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05-14-2012, 12:26 AM
So i'm tossing around the idea of picking this one up. The story goes that I first replied to the ad and found that someone else got to it first. They were however from out of state and wanted to have it shipped, so the buyer was willing to do it. Well I told the guy if anything changes to give me a chance, and tonight he emailed me back that he heard nothing from the other guy. SO for a song and a dance at 2 bills I think I'll snag it. My question is anyone have any issues or positive things on it? A buddy of mine can't stop raving about it and told me to snag it, just wanted to see what my good people at AK thought.

05-15-2012, 10:13 PM
Nobody has any info or experience on this amp??

07-07-2012, 10:36 PM
I'm sure others, like myself, missed your thread when you originally posted. For what it's worth now (and to others that might cross this path later), I had the TNT-200 and later the TNT-120 which I currently use. Both were originally used on Acoustat 2+2's, now I use the 120 on Thiel 03A's. If you went ahead and got the amp, let us know how you feel about it and what you use it with. They were designed very specifically to drive the Acoustat line, but are every bit capable of working well with any quality speaker system. How happy that marriage will be with any particular speaker is as uncertain as any other amp/speaker combination. If the price was $200, you can't go wrong even though this is a 25 year old amp. All amps of this vintage will be missing some of their youthful spirit. My 120 is leaving Monday down to Florida to see Roy Esposito at Sounds Like New for a restoration/upgrade. A testimonial reference from one of Roy's colleagues from Acoustat wrote:

I have known Roy Esposito since 1979 when we worked together at Acoustat in Fort Lauderdale. Roy helped develop all Acoustat products. The TNT-120 was his idea. Besides Jim Strickland, he is the foremost expert in the world on the technology, repair and enhancement of all Acoustat equipment. He is a world-class electronics diagnostician with incredible intuition. Out of this intuition and diagnostic skill come his modifications which make vast improvements to the sonic quality of the already legendary Acoustat sound.

I'll never get rid of mine and plan on using it another 30 years, if I last that long myself! Good luck with yours, it is a unique amplifier and actually quite unconventional. The service tech where I used to work, who was a very good tech, did extensive work on my TNT-200 but it was never quite right again and I had to let it go, so no more well-intentioned techs working in unfamiliar territory. I believe there's a specialist maybe in Canada and another here in the states that have been noted for Acoustat service and mods, but my understanding is a good bit of work being done in the field ends up going back to Roy to undue what inevitably prevents them from doing what they do best. I love my little 120 and lucky the most qualified is still available (on a somewhat limited basis) to do what's required to keep it standing out as the unique amps they are. Here's link to the Acoustat forum if anyone finds themselves in need: