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  1. Simon Bugeja
    Simon Bugeja
    Analogue repeats itself!
  2. Audiodrifter
    Audiodrifter mondialfan
    Hi Modialfan,

    Love the work you did on Dr K's Aragon 18k. Would you have a schematic for the 18k? I'd like to do the same z-foil resistor upgrades and need the resistors values for R1, R3, R4, & R15 & R16. Do you recall the resistor values or perhaps have a copy of the parts order, something showing the values for these placements?
    Thank you in advance!
  3. Hose53
    Hose53 audi0n00b
    Hey, saw you are following. Thought I would say hello.
    First time I have had someone follow me, not sure what is involved with that
  4. kapohoguy
    Main: Pioneer SX-D7000, PL-560, CS-99A, SG-9800, RG-2, CT-F1000
  5. Warbird777
    Warbird777 nadavs123
  6. Polo_lara89
    Hello from California. Avid tape collector. Enjoy the music of the 90s especially on tape
  7. Poinzy
    Unfortunately, on public forums, the opinions of the knowledgeable and the opinions of the ignorant are weighted equally.
  8. Harryconover
    Harryconover Lavane
    So is this a Long horn amplaifer ?
    1. Lavane
      I just happened to have a long horn drawer pull laying around and added it for fun.
      Jan 15, 2018 at 9:56 PM
  9. Poinzy
    Rumble, another reason to stick to digital.
  10. guitarlvr
    He used to cut my grass, He was a very nice boy.
  11. mganderson
    is anyone familiar with 'sticky capstan rollers' syndrome? This refers to open reel machines: Teac x1000 & x2000.
  12. MeToo-7"man
    MeToo-7"man schmikka
    Hi Schmikka!
    I need your help. Please see my request in the MARANTZ section.

    Best regards from Germany,
  13. Warbird777
    Warbird777 leesonic
    Dear Lee, I have 7 pairs of KEF 103/2 speakers. I recently discovered three pair have fried xovers. I identified the xover to be the reason for what initially seemed like bad woofers. I have two different xover designs, but have not finished breaking them down. I love the sound of these speakers, would do anything to fix them. Can you please point me in the right direction?
  14. Ronners
    Hifi enthusiast since I was 14 years old.
  15. gregswaim
    I'm a collector of music in LP, CD/SACD, & analog tape formats. I'm not a stereophile. My hobby is music, not components. Music First :)
  16. Noel Bilbro
    Noel Bilbro
    New to vintage audio. Trying to restore a Marantz 2226B
  17. grandpaslab
    grandpaslab cr4zyg047
  18. John Dano
    John Dano
    Does anyone have/had problems with their Kenwood direct drive turntable skipping across records? Combo of weight and skid tools/nothing
    1. spark1
      You posted your post in your profile section. Go to the Turntable forum and start a new thread there. The button to start a new thread is towards the top of the page, on the right.

      In answer to your question...the most likely reasons are a) your stylus (needle) is broken off or chipped, or b) your tracking force is set much too light.
      Jan 15, 2018 at 1:26 AM
  19. jd3rdcoast
  20. Dinamo732000
    Dinamo732000 ivandezande
    Hi there ivan found an old post related to the dbx bx3 you recapped and reacently acquired one and I’m only getting audio out of front and rear left speakers I already cleaned all 4 speaker relays and front speaker selector switches with no change
    Any help would be appreciated thanks