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  1. wlhd1610
    Ok ,I'll send a pm with my contact info.
  2. FOH Engineer
    FOH Engineer
    So many good people here on AK
  3. NiclasHH
    NiclasHH beej
    Hi Beej,
    I just brought a PL8 home and I will try to give it a good clean-up and adjustment. It is in working order already and I was hoping you could send me some documentation I understand you have to support me on my quest.
    Anything specific that I should replace when I restore it?
    My e-mail is
  4. SJC2574
    SJC2574 wlhd1610
    Hello, I see you may be the expert on here with Marantz. I have a 2230 that I bought and had some work done. There are some issues that have come up and looking for help on getting in corrected the proper way. Would love to talk to you about it.

  5. Tim 700
    Tim 700 Wharfcreek
    Hi Wharfcreek, I've recently obtained a Mag 8601-20 and was wondering if you were in the business of modifying these units? I was hoping to get the unit checked out, new caps etc. along with speaker posts, new RCA inputs, power switch with lamp and any mod's you have had success with. Thanks, Tim
  6. klhdude
    klhdude GD70
    please see ad below about ar 3 speakers,and can a way be made to get these.if someone is near here,an can go see,an maybe grab them.
  7. klhdude
    klhdude GD70
    help me here,what to do..a few hours ago someone on c l posted an ad for cherry ar 3 speakers..this is in stoystown,pa.near indian lake,i havent messaged this person cause i just stumbled on this,an its probably late to them,but not to me,im a nite owl....they want 50 bucks,i mean is this for real,i got paypal,an i know these will be gone if i dont find a way,to get them through someone.
  8. kjello
  9. mrbruce
    mrbruce jeffpaletz
    Hi Jeff - This is Bruce in Tucson. As stated, I have an original multiplay spindle but not the single play. If you have an ORIGINAL single play for the SL-D5, I'm interested in trading. The multiplays seem to go for significant money but I would trade even if yours is an original. If it is, could you send me a photo. Can send a photo of the multiplay in return email.
  10. JR DePlateau
    JR DePlateau
    I should never post before coffee! I just remembered that JR was short for "joeur", French for "player". Not sure how DePlateau, "of trays"
  11. hoodie
    hoodie NoTransistors
    Hello Seth, I have a Dual 1009 that needs servicing and was wondering if you would be willing to have a look.
  12. kcblair
    kcblair reydelaplaya
    How are you and the family doing in PR. ? Hope your home and equipment are ok . Ken B.
  13. Poinzy
    Google is at their fingertips and people still won't look up answers to questions that have been asked a million times already.
  14. jimimac
    jimimac Don Bocadill
    Don The French and Italians that own us suck. Charlie Randall our CEO has no power to buy Mcintosh and Bring it back to America. The Co CEO IS FRENCH and all they care about is $$$$$$.I want out...THX....
    1. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Sorry to hear that Jimi! I'm hearing similar rumblings across the board sadly!
      Sep 20, 2017 at 10:51 AM
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  15. JR DePlateau
    JR DePlateau
    How did my name become JR DePlateau??
  16. Greg86z28
    Greg86z28 240sx4u
    Hey Evan,

    Do you know who tests tubes around the Madison area? What's the typical fee for that?


  17. Chord.
  18. bghomofaber
    bghomofaber gridleakrick
    Hallo Mr Grid,
    I got philips ga 222 when when starting, the arm would simply lift up, position itself roughly in the center of the platter, lower a bit, then lift up as if to return home.
    I woudl like to know if in your opinion this is manageable by some DIY
    I plan to build alinear tracking arm the old arm might be unencessary but I would also like to repair the table.
    TY in andvance
    1. Harryconover
      The lamps are sensitive to there current rating this will effect all functions of the unit also clean all arm bearengs are then lubrcate with a very light oil
      Sep 20, 2017 at 4:38 PM
  19. RoyOtis
    Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?
  20. RoyOtis
    Would you like some cheese?