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Nov 11, 2003
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Sep 10, 1954 (Age: 63)
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Santa Cruz, CA
Product Management consultant

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That high voltage buzz, 63, from Santa Cruz, CA

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Jun 23, 2018 at 4:55 PM
    1. Antonios
      Hello.I have a Sony TA-1130 with no sound ,found destroyed trimmers for adjustments(bias and balance)replace them but i can't adjust the 25mv and still no sound....help needed.I am Anthony and i read some things you post about this amp.,and seems to me you know this device well...?
    2. hotube
      I type slow . thanks Rick
    3. onkyofan
      Hello, I just saw in a post that you recommend a guy for rebuilding citation 16's and 16A's could you please forward his contact info? I'm looking to rebuild one of mine. Thank you.
    4. SoundsAlike
      dshoaf completed a Barter Town transaction and I would not hesitate doing business with dshoaf in the future
    5. markdam
      Hi I would love to be able to have the Rapco stylist gauge measurements you have My email is Markdam@socal.rr.com
    6. Gdears
      Hello David
      Brett here.... A mc enthusiast with little electronic knowledge
      I recently purchase a mi-3 max performance indicator
      The unit passes music tubes light up... But no display screen ??
      I spoke with Terry Dewick and he thought the power supply may be the problem....
      I also have a few mc250's and a mx110
      All need a looking at by someone who can make heads or tails put of this equipment
      Over the years you have been commenting on audio karma I've become found of your genious ... Any way you would b willing to take a look at any of this gear???
      I'm scared to ship it... I'm in Ben lomond ca
      Thanks and Best Wishes Brett
    7. dshoaf
      There's a guy over in Oakland that I've used for reconing some JBL drivers but I'm not sure he'll cover all the speakers you have. Contact him, though, Audivex: http://www.yelp.com/biz/audivex-speaker-repair-berkeley.

      He can be a bit grumpy, however, and you do need to stay on him - gently reminders work well.

      There another outfit down in San Jose that has lots of ads on Craiglist but I have no experience with them.

      What's the nature of the rework you need done to them?
    8. Gdears
      Hello David
      Ive got a question for you...I've managed to get a small collection of speakers ...
      ar11/wharfdale's d60/altec/pioneer cs77/jbl l100's and a few more....
      Knowing your in Santa Cruz I'm curious if you have a suggestion for were i might bring some to get them ...tuned up /refurbished Thanks Brett
    9. lo-d dad
      lo-d dad
      Hello David,

      My name is Hide Kawatsure. I am the one who was asking the question about JBL 4312 recapping. I noticed that you live in Santa Cruz, CA. I live in Santa Cruz as well. I just wanted to say hi and thanks again.

      Hide Kawatsure
    10. Gdears
      Brett here (Newbie with mc250's....)
      I live in Santa Cruz as well
      And am curious if you know were I might get
      My mx110 brought up to power on a variac locally?
      Thank you
    11. Daniel Walte
      Daniel Walte
      sent you the info david
    12. tnmorrow
      I read a thread where you recapped a set of KLH Model 5's are the caps the same as the 6 and 17?
    13. Mike Gibson
      Mike Gibson
      Should have done this long ago. :) You are one of a handfull of folks whose posts I read.
    14. dale allen
      dale allen
      I have aquired a hafler p500 and have found your comments here on having the service manual. May I inquire into obtaining a copy of it?

      yours truly
      Dale Allen

      dale at longrunaudio.com
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    Sep 10, 1954 (Age: 63)
    Home Page:
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Product Management consultant
    Playing old-school jazz, ham radio and high quality audio