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  1. CopperWizard
    CopperWizard hoolaturian
    Hey there, nice to see another Eugenian on here!
  2. Poinzy
    Old phonograph needles had a terrible time tracking harmonics on shellac recordings, so harmonics were often damaged or destroyed.
  3. Poinzy
    I'm still reworking stuff digitized from a set of 78's. It's hard to recover the harmonics from shellac recordings, if there ever were any.
  4. Poinzy
    I hate vinyl as a recording medium. I even hated it when I was a kid. I don't hate the stuff that's recorded on it. I want that preserved.
  5. klitzy13
    My guest bedroom has turned into a vintage stereo graveyard, I might have too many projects going at the same time...
  6. IndyDucati
    IndyDucati yockmyer

    I just saw your ADS speakers in Bartertown. I'm interested, but don't know when I could drive up from Indianapolis. I'm going to talk to some co-workers from Fort Wayne.. they sometimes work in your area or Cleveland. Maybe I can arrange some sort of pony express ?

    I am in no way asking you to hold these.
    If I can work out transportation, I'll give them a good home.

  7. Amalio
    Marantz 6300 adding oil to arm lifter - Can anyone explain how to add oil to the arm lifter please? Thanks
  8. Cato
    ... ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.
  9. Poinzy
    Dust is the least of my worries when doing a vinyl-cleaning job. I envy the people who can get good results with a vacuum cleaner.
  10. Poinzy
    My cleaning efforts on LP's are usually rescue missions -- I get my LP's from a local university used-record shop.
  11. sx1010JBL
    Forever stuck in a never ending search for great true vintage audio
  12. Poinzy
    I don't love reading technical articles either. But you get much better info from them than you do just chatting on an audio forum.
  13. PROJECT 2501
  14. Fuzzy5355
    My speakers are rated at 20-200 watts . Would I need a stereo (2 channel) receiver rated at 200 wpc to make the most of them?
  15. Poinzy
    "Will there be an Mac version? When is the Mac update coming?" I'm glad don't have to ask those questions anymore.
  16. Poinzy
    Guys on Gearslutz are bitching about Apple de-emphasizing pro computers in favor of consumer toys. I'm glad I switched to the PC platform.
  17. Poinzy
    Once upon a time, I thought I didn't need Izotope Ozone, but, boy, was I wrong.
  18. Poinzy
    I'm working in a dinky home studio, for Chrissake. You'd think guys working in full-fledged professional labs would do better.
  19. Poinzy
    I'm amazed, sometimes, at what pass for professionally restored and remastered recordings. I can often spot gross errors by "engineers."
  20. Poinzy
    Again, how about doing a little background reading on your own, instead of trying to get forum members to do research for you?