CD-α717 CD-α717D EXTRA CD-α717D LTD CD-α717DR CD-α717EXTRA CD-α907 CD-α907i CD-α917XR PC-V1000 PC-V750

CD Deck Other RS-1360

CD Mini Deck C11 CD-7N CD-E910 CD-X701i CD-X77 CD-α7 CD-α77 CD-α9 CD-α99

CD System CD-P700

CD/CA System AX7 CP-A4 H-07 MC-X7 MS-90SG XR-7

CD/CA/MD System A-10MH

CD/MD System 10MH CD-9MH CMD-9MH MH9

DAC Deck DA-α607i

DVD Deck DV-X3000

Goods Goods

Headphone SS-10

LD Deck CL-900XD

MD Deck MD-α507

MD Mini Deck M11 MD-10MH MD-7N MD-9MH MD-H7 MD-S650 MD-Z7 MD-α7 MD-α77

Open Reel Deck SD-5000

Other P-90B PS-210 SW-15-4 SW-AD7 SW-AU3

Processer AV-77 AX-7 CD-10 CD-3 CD-5 CD-5A G-700Di G-900XD G-900XV G-E700 G-E701 G-E77D G-E910 GE-910 QS-1 QSD-1 QS-D1000 RG-7 RG-707 RG-717 RG-900R SE-8 SE-80 SE-88 SE-8II SE-9 SE-99 SE-M1 SE-M100 SS-100SL SS-30 SS-88 S-X30 V33

Processer Mini AX-3S ST-88

Processer PCM PC-X1 PC-X11

Rimocon RS-1020 RS-1110 RS-1130 RS-1150 RS-1160 RS-1260 RS-1380 RS-1430 RS-1480 RS-1580 RS-1690 RS-1700 RS-1710 RS-1740 RS-1770 RS-1800 RS-1860 RS-1890 RS-880 RS-E10 RS-F10 RS-F16 RS-F17 RS-F2 RS-F5 RS-G1 RS-H1 RS-H8 RS-J1

Selector QSD-2 VS-α607i

Speaker 2120 4311B 900CD AS-100 AU-a307 G-33 J11 J55 J-55S L22 LE8TMKII LM-011 LM-022 LM-033 S-10 S-100XD S-1010 S-10MH S11 S-30XD S-30XR S-30XV S33 S-3N S-5001 S-5010 S-505 S-513 S-5N S-5XV S-7000 S-7001 S-700Di S-700Vi S-700XD S-700XR S-700XV S-7010 S-7N S-7XV S-900Di S-900XD S-900XR S-900XV S-919 S9MH S-9MH S-a7 SAA-700 SC-7N S-E300 S-E310 S-E700 S-E710 S-E910 S-H05 S-H07 S-H5 S-H7 SL-5 SL-7 SL-7W S-M55 S-M7 S-M70 S-M800V S-M90 S-M900 S-MS650 S-MS90 SP-10 SP-100 SP-1000 SP-1001 SP-1005 SP-100i SP-100iEX SP-100X SP-1010 SP-1100 SP-150 SP-200 SP-2000 SP-2002 SP-2005 SP-25 SP-2500 SP-30 SP-300 SP-3005 SP-300S SP-303 SP-33 SP-35 SP-4000 SP-50 SP-505 SP-505J SP-511 SP-6000 SP-65 SP-70 SP-95 SP-G200 SP-G300 SP-G300II SP-G88 SP-K1 SP-K2000 SP-L250 SP-LE8T SP-LE8TMkII SP-M1 SP-UXMD1 SP-V100 SP-V50 SP-V70 SP-X1 SP-X11000 SP-X8700 SP-Xi SP-XII SP-α2000 S-X11 S-X16 S-X50 S-X55 S-X77 S-X9 S-X950 S-X99 S-Z7 S-Z7L S-α7 S-α9 W154 XL-700C XL-900C XV-500C

Speaker Center SC-H07 SC-Z7

Speaker Other EC-10 EC-138 L-1000XD L-300 L-5 L-700XD L-H07 SP-707J

Speaker SR L-11 SC-07 SC-HO7

Speaker Unit S-132 S-153 SP-2002 T-1001 T-118A T-123 T-133 T-149H T-153 T-170 T-175 T-183 T-200 T-204B T-218 T-221 T-50N W-136 W-192D W-1958 W-2002 W-208 W-228B/C W-228C W-243B W-244 W-267/V W-271 W-314

Speaker Woofer AW-M1 SPK-1000 W11

Timoer AT-15 AT-15S

Tuner 900CD-R SAX-1000X T3000 T-3001 T-5001 T-55 T-7000 T-909 TAC-505 T-E500 T-E910 TU-107II TU-1100 TU-1500 TU-2000 TU-207 TU-207II TU-307 TU-307II TU-507 TU-5500 TU-555 TU-5900 TU-607 TU-666 TU-707 TU-7500 TU-7700 TU-7900 TU-888 TU-9500 TU-9900 TU-999 TU-D607 TU-D707 TU-S507X TU-S55 TU-S607 TU‐S607 TU-S607 Extra TU-S607G TU-S607G EXTRA TU-S7 TU-S707X TU-S707X DECADE TU-α307 TU-α307R TU-α507 TU-α517XR TU-α707 TU-α707 EXTRA TU-α707i TU-α707R

Tuner Mini T-7N T-900XV T-H07 T-M70 TU-555 TU-777 TU-X1 T-V950 T-α7 T-α77

Tuner VTube APS-430

Tuner Vtube FM-8

Turntable FP-D45A FR-1080 FR-2060 FR-D3 FR-D4 FR-D45 FR-D55 P-900XD P-E11 P-E300 P-E301 P-E710 P-L51 P-L51A P-L75A P-L95R P-M70 P-M77 P-M90 SR/4040 SR-2050 SR-212 SR-333 SR-4040 SR-4050C SR-525 SR-535 SR-636 SR-838 SR-929 SSC-90 XR-Q5 XR-Q7 XR-Q7II XR-Q9

03-23-2010, 10:32 PM
Sorry everyone, now that I really looked at it there is 'a lot' of gear missing. But the list may be of help to someone for something.

03-23-2010, 10:34 PM

Tower Boss
03-23-2010, 10:51 PM
Thanks, there are a few sites like this in Japan. They provide historical sales of completed auctions, mainly for gear that never hit US shores though.


03-24-2010, 09:49 AM
How does that list compare to the Sansui database at the top of the page?

03-24-2010, 03:20 PM
I'm pretty sure that there is equipment on this list that is not on the database because it contains alot of equipment made for Japan only. The list is very incomplete but there is a lot of gear that maybe you weren't aware of. I can make a very complete list of gear, Japanese domestic and international, but I don't feel up to it right now. It's a 'massive undertaking'. I have all the lists, I just need 7 hours to combine em all.

The list looks ok, but 'not complete', for basic amplifiers, basic tuners, and basic speakers but lacking in other equipment and items.

03-25-2010, 11:13 AM
Where are all the 2-channel receivers? I saw some quad receivers (I think) towards the end of the amp column, but that's it. Not trying to nitpick; Just filling in the blanks for what I saw was missing (I think).

03-26-2010, 08:50 PM
Actually there is a ton of stuff not listed. When I saw the list I really didn't read it, just posted it. It's far from complete. The amp, speaker, and tuner section is ok, not complete also, but ok.

03-26-2010, 08:56 PM
Obviously, you put a lot of work into the Sansui list---very much appreciated. Did you try to put it into chronological order of when introduced?