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  1. JespSwed
    It would be wonderful if you could sell one of thoose! Thank you so much! What did you have in mind for the price?
    My address in sweden:
    Jesper B Larsson
    Sankt Paulsgatan 25
    11848 Stockholm
  2. analog64
    analog64 leesonic
    hi Lee,
    I have an NAD 3020A with some issues and hoping to repair/restore it. How do we get the ball rolling? Tried to PM you but can't figure out how. Would like to describe the issues I'm having and what I'm hoping to achieve.
  3. Lossless
    System’s music source is top priority!
  4. jhs_61
    jhs_61 markamerica
    I have been reviewing the schematic you made for the RA7502. I have a "D" unit and would like to replicate the original drawing in a similar manner. What app did you use and would you consider sharing the master drawing file so I won't have to start from scratch? I see that you have not posted here in quite awhile and hope all is well and that you are continuing to enjoy this fine adventure as I am.
  5. Tripqzon
    Tripqzon Bobby1970
    Hi Bobby,

    I currently have a Pioneer tuner on my bench. The tuner chassis doesn't have a removable bottom panel so I had to remove all the internals to access the bottom of the main board . When I complete it that will free up the bench so I can look at the C-1. Unfortunately I just don't have the energy tonight. I have a bad cold and bruised ribs. Hopefully I will have the energy after work tomorrow night.
  6. stav56
    stav56 Todd MacDona
    Did you ever successfully hook up your LWE speakers? Just saw the post from 2017
    1. Todd MacDona
      Todd MacDona
      Ended up giving them away. We were planning a move so they ended up going away.
      Feb 20, 2019 at 5:21 PM
  7. Lossless
    Never ask yourself, "Can it be better?" The answer usually has you grabbing for the MasterCard.
  8. Maddog85
    Hi everyone new to the site I am a big time McIntosh and music fan
  9. tonypong
    tonypong DanTana
    I purchased Meixing MingDa MC34-B last year, I would like to plan to upgrade the Vacuum Tubes to impact the sounds and performance...
    Please advise, from your experience, What type of tubes or band / model that your suggest to upgrade my MingDa MC34-B.
    Meixing MingDa MC34-B
    Product Model: Model: MUIA983378
    Output Power: 22W×2
    Input Voltage: 200mv
    Inuput Impedance: 100K
    Vacuum Tubes: 6L6 6P3x4 6N1x2 6N2x2
  10. eizner23
    Getting burned out on snow removal, cutting drastically into my tinkering time.
  11. Desert Rat
    Desert Rat videolady201
    Hello Videolady201!
    I'm new here, but was wondering if you have published your Level 2 upgrade for the Realistic Mach 1.
    Also, I really do live in the desert - California's Mojave - and wonder if you know of good replacement surrounds other than foam for the woofer, because foam deteriorates out here with remarkable speed.
    Thank you.
  12. Marsman
    Hi all tube amp lovers. After a few years of inactivity, I am glad to be back.
  13. OnTheBlitz
    OnTheBlitz xrayspex78
    Hey Brian, Where have you been buddy?
  14. Tripqzon
    Tripqzon Bobby1970
    1. Bobby1970
      Am not home yet, but I think they're the same, grayish thing the last time I looked at it, that I believe would be a hassle taking out cleaning contacts inside. Paul could you also teach me how to clean the other push buttons on the C1 such as the brown/blue colored ones in the picture? Thanks again, I know you're also busy..
      Feb 20, 2019 at 2:01 AM
    2. Tripqzon
      You don't want to disassemble them if you don't have to or have a weak heart. Lol! That's why I recommend the tiny hole method. I have a third C-1 currently not in use. I will take a look at it, hopefully tonight, and figure out the easiest approach for both types of switches. I usually like to open one up to look for a safe place to drill the hole, hopefully without sacrificing the switch.
      Feb 20, 2019 at 6:52 AM
  15. Tripqzon
    Tripqzon Bobby1970
    Are you able to send me a photo of the switch assembly? I'd like to verify what the top of the switch looks like. Carver was known for not being consistent in parts choices, even on the same equipment. And yes, a branded contact cleaner should be fine so long as it is safe on plastics.
    1. Bobby1970
      I'll send the photos, am outside at the moment. I'll choose the cleanest shot for I am only be using a cellphone. Thanks a lot Paul.
      I did find the parts list for the BillD mod but Mouser has backorder for some parts, 17 weeks. I also found the breakdown Bill has made for each section of the C1, if I can find a local shop who sell good electronic components I'll do what you told me
      Feb 19, 2019 at 6:54 PM
  16. drumhead904
    I have a Marantz 4270 that pops when shut off and also a buzzing sound without anything plugged in. Any ideas?
  17. jeffe
    jeffe Asmodeus2112
    Those stands in the bedroom were 16" Target Audio stands. The NS 500's in my office are on 17" Lovan's. Both are steel and accept spikes.
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  18. PlasticToast
    PlasticToast saabracer23

    I like your Classé amp.
  19. Jdk07
    Jdk07 mondialfan
    Hi Mondialfan
    you told me to PM you if i'm interested in the a250 board but i don't know how to PM you. Is sending this message this way the right way to PM you thank you.
  20. TX_Tube