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  1. Jimrgrado
    Reliving the Woodstock years with vintage hifi
  2. PaulFerrell
    Needing help to bring her back to life
  3. hogwylde09
    hogwylde09 moray james
    Moray, I posted the Karlson design enclosure on the Klipsch What I got Today subforum. Just a few days ago. Got a like from you on the Sansui 500a.
    The Karlson design bins are bass dominant. Not to shabby in the horn in the middle of the voice coil either. They seem to be lacking in the500-800 range. Horn and network suggestions?
    1. moray james
      moray james
      Apr 25, 2017 at 8:23 AM
  4. Mike Sandage
    Mike Sandage SVI2004A
    Hi SVI12004A i purchased a Technics SU-G70

    the surround sound amp works both channels and the main amp relay doesn't kick in

    the SVI3206A chip which in turn goes to Q601 to energize the relay if i short across Q601 from base to ground i can make the relay energize and have sound though the right channel only
    the fan runs full speed does this mean the SVI chip is bad?
    1. SVI2004A
      What is the voltage at R609 and R610?
      Also check voltage each side of R613 (one side should be -14v if 609 and 610 are at 0v)
      Apr 25, 2017 at 7:14 AM
    2. Mike Sandage
      Mike Sandage
      Hello and thanks for your reply R609 is at -58.7 v R610 is 0v and R613 is 0v voltages are the same for both sides of each resistor i would like to include that i reflowed all solder joints thinking that was the issue
      Apr 25, 2017 at 2:17 PM
  5. Tricknology
    Audio enthusiast, new to tubes DIY
  7. Poinzy
    My cat is sick. I'm her go-to guy, and I feel like a pretty useless go-to guy right now.
  8. Werne1nm
    Werne1nm Steven Tate
    Steve, When you cleaned your 2245 did you use a toothbrush as well? I've acquired James' old 2220B from an older post thats going to need a good cleaning. I was thinking dishwasher!
  9. Jeff Church
    Jeff Church beej
    I forgot to provide my email address -
  10. Jeff Church
    Jeff Church beej
    Hi beej. I was wondering if I could get your repair guide for the Pioneer PL-7. Mine is in good shape but I've noticed some speed variations recently even with the lock light on and I'd like to get that sorted out. Many thanks.
    BTW, I noticed you are in "southeastern Virginia". I'm in Chesapeake.
  11. cbmcgee
    cbmcgee parkcitygolf
    Hello, I have been searching the forums for restoration / repair shops in the SLC area. I came across a thread that you had posted in and it looked like you were pretty knowledgable. Do you know of any good shops / people that you would recommend? I have a Kenwood model 600 amp that needs some work.

  12. RhythmGJ
    RhythmGJ KevinJS
    Hey, we're following each other! WhaddaWeDoNow?
  13. Robin Koo7
    Robin Koo7
    Hello , everyone. I am Robin , from Shenzhen , China. I work for photo frame factory ,like vinyl record frame.Hope be friend with u .=)
  14. Dioretsa
    Hi All - new member here
  15. Jmodified
  16. Tom B
    Tom B
    Still Vertical!! And waiting for the Summer to come!!
  17. SoundScience
    SoundScience RichPA
    not sure if this is the PM spot, I cant figure out the new format lol. Please remember about the shure 97xe, thank you Rich
  18. tmsears
    Always learning (or trying to)!
  19. Poinzy
    Turning the volume down to safe levels -- the last thing people seem to consider. They deserve their tinnitus and hearing loss.
  20. RocketMonkey
    Busy practicing shocking myself.