View Full Version : The AC701K is way too expensinsive, there are other solutions

01-18-2013, 05:30 PM
Fellow Ak'ers,

If you please; I would appreciate some feed back pertaining to the AC7651,
EC70/6778 & EC71/5718, These three tube are basically dead ringers' with
minor exceptions to the famously expensive AC701K tube; at a fraction
of the cost.

It had been suggested that some of these tubes are superior to the AC701k,
and it's said that the AC701K is nothing more than a myth that has pure snob
appeal!. (certainly not taking any audio brilliance away from the AC701k
which is undoubtedly "Primo extraordinaire")

I am in the process of building a group of microphones for my recording studio.
based on the AKG C-60 & Telefunken ELA M260. both small diaphragm microphones
(all originally built by AkG). Which I just so happen to own several dozen original
mic capsules, and as an added bonus, they just so happen to operate using the same
basic type of easy to construct power supply which will include a filament pot
adjustment to accommodate each tubes optimum performance within their individual
amp circuit.

Any knowledge regarding the AC651, EC70/6778 and the EC71/5718 tubes, along
with any possibly comparison or observation relevence to the AC701K
would be most helpful. Much Thanks