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The Dude Abides, from MoCo, MD

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Mar 24, 2019 at 8:18 PM
    1. HammondB
      Merry Christmas!
    2. faradyne451
      Hey Finn, I was responded to Gang from yesterday's - Wednesday's thread and you posted your Thursday Tune on Wednesday. Sorry about that . . . today's Thursday . . . but you knew that. Sorry
    3. lunchbox22
      I dig the avatar
    4. Saints27
      Congrats on your Skins' win in the 'Dome. bro. Mark it eight.
    5. buddabuga
      Hello, I saw your post on the "Let's mod a Pl-41!" thread about a group order of the thrust pads for the PL-41, namely This Post Would it be possible to get on the request list? I realize the post was a few years ago, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

      Let me know!


    6. eljr
      Happy retirement!!
    7. eljr
      Happy Holidays!!
    8. Ohighway
      Hey Finnbow. How goes it? I took a year off from AK, now back again on and off. What's new out Damascus way? Any new audio acquisitions? I haven't gotten anything new, well nothing of real significance anyway. My PM box is packed full so it won't send or accept messages. So give me a shout on email:
    9. Nobody2
      I spent my time stationed at Rivers Barracks n I also loved it there...the elderly Germans treated us with love but then the youngsters were just the opposite....what about the silo's? Did u see them? I also heard Hitler had a massive underground transportation system under the city.......don't know if it's true but the silo's were supposed to have been the access to it.....more later on......
    10. Nobody2
      Thought I'd say I was in Giessen in 74 thru 76; bought my Sui 990 n SP3500's there also...checked em out in Mainz first though......I still remember those damned silo's that were there in Giessen...luv to hear the real story 'bout em.....maybe chat later bout the scenery around there....
    11. TJLitt
      not a clue. I just always have had the feeling that the tonearm is the one key part of that table that could be heavily improved upon, since speed accuracy, damping and overall sound quality seems good. Howard(hakaplan) sometimes has told me not to sell the old stock arm short, so maybe I'm wrong.......Perhaps, I should just keep(annually or thereabouts) moving up the rungs on the cartridge ladder. There IS the option of a Grado Platinum, or maybe a really top-end AT.......hmmm.
    12. TJLitt
      my question was asked because I found the stock headshell to be a bit of a limiting factor for using some cartridges, due to spacers and the dimensions. Still, I think the Denon should fit as well as the Grado does. And, I certainly know what you mean about always looking for a tweak!! I am determined to (slowly) upgrade this table as far as I can, the basic mechanics and build quality are first rate. One of these years,
      I might be putting a new arm on mine.
    13. TJLitt
      maybe we should start a PL-41 appreciation thread or forum....kind of like the Technics fans! Anyhow, I think you would really like the sound of those Denon HOMC cartridges. Are you using the stock PL-41 headshell?? I ditched mine way back, and got a Tonar with 2 and 4 gram weights that can be added. I have two, with my old Grado Red mounted on one, just in case I miss aspects of that 'Grado sound'.
    14. finnbow
      Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to your questions. Though I'm an engineer, I'm of the wrong persuasion (structural) when it comes to serious soldering on such a unit. I still have the original schematics that came with it. If you're interested and think that they'd help you out, I can scan them and send the PDF's to you. I think that these things have enough of a cult following that even a parts machine may be pretty spend and/or hard to find. From what I gather, will regards to replacement capacitors/transistors, I think you can still get everything you need aftermarket with the exception of the four big (oval) power supply capacitors. Regarding replacement knobs and switches (if needed), that may be quite a bit more difficult to find.
    15. EMIparty
      Well good you have reconsidered. Always best to err on the side of not getting rid of your much loved xXCarXx I mean audio gear .
      Is there any info (web page etc.) that would help me do a tear down on my 9000 to check and clean it.
      It does need the headphone jack resecured - it is pushed back inside the unit and some of the speaker terminals are broken. I have the spare terminal block.
      I have a line on getting a parts machine ....what do you think a good price for a parts machine would be ? It has a bad left channel

      I am going to learn all I can on the big Gs Some day I will get the 22000 or 33000

      At a garage sale would be nice : - }

      Cheers, Brian
    16. EMIparty
      Are you still thinking of selling your G-9000.

      You may want to reconsider.

      I just got one and I have been without for over 15 years.
      I regretted the sale of my first one. At a garage sale - no respect there.
      I think I am going to buy a parts unit I have found so I can have backup in case
      she needs body part replacement.

      Well just my 2 cent comments.

      Later Gator
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    MoCo, MD
    Civil Engineer
    Lived in Germany over 10 years

    Bowhunting, fishing, mountain biking, skiing, cooking, good beer & wine


    Burned out from exhaustion, buried in the hail,
    Poisoned in the bushes and blown out on the trail.