View Full Version : Electro Voice EVS-16b? Anyone heard of them?

06-20-2005, 12:10 PM
I found a pair of EV EVS-16b's at a thrift. Need new surround's on woofer's. Moderate sized cabinet's with walnut vinyl over MDF. They are a 3-way with a tweeter level control and thumb screw's at terminals. All paper cone drivers.

Must be a newer EV speak, about 35 lbs ea. Did a search but came up short. I just got done with a re-foam on a pair of Advent Heritage and it turned out great so I am going to give these a shot.

Anyone ever run across these before?


06-20-2005, 12:44 PM
Warehouse Sound pushed that line of speakers in the mid-1970's. The 16's, IIRC, are middle of the line. I have a tiny bit of info at home and will post a scan tonight (if I remember).

I don't think they were anything special (although probably pretty efficient).

06-20-2005, 01:25 PM
Yes, I had a pair, first pair of speakers I ever owned, $67.50 each at some Discount place in D.C. in '74 or '75.

They were very good speakers. You hardly ever see them, so for collector's interest only if no other it might be worth picking them up.

They rocked with a Pioneer SA-8500!

06-20-2005, 05:35 PM
mrh, If you have something on them I would very much enjoy seeing it. (when you get a chance of course) I went ahead and picked them up before I got back to this post. $11.00, figured you cant go too wrong for that kind of investment.

They are going to need new surround's bordeno but If they have any EV qualities that I'm familiar with they should be fun. I will post a pick so you can take a walk down memory lane. :yes:


06-20-2005, 06:06 PM
Well I will try again. dropped my mouse and lord only knows where that "reply" went.

Here ya go bordeno. Do these look familiar?

06-21-2005, 05:39 PM
As it turns out, the EV speaker line in the Warehouse Sound Co. catalog I have are called the "Environmental Transducer Series" and the front label reads not EV but ETR. While I think they are similar if not identical to the EV line from which hails your EVS-16B, they are either older, newer, or one of those pseudo-off brands in the style of "Studiocraft by Bose" or The McIntosh "Stereotech" (is that the right name?) receiver line. I.e., not quite the real thing...
At any rate, the catalog I have (probably 1976... that's when I first got really interested in this hi-fi stuff) doesn't have the 16, but it does have the 2-way ETR-14 and the 4-way ETR-18. The EVR-18's were featured in this middle of the line system they were pushing...

06-21-2005, 05:47 PM
So... let's see how my scanner's OCR s/w does with "Sonny's" description of this hi-fi system :-)

"When we divvied-up the writing chores for the catalog this year, I instantly knew which systems I wanted to write about. After being here several years, I've developed some pretty solid opinions. . . so I wanted the systems I felt most comfortable with.
First off, if you're really into music, and you've
got the money, you're nuts not to spend at least $500$600 on a complete music system. As far as I'm concerned you can't get "the real thing" for any less even if it does come from us. I don't get off on any Hi-Fi set unless it's at least capable of rattling walls
and holding together at the same time - even though I don't always listen loud. And as good as some of our cheaper systems are - they won't satisfy me. Now, on the other hand, I also tend to think that it's a waste
to spend much more than about $900 on a system, because then you're just stroking yourself with a bunch of sophisticated non-essentials and "purity" - so pure that most people can't even hear the difference. So, let's get down to the specifics of this system for $595 and the next system for $692 - both of which I figure to be the best overall values in this catalog.

"Starting off with the Pioneer's SX-650 AM/FM stereo receiver is the best move you can make. It pumps out more than enough power (over 35 watts RMS per channel) to make the efficient ETR-18's really come alive and with less-than-audible distortion (under 0.3%) across the entire range of human hearing. As you can see, it has classic, clean lines, and enough controls to tailor the sound to your taste. Unlike most huge companies, Pioneer turns out a whole line of primo equipment, and their quality control and attention to detail is exceptional. The stuff just never screws up and we sell more Pioneer receivers than any other brand. Even the FM section reeks with quality - just spin the dial and it sucks in and locks onto stations with good sensitivity and channel separation.

(to be continued...)

06-21-2005, 05:48 PM
Sonny continues...

"Brillo Bob was the first one (nearly two years ago) to say that the BIC turntables would pretty much be the turntable line of the future - and he was right. They work as well as comparably-priced manual turntables, but have the added advantage of being fully automatic and programmable so you can stack up to six records. The belt-driven platter turns to the tune of a 24-pole 300 rpm motor which helps account for their extremely low wow and flutter (better than 0.05%). Without a doubt, the Model 940 has become the most popular $110 record device on the market, and deservedly so. I nterestingly enough, it shares all the important features of the two-hundred-dollar 980 model - the same motor, platter, drive mechanism
and program system. As you can see in the breakdown below, you also get a base, dustcover (not shown), and Shure's new super Hi-Track Model 975.

"As for speakers - well, I have a pair of these at home. What can I say. . . they sound great! But if you want to get technical, I looked up the literature EV puts out on these speakers, and here's what their engineers had to say: "The 12-inch woofer employed in the Model 18 has a free-air resonance of 16 Hz. A sealed, urethane half-roll surround maintains precise alignment of the cone without unnecessarily raising the resonance, and this lends to the excellent bass response of this system. Since the human ear
is most sensitive to the middle portion of the frequency spectrum, we had spent considerable time in developing this aspect of the 18's design; the 5-inch midrange driver was perfected to efficiently reproduce a limited range of 2 octaves, with clarity and distinction. From approximately 3,000 Hz to 18,000
a special 2%-inch cone tweeter provides' the sparkle and brilliance, and the new super tweeter covers 18,000 Hz to beyond the audible range, which gives
the highest frequencies an edge and does much to enhance the realism of instrumental sounds. A specially designed LCR crossover controls the input to each of the drivers and provides adjustment (by the listener)
of tweeter response to match room acoustics. As with all EV products, the system is thoroughly tested upon completion to assure laboratory performance."

"I'm not sure about "laboratory performance", but
I can tell you that my 18's have been through dozens of
parties and several girlfriends and their friends, all of whom played my stereo continually. It's also a righteous package price on this stuff (30% off list) and everything considered, for the money, this system would be my first pick.


Wow, man, the 70's are back...

06-21-2005, 06:47 PM
Kind of wants to make you break out the old bell bottoms. Sonny looks like one of the many salesman from Schaak Electronics back in the day. :)

Thanks mrh, Very interesting!


06-21-2005, 07:02 PM
Kind of wants to make you break out the old bell bottoms. Sonny looks like one of the many salesman from Schaak Electronics back in the day. :)

Thanks mrh, Very interesting!

Good ole schaak electronics huh? and the dLK's--those were the days yup. the bird :yes:

06-21-2005, 07:21 PM
If I ever get ambitious enough, I intend to scan the whole catalog and post it somewhere. Fun relic of a rather different time...

06-21-2005, 07:52 PM
The front cover (lo-res)...

06-21-2005, 10:07 PM
T-bird, I actually own a pair of Model 1's,very cool and still hold up well.

I think that scanning the entire catalog would be a "primo" idea mrh!
Make sure you scan the B.I.C. TT section. Brillo Bob really believes that they will be the TT line of the future. :D (Im still laughin about that !)