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01-10-2007, 07:52 PM
I inherited my dad's 1958 model 160, and it doesn't like to play records; you can enter a selection, and the record player conveyor will cycle through twice, but it wont pick the record up. It didn't always do this, just sometimes. it sat at his friend's place for about 1o years unused, so I'm guessing its one of the little micro-switches that needs to be cleaned or otherwise freed up . .

any ideas or experience ?

thanks for any help :D

01-10-2007, 08:10 PM
AK's Chad Hauris, moderator of the Early Color Television forum knows jukeboxes. Write him and I'm sure he will help.


01-10-2007, 08:14 PM
The most common cause of that in the Seeburg select-o-matic
is dirty contacts and switches.

Jukin Jay
01-10-2007, 08:42 PM
Indeed I do.:D I've been collecting jukes for a very long time.

"Scans twice, plays nothing." Best online description here:

Also please recap the amplifier if this has not been done already. Let me know of any additional issues, etc. Happy to help.

01-10-2007, 09:16 PM
thanks Jay :D

exactly what I was looking for. looking at all the references to LL11000, trip switch, blah blah I'm DEFINITELY gonna have to spring for a service manual - are the CD versions on ebay good enough ? It's only other major issue is the backpainted glass on the sides is peeling - looks like someone tried to touch it up in the past, but just made it worse . . .

about 15 - 20 years ago (damn that WAS a while ago . . .) he did have someone go through it - amp, etc. I dont remember smelling any solder burning, so I don't think it got a recap then. I DO remember watching the guy zapping himself pretty good :yikes: First (and only) time I saw the effect of HV on someones body (ZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTT!!!!!!!)

woke him up - thats for sure.

I haven't got into it yet, as it's the closet thing to a family hierloom I have. I'm *almost* to the point of diving into a recap job. My dad's still kicking, kinda a 60 year old Homer Simpson, but with hair :D

When they moved to Florida they left the Seeburg with a friend till I could take it.

I'll definitely be posting progress as I go . . . .here's a little eye candy for all the jukebox lovers

01-10-2007, 09:19 PM
who needs ebay ? I'll just grab Rich's Mechanism Guide directly :thmbsp:

Jukin Jay
01-10-2007, 09:56 PM
I prefer the printed manuals from Victory Glass. You'll want the manual for your your specific manual as well as the mech book. Victory Glass also sells reproduction parts and the like. No affiliation other than as a customer.

I've alays liked the "Cadillac Tail Fin" models. in addition to your model 161, 160-select they made a 200-select unit with three taillights, the 201.

The selector unit on yours is a "Tormat", Seeburg's toroidal core matrix memory. It used magnetic cores to "write in" the selection when the customer pushes the buttons, and "read out" the selected side when the contact block scans across the back of the mech. Seeburg produced more magnetic core memory than IBM in the early 1960s.

The toroid cores are in the long metal assembly mounted on the back of the record rack. Don't try to take it apart, they very rarely fail and have fragile wires inside. Tony Miller's site describes a way to "write in" all of the selections with a battery, to see if the issue is with write-in or readout. One common selection problem is a dirty detent switch. This is a pair of contacts on the lower right front side of the moving carriage that closes once per record slot. Clean with a burnishing tool or pull a business card through it several times. Power off first, there's high voltage on those contacts.

Bob E.
01-10-2007, 10:22 PM
Yes, I have a few Seeburgs as well. In addition to the specific manual for your 161, you may be interested in other reading material and how-to guides available from Always Jukin' magazine ( It's also a great magazine to subscribe to!

You may be interested to know where your Seeburg fits into the historical line-up:

The 1958 model year was the last one for monophonic Seeburgs, they were first to the market with a stereo version in 1959. Your model was the first year for the 160-selection mechanism, which they carried on with (sporting some modifications and improvements along the way) right up to the end of their vinyl jukes in the 80's. Your 161 was the "junior" model to the 201, the last Seeburg 200-selection box (which had three grille "tail-lights" to your model's two).

I'm a little unclear if the 161 had printed-circuit boards, the previous year models (L100 and KD-200) introduced the new concept but it was a bit premature for the technology, apparently, as they went back to point-to-point wiring for the 201 and subsequent models until the mid-sixties. If you do not have the printed-circuits, I think you should consider yourself lucky! Your model does have a couple (I think) transistors in the pre-amp section, the first Seeburg to do so. You've still got those great 6L6's for outputs, though! Also, you may be interested to know that the memory unit for storing song selections is core memory, one "bit" (or toroid) for each record side!

In addition to Victory Glass, you can get manuals (I think they're probably by the same printers) and repro side-glasses from A-1 Jukebox at There are also a couple of jukebox "junkyards" around the country that dismantle jukes and sell parts. Be prepared for sticker shock, though! Also, if your box has the original cartridge and styli (Seeburgs used a special cartridge that has a stylus on either side), you may want to look into converting it to be suitable for playing stereo records without damaging them or sounding terrible.

Welcome to the world of jukeboxes, a great combination of classic audio and mechanical marvels, some of the first "robots" made! And you've got a very desirable visible-mechanism classic!


01-10-2007, 10:51 PM
I'm late getting to this and I'm also a jukebox fanatic.I'd also recomend you recap the Tormat control center. Here is an article about why you should.
The homepage also has lots of articles about amps and jukebox sound.

Bill Bickers or Victory Glass also sell capacitor kits with every capacitor in your amp and selection reciever.I have the 1st stereo juke(Seeburg 222) which was the following year.It had the scan twice problem too.My problem was the capacitor in the pulse amp.Not that it's your problem though.You should follow the steps on Tony Miller's site to lead you to where your problem is.Mine wouldn't even do the battery test but would trip when removing the 12ax7 which led me to the problem being inside the pulse amp. Believe me your amp will be a lot easier to recap than mine.
I love Seeburgs.They make up the bulk of my jukebox collection.