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  1. oldman54
    Moved to Lafayette, CO
  2. Catmanboo
    Catmanboo thornev
    Thorne! Happy sunday from da catman. You gotta subscribe, it opens up a shit-ton of new fun ,games & entertainment on AK. I've just pissed away 3 hours this a m so far, but it's well worth it!
  3. jet
    jet avionic
    Hi I was looking through an old thread from 2011 where you recommended replacing some transistors in a HK730, sadly the KSC1845EBU that replaces a 2sc1400 are no longer available. Any chance you know of a newer equivalent? I know these need to be hfe matched. I'm restoring a hk730 and just returning to electronics as a hobby after a 35 year break.
  4. russdall
    True Nobility Is Not Being Better Than Anyone Else But Being Better Than You Used To Be
  5. Akoustic
    Akoustic ldatlof
    I'll take 5. RCA 5U4G (1959) U.S.A.F $10 + $4 shipping. Please send papal info.
    ship to:
    Dwight Henry
    1417 Taylor Ave.
    Jackson, MS 39212
  6. OnTheBlitz
    OnTheBlitz Shominy
    Hey Shominy! Happy Saturday!
    1. Shominy
      Thank you.
      May 21, 2018 at 4:59 PM
  7. vintage70s
    This is my first day on Audio Karma. I'm just setting up my profile today.
  8. rudawg06
    Lover of Cerwin-Vega! Restore, Repair, Build, and collect them.
  9. Luis Althaus
    Luis Althaus
    Hello everybody, I have a Zenith 10S669 radio,my question is how to detach the front push buttons before you remove the chassis thank you.
  10. gentlejax
    gentlejax ericc129
    Hey eric how have you been ? Its mike. Stereo guy in Bossier
  11. MoreBeer
    I'm Having More Than One
  12. Vintoneer
    My dogs apparently don't care for a dang thing I play!
  13. jami w.
    jami w.
    simple is the way to go, we set up our systems the way we like.
  14. Jlhale
    Jlhale mcfl
    Did the filter caps from Digikey work for you?
  15. webnick
    webnick strabo
    Is the S-5000 a Mark 1?
  16. TurboKid
    Awoke from a sweat from the American dream
  17. Belmont24
    Belmont24 kevzep
    Hi, I have an SX1250. She is awesome but a couple of things went wrong with her and she was repaired each time. I haven't used it since. I have heard you are very good so was wondering whether you could check her out. I wonder whether it might be a capacitor issue. I live on the North Shore so not too far from you.
    1. kevzep
      Hi David,
      My email address is
      I can certainly have a look at you SX1250, I can assess and look at what needs doing.
      I am away this weekend, but if you wanted to drop it off tonight or Monday I am home most of the day, around Lunchtime would be ideal, or in the evening. Let me know, I live just up in Warkworth.
      May 17, 2018 at 2:01 PM
  18. Miggi03
    Currently restoring a Marantz 750 DC.
  19. xXColdShotXx
    xXColdShotXx mattsd
    Hey Mattsd, would you happen to have an up to date spec 1 and spec 2 caps/transistors list? I'll be making a mouser order Friday and want to get the most up to date parts list. Thanks.
  20. TaddNOhio
    Enjoying the forum !