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September 7
15 miles North of Canada

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Scroungus Stereophilus, from 15 miles North of Canada


The consensus seems to be that it is much worse, and much better than, and pretty well exactly the same as, the old CD,. Apr 8, 2016

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Mar 21, 2019 at 9:32 PM
    1. Cosmos
      Hey Andy, Hope you are doing well. I read that you picked up a pair of Ohm Fs a couple years ago.. any interest in selling them, if you still have them? Di you ever rebuild them?
      1. Andyman
        Hi Dan:

        I wanted to try rebuilding them, but when both voice coils came up open and I discovered there also were issues with some foam damping materials on the cone interiors, I decided it was way more work than a simple surround and I sold them. A Dr. Mike in Ohio bought them and is a restorer of F's, so they wound up in a good place.
        Feb 5, 2019
      2. Cosmos
        Understood.. Thanks for the reply. I am having a pair redone by Millersound in Philadelphia, but thought about getting a second pair as well.. I know there is a Dale Harder down here that does great work with Ohm F and Ohm A, but he is way out of my price range.. Did you ever come across my Sansui QRX-5500 receiver in Keggers stuff? Man I miss talking to him..
        Feb 7, 2019
      3. Andyman
        I think it's still there out in the shed. I'll take a look tomorrow when I go see his Mom

        I'll PM you a pic....
        Feb 7, 2019
    2. sax6
      Hi Andyman
      Do you know if the surrounds on the Realistic T-110 passive is a generic 10 inches or a 9 1/2
      1. Andyman
        I have no clue. If you measure the passive, you should be able to see if various surrounds would work. Many suppliers list the inner and outer diameters as a guide.
        Good luck!!
        Dec 6, 2017
    3. brendandoher
      hey there-wondering if you can send pics of your 8606? that is a nice treatment with the wood sides does the wood have cutouts for the ear tabs of the metal chassis?
    4. Andyman
      The consensus seems to be that it is much worse, and much better than, and pretty well exactly the same as, the old CD,.
    5. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      Andy, please let me know if the Yardbird Cds become available. thanks, Ed
    6. Steven C
      Steven C
      Andyman. I recently purchased a Sylvania SC591W that has had some questionable repairs done to it. I see you posted a schematic for it but it is too small for me to read. Would you mind e mailing the full size copy. I would greatly appreciate it. I posted a thread on mine. I thought it was an electrohome amp at first. Thx Steve
    7. jleon92f
      Happy Birthday! Have a great day and as always, Play some Music!

    8. Slowhead
      Greetings Sir, I'd like to send you a few photos (Keg's amp) and get your opinion before I list it for sale. Could you drop me an outside address for the photos ?
      I talked (kinda) with Keg, but he said a family member is ill and has been busy.
      I know about that, my Mother passed away from cancer a month after I was at your place last year.
      I'm interested in how those monster speakers (auction) turned out for you.
      Regards, David
    9. albertli
      Hi Andy,
      Don't know if U have received my email days ago. An old newbie want to build a big box for my LE14a, but found that didn't get much help from the other forum members. Wish if you could give kind of help/ info with your built. Thanks Albert
      U could email me,
    10. zeplin43
      Hi there my friend hope you are doing well and want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy prosperous new year.
      I would also like to let you know that that the tubes you offered me (1st pair) are stil going strong with an excelent sound,that means i have not even tried the other 2 pairs.
      Thank you again my friend you are remembered here at my home many times when we listen and enjoy the sound that the tubes help to provide.
      Your friend
    11. JBN
      Happy Birthday, Andy!
    12. jleon92f
      Happy Birthday!!!
    13. stevepe
      Hi Andyman,

      I'm fixing up the same model Sylvania console as you posted about last year. This is the first tube reviever/amp I've had my hands on.

      I'm handy with a camera. Maybe we could be of help to each other. Not much about this except your post on AK. I learned a whole lot in that post.

    14. Daryl Edward
      Daryl Edward
      How you doing Buddy? Just getting over a nasty cold, That Vector Research Amp. is real nice on my bench, Thanks again.
    15. JBN
      Happy Birthday, Andyman!
    16. Mike Gibson
    17. seatrain
      It's Rayt looking for the JBL Century 100 grills. Just wanted to make sure you got my reply which was that I am interested. I'm not that familiar with how private messages work so I just wanted to make sure you got this.
    18. JBN
      Happy B-Day, Andy! Have a great day.
    19. Gohan
      Happy New Year!!
    20. superdog
      Did you see my last post on those ev's?
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    September 7
    15 miles North of Canada
    Vintage stereo, blues, classic rock, cycling, woodworking, computers etc.


    "Kegger (Paul) really knows how to design a great drive circuit."

    - Bob Latino