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May 20, 2018 at 5:39 PM
    1. Nutsfortubes
      Where is my trade for the CJ MV50?
    2. JFCMan
      Hi - Newby - Wondering pitfalls of connecting a reel/reel line output to 2 different receiver/amplifiers - possible damage?
    3. nomeking
      Hi, I have never posted on Audiokarma and don't know where or how to post this question. I have an extremely wordy post inquiring how to or whether it is worth it to triamp Linn Kabers with my system (Luxman, Klipsch, B&W, Crown, and Linn). Is there a direct message function to contact a moderator for advice or a way to add an attachment? Thank you for your help, Mike
    4. Samiam7364
      I have a Sansui 9090 in great condition except for the tuner meter stays to the left and will not go to dead center even when in axillary mode. The signal strength meter works just fine and FM reception is great The one problem I did have is that the dial lamps would not light up.I found a modification for that and used it and now they work.
    5. Jaswinder
      Hi I'm new in this group I have panasonic RF 9000 radio I don't know what is value any one have information about Rf 9000?????
    6. Drewconner75
    7. Dan Twomey
      Dan Twomey
      I don't know anything about threads or even what the hell they are. I can't figure out how to just ask a question to everybody regarding some Koss 1020 speakers I have. Can you help?
    8. Chastity1976
      Carver amp 1.5t can you tell me what it worth...works really well..kept great care of it
    9. rdmilner
      Tweeter on JBL L100 not working. need help
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    10. camaro
      I am new to audiokarma ,still trying to figure out how to use. every one seems very helpful. I am trying to troubleshoot a realistic sta-204 am/fm stereo receiver. light comes on but no sound. just trying to figure where to start first. any help would be much appreciated.thank you.
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    11. jaymanaa
      Those 6SU7s are very nice tube, you just have to watch how they word stuff in epay ads. just got a pair of black glass 6113s (Nationals) and they are really in a class o f there own. If you van get a pair of low hours or nos for under 100, I think you have a good deal. Thy make the red base RCAs sound o so good.
      1. olson_jr
        I wonder why I am seeing this?
        Oct 5, 2015
    12. jaymanaa
      Should get her opened up and some voltage readings tomorrow. I think I have a pair of every 6SL7 ever made.
    13. Nutsfortubes
      CJ MV50 packed up and ready to roll. Oh and the EIs as well.
    14. jaymanaa
      I'll have to look through my files, give me until tomorrow (Saturday). Sounds like you could have shorted filter caps (the can ones), or a shorted PT which you could check by ohming out the primary, and ohming the primary to ground.
    15. Albis

      I see you have worked on the Lafayette 250a . I got one of these recently and it is blowing fuses when I switch it on. Would you have a schematic by any chance?


    16. jaymanaa
      Oh, make sure to get the otter box with it, which has a handy stand on it (like a Fluke meter) for watching video etc....
    17. jaymanaa
      I really like it. It seems, and feels tougher than the hydro extreme Kyro I had before which was bullet proof. It really has some heft to it. Plus the battery is unreal. It shows you in percentage what it's charged to and it took like a day and a half to fully charge it, but then it will go like 4 days easy. Great for a guy who forgets to plug it in all the time. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars, just because nothing is perfect.
    18. Watthour
      J - How do you like the Kyocera? I'm looking to replace my FIFTH Samsung "smart" phone and also need something a bit more durable. Feedback about your experience is valued.
    19. kve777
      Hi, Snow(Dan Roberts) told me you were looking for 6DJ8's. My email is kve777@gmail.com. What are you looking for? Budget?
    20. vintage 5.0
      vintage 5.0
      Hi hope all is well. I have a question. I have a Jolida tube amp uses 6550 tubes. I purchased it on barter town. It will play but when it gets going I will get a feed back sound or squeel from both channels. It will keep going when the volume is down. I can flick the tube and it will stop or ˆ*I can also flick the base between the two tubes and it will stop. It seems when this is occuring I can not set the bias between the two 6550 tubes. When it is not occuring sounds great. I do not think it is the tubes. Are most things in a tube amp fixable. Any idea what it could be. I know you are a tube guy so just asking. Thanks Ken
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