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    1. fredgarvin
      thanks, they are well constructed for sure. Braided wire, good signal and noise rejection. You did a good job of ignoring the trolls.
    2. boza
      Hello mate glad you had a look at rhe Epiphony website i dont know how to mesure the cables but i can tell you how they made then you may be able to shed a bit of light on why they sound so diferent to all my other cables.

      The use twin signal cables twisted with cotton filler conected to the centre pin then a lair of insulation then a foil screen then two more lairs of insulation then a coaxial brade that allso forms the return then another lair of insulaton then the black jacket with stripe were its solderd to the plugs its seald with a plasick then a heet shrink.
      Thats all i can tell you thanks for reading my thread
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