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Aug 19, 2008
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Apr 24, 1962 (Age: 56)
Omaha, NE.
parts guy, musician

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acoustically suspended, 56, from Omaha, NE.

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Feb 16, 2019 at 1:25 PM
    1. Spitfirejoe
      Hi, Mike!

      Elvis fan, eh? Me too.

      Didn't realize there was anyone remotely local on AK. Good to know! Was just down in Millard to pick up an Onkyo TX8522 receiver. Piece O'Crap Pioneer VSR home theater receiver won't handle my 4 ohm Infinity Qb's without getting really hot and then blowing tweeter protection fuses. Hope this Onkyo can do the job. It should be able to - I think it's rated at 100 wpc to 4 ohms.

      Thanks for the welcome!
    2. vintageboy
      I have a 330CI 04, it is still running good. When I bought it, it was M3 and than mine 330 for fast cars, 06 and 07 they came up with the new ones but I still like mine. High School memories :)

      Maybe in future I have my eyes on Mercedes e63 AMG
    3. SPL db
      SPL db
      All's fine in my neck of the woods, here's hoping that you and yours had a great holiday as well.
    4. bobabode
      Seasons Greetings Epifanatic! All is well out here on the left coast, just kickin' it with some Weller 107 and Alvin Lee. Hope you and yours are well too.
      Cheers, Bob
    5. SPL db
      SPL db
      Whew, that's a relief! How'd the tweeter replacement on the Maggies turn out?

      I almost bought a pair of 1.5s but they just didn't do it for me like the IIIs did.

      I did pick up a pair of SMGs just to have some Maggies. :)
    6. SPL db
      SPL db
      Good to see you posting again. Need to get the Kenny up and running. Drop me a line and we'll hook up. Maybe you could drop it off after work some night?
    7. SPL db
      SPL db
      By all means... We need to get that amp back up and running.

      Kind of busy this weekend, but next should be good.
    8. SPL db
      SPL db

      Saw that you posted using the KA-8100 and some cabinet speakers... is this an old picture?

    9. SPL db
      SPL db
      Hey Mike, haven't heard from you in a while.

      Hope everything is okay on your end.

      Did the tuner and deck work out for you?

    10. saltwater
      Thanks Mike. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    11. SPL db
      SPL db
      I have to let you know on the K.C. thing. I'm pretty sure that I'm going, but I don't know if the wife and daughter are going with me or not.
    12. SPL db
      SPL db
      Man, sorry to hear the bad news... been there myself with both of my parents. They passed away about eight months apart. Still interested in the Kenny tuners? Door is always open... too bad the room is too full of gear to get in it!
    13. SPL db
      SPL db
      So, where have you been keeping yourself? Didn't get an email back about the tuners and other gear. Doing okay these days? How's Lisa?
    14. onepixel
      Hey epi.. howzit going!
    15. cmk59
      Any Husker hi-fi guy is a friend of mine! I'm from Omaha (Ohmaha? hahaha) originally, Belleview (sp?) in particular. Dad was stationed at Offutt!

      That said, I know nothing about EPI....perhaps you could enlighten me? I'm big into ribbons/stats and the like, and just bought my first Ohm Walsh's to compliment the Carver Amazing Silver MKlV's in my living room! (One day, I'll have to get around to hooking everything back up after my 'spring cleaning!')

    16. SPL db
      SPL db
      I met Lash a few times, it's been over ten years since I worked there, so I can't place a face with the name.

      If I weren't so busy, I'd re-cap the Kenny for you. Since I do my own work, I don't know who's who anymore.

      Glenn (Echowars) is down in KC and does excellent work, but it might be six months as he's got too much on the
      bench these days.
    17. SPL db
      SPL db
      The Mercurys... hmmm... haven't heard your band before.

      I did work for Midwest Sound & Lighting as a bench tech for about three and a half years though.

      Course that was down at the Lincoln store though.

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    Apr 24, 1962 (Age: 56)
    Omaha, NE.
    parts guy, musician


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