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D. C. Schafer
07-08-2006, 05:51 PM
General "Stuff"

I've collected Mitsubishi stuff off & on for over twenty-five years – and am back at it again (wife not out-voting me so far) In my opinion, the DA30 series units are the real sleepers in the Mitsubishi series - I have a rack of them, centering around two DA-P30's, including Jarve's beautiful rework (we trade on a DA-P10) and one virtually new, with box, paperwork, manual & all; it’s a terrific control piece with two phono inputs for us die-hard vinyl folks.!

If your set-up raises the “weak bass” issue occasionally attached to the DA-P30, and it gets you down – buy a killer equalizer – that’s why we audio freaks have separates amps and preamps – to let us put other neat toys into the system.! There is a sad point here, in that Mitsubishi did not seem to get into really good equalizers – so for something “matching” here, you may have to pop out into vintage Pioneer or Technics territory. I currently run a Technics SH-8020 with my Mitsubishi “stack”

The DA-F30 is a kick-butt tuner - but it's not "sexy" like the DA-F20;

Having noted this, most months on Ebay, if you can get a bid of $50 for either a DA-P30, or DA-F30 (I've sold three - so I know) you've done good – Once again, The DA-P30 is also just not sexy like the Dual mono-stereo DA-P10&20 series.

Also, a nice DA-P30 goes home for a lot less than the earlier Mitsubishi mono/stereo black block monsters - but it has way enough raw, low distortion kick-butt power for any reasonable system.

So, if you’re on a vintage stereo trip, looking for some killer performance - and really good value - keep an eye out for the DA30 stuff.

One word of warning – the early high end CT cassette recorders (CT-7, CT-25, CT-30, & CT-35 are all solid built, monster units – but with four drive/syncro belts hidden in them in very replacement/disassembly unfriendly locations.


Serious Vintage Mitsubishi Freak Replys welcomed

07-08-2006, 06:08 PM
The only Mitsu piece I have is an LT-5V I bought new, think I have the original cart around somewhere too but I added a Grace F9E shortly after I got it.
I have to get it new belts which I have found and are cheap, other than that the thing is an 8 or 9. I think the only thing I lost or through out was the black paper discs you need when a clear or coloured lp is played. I can buy construction paper and make new ones. I am going to set it up and install the new belts, check to see it's okay but I had it packed well since I went CD in 84 or 85 so I think it should run fine. Do I use it until I save enough or just give in and buy a Linn LP12 or do I list it for sale? Won't get much for it and it's in far too good condition to let it go for peanuts to some sniper. I think it was $649.00 new when I got it, not that it matters or factors in my selling decision. Do you have one in your collection? :music:

07-08-2006, 10:36 PM
I totally agree with you about the da-30 series being sleepers. I picked up a da-a30 amp earlier this year and really like that bronze face. The da-a30 I believe had a list price higher than the da-a10dc and 105 watts/ch to the a10dc's 100watts/ch.

I was so impressed with it I picked up two more Mitsu pieces since. I got a da-p30 which is nice and I do not have any problems with weak bass. I wish it had a seperate balance instead of the combo volume control. But then I do like the bass, midrange, and treble controls with the cool green lights.

Now the turntable I got really impressed me. I picked up a mint dp-ec20 and really love it. From what I have been able to find out, it is a newer model replacement for the dp-ec1 or dp-ec2. It's a full auto table and has a bronze strip on the front that matches up with the da-a30. It sounds terrific and is strong competition for my Sansui sr-828 and blew a '79 pioneer pl-610 into the weeds. Thats putting it a little strong, but I did prefer it to the pl-610.

I have bid on a couple of da-f30's but keep getting outbid. I prefer the old analog tuners but kinda like the looks of the f30 and would like to give it a try. I also would like to try out one of their cassette decks if I find one cheap enough, I don't use cassettes enough to spend more than a few bucks on one.

If I was you Magnat, I would get that lt-5v up and running. If that Grace cartridge is still good you may be perfectly happy with it. I know I was very surprised how much I liked my Mitsu table.

07-10-2006, 06:35 PM
I was happy with it before and it's probably the smart thing to do at this point until I have enough cash to make the move to the TT I want. I will put it together, add the new belts and see what is what. I'll throw some pics of the original equipment and recent additions to my collection once I get it all sorted out out. I know there will only be one TT in my collection so if the Mitsu gets replaced AK members will get first shot over EBay.

07-10-2006, 07:27 PM
I always liked the looks of the Mitsu gear. The amp was chosen by the industrial design association (whatever their name is) as an award-winner for industrial design of an amp.
Don't count digital tuners out. I have two Yamaha T-80's (TOTL) and they sound great, the sound is great and they really capture the signal. Yeah I've got a couple of analog tuners, too. Chosen for sound quality more than DXing. Though the Onkyo T-9 DX's well. The T-80 is great on distant FM.

M Jarve
07-10-2006, 07:59 PM
I'm glad you're enjoying the gear; I know I am. I am almost finished with the re-cap of the DA-10, but even before it was so close to in terms of my favorite when compared to my perfectly restored SAE mk IB that it was down to minutia.

The DA-A30 is one of my favorite amps and because it is something of a sleeper, it represents a very good value, competing very well with amps that routinely sell for many times its cost. And as an early Inside and Out pictorial showed, it is a true dual-mono/twin-power design.