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07-26-2006, 12:44 AM
O.K. I know the AU-D907X is the Japanese version of the AU-D11 II.
But what is the Decade series??

I did not post in D and C because I do not care about prices on this.
Though I may bid on it. Here ( 67785QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

Anybody know about Decade??

I know it needs repair.



07-26-2006, 12:11 PM
I've been watching that auction too, and trying to learn more about this model. The seller told me it does not have one of those 110/220/240 voltage switches so you would need to run it with a step down transformer.

In another thread, I posted a link to this site:

Sansui Japanese model amps (

It lists the AU-D907X Decade, along with several other "Japan only" models from the early 1980's through 1999. This model has 160 wpc into 8 ohms.

The "Best of Sansui" site states that the U.S. AU-D11 mkII is most similar to the AU-D707X rather than the AU-D907X, which makes sense because the AU-D11 mkII has 130 wpc, not 160. It would be interesting to know what the differences between these models are, other than just the power rating. The "X-Balanced" circuitry introduced with the AU-D907X apparently remained the basis for the design of all subsequent 07-lineage Sansui amps, including the limited edition models made as recently as 1999.

I also found some nudies of the AU-D907X Decade while trolling the web- you can see the family resemblance but also some differences between the AU-D11 II and the AU-D907X Decade. The caps look similar, in the same place, but the power transformer is different. Also, the AU-D907X Decade seems to not have all the copper shielding that the AU-D11 mk II has.

Nudies (

Run through babelfish, the info for the AU-D907X Decade says this:

"1985, 07 series attained 10th anniversaries, it is the model of the year when it should commemorate. "X balun
The ス amplifier "becomes the" twin diamond X balance amplifier ", the power source section is strong substantially
It was converted and rise of speaker drive ability was assured. As for power transformer 10 7Kg
To become thing super weight class, the pre- drive section and the power section, balance power source system of L/R independence
It was the powerful power source section. Because of that, to raise also basic machine weight largely, the real weight class amplifier
With it became.

- Main merit -

* "Balance constitution" from input signal system to output, power circuit
Until the NFB circuit in diamond X balance amplifier which is adopted
* + Side, - with side equal balance drive speaker accurately drive
* It is supported in the super weight class power transformer and the large-sized condenser of 10 7kg
Powerful power source section
* L and the real advanced MC trance by R2"

This translation is obviously pretty rough and doesn't tell us a whole lot. (The babelfish translation for the next amp included the line "It became the sea urchin"! Kinda makes you wonder about the accuracy of the translation.)

Anyway, I'm somewhat interested in this amp too. It sounds like it has the protection light problem common to the AU-D11 mk II, which is fixable from what I understand. But that is not a sure thing. Also, since I just bought an AU-D11 mk II, it doesn't make much sense for me to get too carried away.

My hunch is that bidding will go up quite a bit on this amp when the auction nears the end. This model is pretty easy to find on eBay Japan, but most sellers do not want to ship to the U.S.

If you get the amp, by all means keep us posted!