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Jun 25, 2017 at 5:33 PM
May 10, 2006
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Apr 10, 1957 (Age: 60)
Fort Dodge, Iowa cornfield
Pharm/Bio Maint.Tech.

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" Black Knights", Male, 60, from Fort Dodge, Iowa cornfield


I very seldom open this page. So PMing me will get a quicker response. Dec 29, 2016

avionic was last seen:
Viewing thread Bypassing large 1000uf electrolytic with smaller 10uf electrolytic caps, Jun 25, 2017 at 5:33 PM
    1. avionic
      I very seldom open this page. So PMing me will get a quicker response.
    2. raycarr00
      will the following trim pots work on a yamaha m4 and 85, to set bias: Total Resistance Tolerance: +/-20
      Rating Power: 0.10 (W)
      Max Operating Voltage: 50(V)
    3. mgkfifty
      Hi, I have a Yamaha C6 Preamp starting to hum, checked cables, solder cracks and caps, still hums. I think some 37 year old caps need replacement what brand and series would you advise? I like Nichicon but will take your advice, you know Yamahas.
      Thank you
    4. ffender
      Hi Looking for some help with a yamaha ca-800 . Bought on CL. Worked fine in normal mode but left channel is super low volume in class a. I opened it and used deoxit to clean switches and pots (volume was scratchy and inside was really dirty). Now the left channel is out for normal and class a (although if I crank the volume you can hear a little yet distorted sound)
      Any ideas would be appreciated!
    5. avionic
      yamaha tech
    6. KKnight
      Don't know if you got my PM or not.. :)
    7. Binkman
      Very nice of you to hang in with Bluhn321.

    8. slick.one
      I have two MA5002 amps and a DX4000 and SP4002 preamps. Is it possible use both amps with one of these preamps in bridged mode without any further equipment?
    9. wkjeffers
      Hello, stoutblock recommended you for refurb of my C4. Do u have set prices on certain services? What do u usually recommend on these units?
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    10. skyguy
      Hi Avionic , My name is Carlo I've had my CA-1000 since 1978 it died eventually in 1990
      was told at the time it couldn't be repaired but I didn't believe them, just recently I came across this site and you , I would like to bring the CA-1000 back to life but only to be used as a pre-amplifier with one my AX-592 amps I feel the AX-592 have an inferior quality pre-amp section , my question to you is this what is the one part in the CA-1000 that would make re-birthing pointless , the transformers maybe? I hope my question makes sense , I am willing to spend around $600 to re-birth it.
      1. Harryconover
        Why did they say it couldn't be repaired ?
        Jun 16, 2017
      2. avionic
        Skyguy hasn't been active in 3 years
        Jun 16, 2017
    11. J English
      J English
      avionic, I am wondering what your availability/interest would be this summer to rework one of my HK 330b's. Both are starting to get soft transistor hiss. Do you work on HKs as well as Yamahas? What would a ballpark range be for the problem transistor + cap replacements? These are my oldest pieces of equipment, but I really do like the sound of them. Thanks for any thoughts... Joe Smith, Des Moines
    12. thetwin
      Thank you SO MUCH for the reply regarding the loose wire in C-4...amazingly generous of you!

      I thought that might have been it, but how do it get it to stay in the hole? I can do very BASIC soldering...is that necessary?

      Also, do you think this wire being loose would create the problems I described? (strange output on L/R - Treble/bass - on the phono stage?)

      Thanks AGAIN!
    13. Sansuijim
      are you familiar with sansui b-2101
    14. Dougfresh
      I am having issues with no relay click and no signal on my cr-800. Any suggestions?
    15. RWH5555
      I'm have questions regarding a Yamaha CA2010 amp. First, are the switches for the input selector, etc open enough to be easily sprayed with deoxIT and second do you have to only remove the wooden cover to get to them. Thanks, Bob. A direct email is robertwhouston@yahoo.com
    16. avionic
      I might look at this page once or twice a month--Send a PM and you'll get a quicker response!
    17. bmbfan
      Hello Dave!
      I'm a big Yamaha fan (not as big as you,though!) I have an offer in for a CA-1000 with somewhat weak output on both channels. Any ballpark figure for getting it in shape? I won't hold you to it because I understand you might find more things that need to be done, but I would like some idea of cost. Thank you and I thoroughly enjoy your posts!
    18. Karl vd Berg
      Karl vd Berg
      Hello Avionic, how are you?

      I saw some post from you on transistors replacement and I saw you are an expert.

      I need to replace two transistors in my Sansui AU-317 amplifier. They are 2SD356 and 2SB526. Is it possible to replace them with similar or even better performance?

      Thanks and regards.

      Karl van den Berg
    19. jhaan92
      Dave! MOSFET POWER ROCKS!!!!!

      Well, with that said, I got a thread for you to check out. Dad and I have been working on a set of family owned Ohm's, and I thought you might be interested on taking a peek at Dad's creative work. If you want, take a peek at the "Ohm Walsh 2 Recap" thread. Hope you like it!

    20. gyrene
      Hi Dave,
      Just a heads up for you.I got a Technics TA A650 home theatre amp in and needed the SM.
      Found it here.A place called eBid from a seller called quagwest. ( http://us.ebid.net/users/quagwest )
      Don't let the name turn you off.This was a hard to find manual and he had it for $6.99 delivered.No postage no handling none of that cheap crap.
      So if you are looking for an sm maybe this guy can help.
      Best to you,man.
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    Apr 10, 1957 (Age: 60)
    Fort Dodge, Iowa cornfield
    Pharm/Bio Maint.Tech.
    USAF ret. F-15(Eagle)Electronic warfare Craftsmen

    DIY Audio,electronics Been repairing Audio/Video since the late 70's


    Bridged Yamaha B-6's / C-85 / PF-800/DL-160 / CA AZUR 740 /NS-1000M's
    Keep it pithy! No bloviating!
    RET USAF 1978-1998
    " Artie knows what we don't "-- PPP
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