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May 20, 2014
    1. big2bird
      Great posts Jon. J
    2. lambdaaudio
      Hello, Jhon, Did you still have the dummy loads for the BPI 3000 distortion analyzer
    3. allanmatters
      this is regarding a post i saw on this forum

      I want to buy this set from someone, Only because its a good tape deck according to many people . I have an aurex toshiba tape deck but want to try the nakamichi BX-1

      Most important thing i want to ask you is. about connecting this to a power amp(the Nakamichi BX-1). Most tape decks act as pre-amps like my toshiba deck aurex pd-v30

      I want to know if i can connect a power amp to this Nakamichi. AND also if its possible, will the VU meters light up according to my external source. For example i connect a CD player to the Nakamichi AUX in if it had one and connect a power amplifier to the pre-out of the Nakamichi.
      i tried searching on the web for the back panel, But i want to know if the VU mteres will work if i connect a CD player.
    4. whughes
      Jon Logan is a genius. He gets my vote for AK member of the year. Cheers.
    5. SFBayArch
      What would you charge to repair the CR-620?
      It powers up, lights up, no sound...I've done some preliminary research that points to output transistors, fuse-istors, protection relay, power supply, etc...all fuses are intact.
    6. BT1000

      Thanks for your advice on the Hafler XL280 I have. I have done some work but still have problems. Here's the list. I replaced R17 1k, R19 330, Q12 2n3440, Q11 2n5415, Q10 2n5401, and nearby Q7 and 8 both 2n5401. I assumed the MOSFETs were okay and left them in. A moment of weakness for sure. And for lack of a Variac I used a 40 watt bulb in series. At power up the right side comes up normal just as before and shows 20 to 20 mv at the speaker out terminals. Bias test across the fuse as indicated in the manual shows 300 mills as it should. On the bad left side though the output at the speaker terminals shows about 300 to 400 mv out and drifts around. No longer the 40 volts. I can see no bias current at all across the fuse. Any thoughts? This is getting beyond my tech skills. I have no problem working on the boards, I just am not good at diagnosing. I could take this to a local shop, but enjoy doing the fix myself, if I can. Thanks. Bill
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