View Full Version : Should I gamble? Nakamichi SR-4A Receiver and others.

M Jarve
12-25-2005, 01:08 PM
There is a repair shop selling off some of its non-paying customer and abandoned gear, and there are a few little toys in there I would not mind getting.

The first is a very thin (1-inch thick) but very heavy Fisher power amplifier. It is about 17-inches x 17-inches x 1-inch thick and weighs about 25-30lbs. I am certain that it is from the Sanyo/Fisher era, but probably early so.

Along the same lines is a Fisher SR-2002 stereo receiver, which looks nice enough. It is again a parts/repair unit, with nothing missing.

The third and final thing of interest to me there is a Nakamichi SR-4A stereo receiver. Itís a little scratched up and is missing the remote. Doesnít turn on at all, and he is asking what I think is a fair price for a parts/repair unit based on what Iíve seen this unit go for on ebay. What really draws my attention is its excellent build quality, good-sized power supply (for a 60WPC BPC), and that it utilizes the STASIS system developed by Threshold, which is supposed to be the bees-knees for whatever it is supposed to do.

Were I to pick up any of these pieces, and presuming I can get them into working order, are they units that a person would be generally happy with? Or are there too many compromises in the design to make them worth while as even an essay in repairs?

Thanks for any insight.

12-25-2005, 01:44 PM
Do you mean Fisher RS 2002? If so, I have one. It has an STK amp in it. Mine crashed. I was letting my brother in law use it in his garage. He was driving some large JVC speakers with it. It had good power for a lower end receiver.
Try to see if the STK is readily available before buying. That's probably the problem with it. The 2002's don't go for much. It's a bit underated by folks. IMO


M Jarve
12-25-2005, 01:47 PM
It is an RS 2002. He also had a lot of Marantz SR series receivers there (1000's and 4000's), and I had a brain fart.

12-25-2005, 07:12 PM
Well I picked up a Nak SR-4A a few months ago at a thrift store for the "I can't walk away "price of $15. It too was missing it's remote (RM-45R I think from my research) but found that a Radio Shack universal # 15-2146 would work the on/off and volume fuctions but not the AM/FM preset channels.

As far as the protection circuit goes I can only tell you how my operating unit works. On first power up from the front panel there is a tiny green LED right above the power switch, it blinks for about 5 seconds and then the relay clicks in and the light goes on steady green. When powering down from the remote the green LED goes to a steady red color and stays that way until the remote power is pushed again. The rating I found for power was:

60 WPC RMS @ 8 ohms
85 WPC dynamic output power at 8 ohms
125 " " " at 4 ohms
Dynamic head room at 8 ohms 1.5 DB
output current capablity 25 amps peak per channel.

As far as value one is listed on E-bay now at $106 with about 3 days to go. It's really hard to put a fair value on one that does not come out of protection as it could be something simple and cheap or a complete throw away. It could be a simple fuse and there are fuses on all the transformer secondary windings as well as all the regulated voltages. The service manual I bought does not contain any circuit discriptions and the protection circuit seems to be very complex, not like the simple DC voltage detector/relay driver circuits seen on most of the vintage amps and receivers. The output devices are descret complementary transistors.

So all in all I would say this reciever is a cut above most of that era and quite heavy for it's wattage rating. I'm using it for the TV stereo audion so I really didn't check out how well it's FM tuner section works.