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Fisher SA-100 Clone, from Ball Ground, GA


Absolutely! Thanks for spotting that -- it's been corrected. Dave Apr 27, 2017

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    1. MrAqua
      Old thread, but a question. On my 8601-20 Maggi, Pins 3&4 of the 6EU7 are soldered together. I see no other posts about this. Should this remain?
    2. beathunters
      hi dave. opportunity to get a nice kx90 in woodcase. will be serviced by pro. do you know if primary can be switched to 230v? thanks for your input-phil
    3. ORP4
      Hey Mr. Gillespie...I recently bought a Fisher FM 200B that I'm gonna recap and i would like to have it aligned and tweaked by someone who really knows what they are doing..I asked Larry Derouin and he said thats you.
      Would you be willing to help me and about how much would cost? Thanks!

    4. dcgillespie
      Absolutely! Thanks for spotting that -- it's been corrected. Dave
    5. PakProtector
      Dave, on the W2 write up, first page, last post...you get into dissipation, and list P+S at 25.2 mA. Suspecting you meant Watts...:)
    6. Patrice B
      Patrice B
      Sorry Dave,

      It's Patrice, I thought "conversations" were the original P.M....
    7. dcgillespie
      Hi Mike -- If you will, please contact me via regular PM to discuss. Message size is very limited with profile posts. Dave
    8. mldabinga
      Hi Dave, Several AK members recommended you as a person (wizard, guru, etc.!) that could restore a Fisher X-202-B amplifier back to life....would you have time in the near future to take a look? I live in Warner Robins and travel to North GA several times a year....so I could bring it to you. Please advise, thanks! Mike
    9. ogie
      Hi Dave
      How can I contact via pm.... I can't find it listed here anywhere. User error I'm sure.

      Thanks- Doug
    10. streetwise
    11. Moman
      Hi - I have my 1962 Fisher Futura III RE: the front pilot light on the bottom front of the cabinet. Released the pilot light's yellow/black wires from underneath the cab - there's a recess the black tube that holds the #47 fits in - was there an outer light bezel? Does the #47 bulb remove from the tube. Tube rotates 360 on the base - did I damage the bulb's connection when I tried to remove? Thanks, Mo
    12. Moman
      Hello All, New to the forum - have a 1962 Fisher Futura III stereo 660 amp/480 tuner with mpx 70. Won't power up. The 3 amp fuse on the amp appears blown. I realize something caused the fuse to blow. DCGillespie, The console is located in rural Georgia at my parents, can't locate anyone qualified to look at it. I've removed the 3 units, cleaned the tubes pins/wring - nothing. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Mo
    13. johndoe10
      Greetings Dave, and how are you? I have an issue with a HH Scott 299A amplifier, it seems to be producing too much gain to the point of over modulating and causing distortion at the speakers. This occurs even when the volume pot is only turned up a pinch. Any Ideas as to what could be causing this issue? Please let me know.

      Thank you,
    14. dcgillespie
      njmpmcc -- Contact me through regular PM -- the ability to respond here is quite limited. Dave
    15. dcgillespie
    16. Fitzgreen505
      Hi Dave: I'd like to put an EFB into my Fisher 400, but I'm still not sure what components go into the EFB circuit. Perhaps I've missed something. Is there a schematic somewhere? Are you selling one?
      Thanks. Fitzgreen505
    17. njmpmcc
      Dave - I contacted you about 18 months ago about you updating/reconditioning my original Fisher 400, Serial #72,094, but you were busy. Would you please put me on it for working on my 400. It as been "resting" since about 1975, with the exception of a short ~1 minute run to check out its potential.. No problems then. As I am close to you in Roswell, I can bring the unit up to you any time.
    18. leland331
      Hey Dave, I'm doing some research and trying to put plans together to build an amp using transformers from an eico st-40. I am going to stay with the 7591 output tubes and will drive them with an ecc83 and a 6sn7. I would like to do something a little bit better than a simple cathode resistor and regulated screens.Then I came across EFB. Is there a way to implement it without getting too complicated? Thanks
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      2. dcgillespie
        The change in current draw from 0 to full power doesn't change as much with cathode vrs fixed bias, but it does still change.

        Use cathode bias, but use the EFB screen grid regulator to power the screens. That will keep the screen grids locked into place relative to the plate supply regardless of the current they draw.

        You'll find examples of the EFB screen grid regulator in my Fisher 400 and X-101C threads.

        Nov 2, 2015
      3. leland331
        I reviewed your schematics and it seems to make overall sense to me. Couple quick questions though.
        I'll use your sa-100 as an example. the screen regulator portion, the source of FQP9n50c is attatched to the bias supply which i dont have. Do i omit that part of the connection?
        Nov 3, 2015
      4. dcgillespie
        Correct. Then you can tailor the resistor supplying the Gate to produce the screen voltage you want.

        Nov 3, 2015
    19. dcgillespie
      Hi Jim -- I am happy to help with your Pilot, but must tell you that at this point, I'm about 2 months out with firm commitments with existing clients -- after that, it's just inquiries, but of course the holiday season will be upon us by then so it's very hard at this point to establish a definite time I could do the work.

      Please understand that I am not trying to put you off in any way. But I wouldn't be fair to you if I told you to send it, and it just sat here for several months. I simply don't and won't work like that. I will be happy to put on on the waiting list, which costs nothing to do. This work is purely a hobby to fund my hobby, so if someone falls out of line for some reason, it doesn't affect me one way or the other. Everybody else just moves up. I'm sorry this may not be as quick as you would like, but this year has kept me jumping from right out of the chute. If you would like me to place you on the list, just let me know, and thanks for the interest!

    20. jgsulliv
      Hi Dave, I'm in contact with Redboy regarding an original condition Pilot 232 he has listed on Bartertown. I'd love to have it but it needs to be refreshed/ restored before it can be put into use. I asked him to recommend someone to restore the amp and he pointed me to you.
      Are you taking on restoration work and, if so, would you be able to tell me a price range for a top quality restore? If you are taking new work, I'll ask Nate to send the amp directly to you, if that works for you.
      Keeping my fingers crossed,
      Jim Sullivan
      (201) 303-4141
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