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Napa County, Calif
Civil Engineering Tech II for Calif State Parks

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    1. Joe Hughes
      Joe Hughes
      Could you email me phono pre amp list you recommended. Thanks
    2. doctor fuse
      doctor fuse
      If you could email me that comparison and any insights into "loading plugs in parallel", it would be greatly appreciated!


    3. Stavenmist
      Hello, I have a pair of Infinity RS-3000's and also a pair of RS-3001's. I was reading a post where you said you can mod them to sound even better. Here is the thread:

      What can I do to my 3001's to make them sound even better? They're running on a completely restored Kenwood Model 500 Supreme
    4. guest102
      I read with some interest your post about transplanting an SL-1200 tonearm onto an AT-PL120. As most of my dislikes for the AT-PL120 are tonearm related I find this idea quite appealing. I've never tried something like this, but I have had enough experience taking machinery apart and reassembling it to know that knowing how to put it back together properly gives better results than just splattering parts together.

      Anyway, I'm curious about a few things. As a thought exercise, would you replace the entire tonearm assembly or just the under $100 tonearm and gimbal assembly? Personally I would be a lot happier if a Technics arm could just screw in place, but there is a practical side of me that cautions against expecting things to be THAT easy. Maybe this message centers around why and how you think this would even be possible.

      -- Lou --
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    Napa County, Calif
    Civil Engineering Tech II for Calif State Parks
    Engineering Techincian for many, many years

    Photography, motorcycles, boating, audio, etc.


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