View Full Version : Mission 78C center channel speaker - interesting design.

11-21-2012, 04:03 PM
This one has different design than any center I have.
Two 5.25" mids on the outside with three vertically aligned tweeters.
Tweeters are tightly placed.
Listened to them briefly and they sounded very good.
I'm deciding what center works best with Boston A400's and it's a quite challenge.
Any experience with this center?

MSRP was $650 or 379 Euros. :eek:

Product Details
Mission 78c Center Channel Loudspeaker, Model MS78CBK

Features And Specifications:
British loudspeaker designer Farad Azima founded Mission Electronics in 1977, since then releasing a host of innovative products and collecting over 40 international awards. With the 78 Series Mission has sought--and found--the perfect amalgam of high definition, extended bandwidth and minimal cabinet dimensions.
Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with superb finish and aesthetics satisfy audiophile standards, and assure the 78c speaker blends harmoniously into any room--and any system.
Low and mid-frequencies masterfully handled by twin 5-1/4" Keraform ceramic cones with rubber Surround and Kapton voice coil former
Triple array of 1" viscous-laminated soft dome, ferrofluid-cooled tweeters control Treble Output over the vertical axis, reducing floor/ceiling/monitor screen reflections
3rd generation ultra-rigid TFCT cabinet
Phase corrected 2nd order crossover
Multi-way, gold-plated, bi-wireable binding posts
75Hz>20kHz range +/-3dB
8 Ohms nominal
87dB sensitivity
50>200 Watts recommended
Black Ash finish
Priced As Single Speaker
Dimensions: Height: 6.7" Width: 17.7" Depth: 7.9"

Here is a pic from web: 1da2b7bc00970f.jpg