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04-09-2005, 12:19 AM

I just got a Nikko STA-5050 Receiver and it seem to be good with my Dynaco 25XL and Brand New Technics SL-1200 MKII with a Grado Red.

No easy way to know if the tone control are really at Zero 0!

I am just using SPT-1 18/2 Speaker Cable

Built between 1974-78
Rated at about 24Watts x 2 50, Watts Peak

Thank You

04-09-2005, 07:24 AM
Welcome to AK!
My limited experience with Nikko gear has impressed me with their quality.
I have a Nikko NR-1015 receiver that is very good, and currently in a system here, driving a pair of Advent and a pair of Marantz DS-900.

04-09-2005, 07:32 PM
The 5050 is a nice receiver. The whole STA line is a little weak kneed power wise for my taste, but they are very nice looking IMHO. Well made too. The 5050 has the blue meter and tuner dial if I recall correctly(?) Very nice looking.

04-10-2005, 12:19 PM
Man, that's a coincidence... I just got a Nikko 8080 yesterday. Needs a good bit of clean-up and bulb replacement, but it works solidly.

What's the 8080, like 40w/ch? It's a HEAVY little beastie, for a receiver in that size range.

280 watt power consumption too, according to the rear panel- should be no slouch in the 4 ohm power deparment...


04-10-2005, 05:23 PM
The 8080 is actually a whopping 45 wpc.

04-10-2005, 09:22 PM
My STA-5050 is working not bad but;

I have check for DC Offset and it's 16.5mv Left and 34mv Right Channel.

There is some hum with buzzing when I raise the volume, on both channel and on any input, terminated or unterminated.

Is double the DC Offset on one channel really bad ?

Thank You