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May 15, 1956 (Age: 62)
Philadelphia, PA
Dentist / Part time extension cord

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Needs professional help, 62, from Philadelphia, PA

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Sep 27, 2018
    1. JesusGreen
      I'm not sure if it's still being maintained/updated, but if it is, I have a report for the Grado hum database:

      Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC - Black1 (with original stylus) - No hum
    2. michael4186
      I'm looking for the offset angle of the tonearm on the pl-112d and I think you might know. I've already read your explanation about the 49mm pioneer alignment but i want to play with some calculators and gauges, however I just dont know the angle.
    3. jurgente

      Following your Pioneer-related posts in AK and I'd like to seek your expertise in selecting a vintage Pioneer TT for my old home.

      My options:

      - Seems like a good mid-level manual DD turntable, looks good.

      - Seems like a solid mid-level manual DD performer, looks good.

      - Top of the line "integrated" automatic DD performer, looks good.

      All three turntables in good cosmetic and working condition are being offered to me at $200 with the same basic AT cart.

      I've read a lot of good/decent reviews for each and it seems like the PL-570 gets me excited the most. Just concerned about automation, might be hard to service if things go kapoot?

      Also, what is an integrated turntable? Does this mean that the 570 is both automatic and manual?

      Overall, I want a good looking performer that will last another lifetime (hence considering manual) to match my SA-9800 and CS-99a/CS-a700/HPM-100s.

      Looking forward to hear from you.

    4. nkorah
      For the grado hum DB:
      Lenco L78 (very modified):

      a) L75 - Reference Platinum1 - no hum
      b) L75 - Gold1 - hum (slight)
      c)infinity Black Widow - Reference Platinum1 - no hum
      d) Infinity BW - Gold1 - No hum

    5. Synchro-bias
      Hi Howard,
      Sam here. I got a Pioneer PL-155E turntable. Its woodgrain old model, with no anti-skate, but in very good condition. It doesnt sound as good as the Technics SL-D2, and maybe its not aligned properly, but i used a Technics protractor. I wanted to own a belt drive turntable as well as my direct drive.
    6. Pootybear
      Hi Howard. I have an addition to the Grado hum database:
      Empire 398, Rega rb250, Grado black with 8mz sylus = no hum
    7. Japan IV
      Japan IV
      Hello, Grado hum addition:
      Dual 601, Grado Blue1, no hum
    8. GP49
      Garrard Lab 80, Black, NO
      Garrard Lab 80, M1+, NO
      Garrard A70, MF3E+, NO
      Garrard A70, M1+, NO
      Garrard Type A, MF3E+, NO
      Thorens TD-160, MF3E+, YES
    9. garpt
      Hi Howard,
      If the Grado database is still active, please add:
      Thorens TD-145 (w/ TD160 arm, if it matters...)
      Grado BLUE
      Hum, YES

      Minor, but no hum w/ Ortofon20, Stanton 681, Shure M97 series.
    10. marcbolan666
      Hello, I have a sony ps-x65 that has been my primary listener table for a few years now. It is my absolute favorite. From reading the forums, it seems you have scans of the manual. if so, can you send me a copy? My email is Travisjpeterson@gmail.com
    11. alfatipo
      Hi, came across the hum database.

      Rega Planar 3 (original motor) Goldring 10xx no hum. Grado Green hum on the last 1/3 of record.

      The database has 2 entries for the Rega/Green combo; one with hum one without. Interesting.
    12. greg33418
      Hello Howard...I'm attaching in quotes what I posted previously..I hope you ca help me..I understand you have a Pioneer PL-530 as well...Best Regards..Greg

      "Hi all..Thanks so much for all you input...It has been invaluable so far..
      I am now reassembling the unit after cleaning and lithium greasing appropriate pieces...I replaced the bad rubber insulators on the springs with the 3M Blue tape as someone suggested and am now at the point where I screw the upper and lower parts of the TT together...Here's my question..
      The screw assembly that connects the upper and lower pieces together consists of a long metal screw that goes through the center, a plastic housing piece that encompasses the rubber foot and an outer threaded sleeve with a "rounded" threaded spacer of some sort...How do I reassemble this??...Is this whole gizmo designed to be a leveling mechanism and if so, what is the preliminary setup..Or do I just tighten the long metal screw until it stops??.Thanks in advance...Greg
    13. pearlejam
    14. jtperez
      Hi Howard: I write from Chile, land of miners.
      I have a Sansui SR-1050 TT and i´m looking for an easy way to align my shure m97xe cartridge. The manual says it has an overhang of 15mm. Do protractors work well with this TT? Wich one is better? (Baerwald, Stevenson)

    15. steely
      Hi...maybe you can give me a bit of advice. The original RCA cables on my Dual 510 started to give me grief so upon a friend's recommendation I replaced them with these 6-ft Python audio cables. That solved some problems but I noticed not everything sounds as good as it used to. Then I read your very informative post on interconnects and found my Python cables near the bottom of your list. Now I'm thinking of trying a pair of the higher rated Belkin yellow composite video cables instead. Any thoughts on that? Was the capacitance of the Pythons really THAT high?

      Thanks for your help! Steely
    16. Natsok
      Hi Howard,
      wodering if you could grace me with your knowledge?
      I have a shure m95ed cartridge, will the m95/he, m97ed, or m97he stylus fit, I hope so as this would widen my search
    17. Autobot
    18. Autobot
    19. waylyn5945
      You probably don't recognize me because I rarely post. However, from reading other's posts I know that you're probably the reigning guru of turntables on this forum. Have you experience with the Sony PS-X600 and Yamaha YP-D8? I know the Sony has a very good arm and it is an automatic. In your "opinion", which is the better table? (I can buy either for approx. $200.00.)
    20. Rykerdude
      Just stopping by to say hey and thanks for the help!
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    May 15, 1956 (Age: 62)
    Philadelphia, PA
    Dentist / Part time extension cord
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