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Auckland, New Zealand, Way down in the Pacific
Live Audio Engineer

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Its all about the Music, Male, from Auckland, New Zealand, Way down in the Pacific

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Nov 20, 2017 at 10:47 PM
    1. quadklipsh
      thanks kevin
    2. quadklipsh
      this is my first pm to you perhaps.
      im a happy owner of a few vintage amps . that all needed restoration. my biggest achievement has been the restoration of sansui AU 9500 about two weeks ago.
      i mostly listen to ALL GENRE esp jazz.

      can you give the following amps a rating out of 10....
      LUXMAN L-550X
      SANSUI 9500
      MARANTZ PM-6

      thnx and waiting
      1. kevzep
        Okay, I have never heard any of those amps except the AU9500 which as you know, I don't rate particularly highly.
        Sorry I could not be of more help.
        Oct 5, 2016
    3. JBL250ti
      Hi Kevin, I'm the proud owner of 2 JBL B460 18" subs and have the opportunity to drive them with a NOS Crown MT 5002VZ. I was wondering what your thoughts were since you are the Crown expert here. Would you advise using this amp over a pair of Aragon Palladiums? It would be used in a home environment with JBL 250ti's biamped with Levinson 333 and 336 amps. Thanks much Kevin!
      1. kevzep
        Hi, First thing I would do, is go and see it and fire it up and see if its idle noise is ok for you. Also will need to checked out electronically to make sure its healthy. They have a larger than normal power plug on them, but you can fit your standard power plug for domestic use, let me know if you want some help checking it out.
        Oct 18, 2015
    4. arquesf
      Hi Kevin, I follow all your indicaciones about the sansui au-999 amp, and first of all a lot of thanks for share with us.I did the bass eq and preamp mods and I am very happy with the results.Now Im trying to change the big caos of the main supply and I will like to do with mundorf 4 pole caps, I think my au999 with my large original advents speakers will sound very good.My problem is that I'm not sure how to connect the 4 pole in the au999. Do you know how, perhaps Could you help me?.Thanks from Spain.
    5. fishyman1
      Kevzep hi, I have just been reading forums about G series sansui and saw your name and that you are in New Zealand.
      I live in Nelson and have a Sansui obsession so was just wanting to meet like minded people.
      Was going to list my gear but think I will hold off for now.
      Anyways be good to catch up some time.
    6. bluesfan
      I am going to try your sansui au 999 mods and was wondering what the tolerances are for the resistors +_10% ? And if so what was your source for these resistors they dont seem to be readily available. I appologize for my ignorance here for such a simple task.
    7. daza152
      Hey Kev, are you a Kiwi? silly question but it just occurred to me that I wondered if there were any here on this forum so started a thread and someone else mentioned you...You may have told me a few years ago but my memory isn't that flash for names and faces.
    8. CaptSpalding
      Hi Kevzep. I bought a Sansui AU-D11II from a guy in Auckland. He said someone on this site recapped it a few years ago I was wondering if it was you.It has since stopped working and I am looking for someone to fix it. I live near Whangarei and someone close would be good.I hear these can be tricky to fix so any help you can give me will be appreciated . Thanks very much. my email is Thanks again.........Capt Spalding
    9. slimecity
      Hi Kevzep - I've posted a query in the McIntosh section "510 weirdness" - I got the name of the amp wrong sorry. Keen for a technicians' preliminary view on my issue with a strange mod that someone has done. Would really appreciate your expert advcie if you have time. cheers simon
    10. jimimac
      Kevzep I have potted all the transformers and autoformers for the last 15yrs. I have never wound an autoformer but I have run the lamination machine,screwed them together and tested multi thousands over the years. It's pretty time consuming and I'm kind of slow but I like to do things right the first time..
    11. jpoonilikit
      ok kev i appreciate the reply...i just didnt know if it was safe to run all 4 of my sansui sp-x800s on the G8000's power amp side, in connected mode, and with the audiosource amp on the pre out powering the boses...i thought i had to have it in disconnected mode to use the pre out on the big g, but now i see it only turns off the power amp
    12. jpoonilikit
      hey kev i have a question for you...i cant post threads yet for some reason, but anyways i have a sansui g8000 with four sansui sp-x8000 speakers hooked to it....i also have an audiosource amp 100 power amp hooked up to the pre out jacks on the side, which is running a set of bose am-5' question is, is it safe to leave the amp in connected mode, and run the bose hooked to the audiosource amp, as well as the four sansuis that are hooked to the power amp section af the g8000, or should i use them separately?
    13. skyguy
      Hi Kevzep , how busy are you? I have a CA-1000 that needs overhauling , I was referred to you by Avionic
    14. brightspark2
      Another stupid question
      quality of caps how do i know which quality to order genral purpose or audio?
    15. brightspark2
      ok kev cant get a bias read on right channel the now crackly channel. I switched boards over and the fault followed the board.
    16. brightspark2
      Hi Kev, read your posts re Au999. got mine playing as a pre amp for a World Audio Design 6l6wgc valve job. The reason for this is that at low volume i get some back ground distortion FIZZ like a leaky cap this is not as noticable when you crank it up but i know its there. sounds fine as a pre amp but i would like it to work on the power amp side without the noise, any suggestions appreciated cheers Mark
    17. Saxman
      Hi Kev,
      Sorry last reply was late night and lengthy.
      New post is (relatively) short regarding Fake T03's.
      I'm sure they're fake but will await a reply till I flame the seller.
    18. Don Bocadill
      Don Bocadill
      Hi Kevin,

      Question for you, I am selling a pair of Acoustic Research AR3a's on ebay right now and have received and inquiry about shipping them to Melbourne from the US. How does this work in general with regards to customs etc... would the buyer be responsible for customs clearance, is there any particular shipping company I should use, any advice would be appreciated!


    19. slimecity
      Hi Kevzep - I'm another kiwi forum participator. I saw your posts in other threads re: Perreaux amps. U said you had a few PMF's lying around waiting to be fixed. I am really keen to acquire a big old PMF amp, I'm a hobbyist and like having a go at upgrading and fixing amps. I have some homemade open baffle speakers and an amp collection including Rotels, silver technics, Pioneer C21 pre, and an upgraded Quad 303. Just wondering if you'd be willing to part with a perreaux amp, going or not, that I could tinker with? Woud be great to hear from you....?
    20. bwestiii
      Kev, can't find your pics detailing the "white wire" that connects the G9000 F2719 tuner board to the connector on the other board. Have a G9000 with bad FM (no audio, no stereo light), shop can't fix, saw the "white wire" pics while receiver was away. Have a new discriminator chip, but hoping to be able to compare wiring of my board to the pics I bookmarked months ago and now can't find. Perhaps you can send to me. Thanks, Bill W.
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    Auckland, New Zealand, Way down in the Pacific
    Live Audio Engineer
    I am 51 years old, I like doing things the old way

    Have been a serious guitarist for 32 years, Motorsport particularly WRC, Magnum PI , and Ferrari's, I also like listening to music mostly on vinyl.


    Main McIntosh MC452, MEN220, C48, MR78 Crown Macrotech5002VZ, L'acoustics 8xTi,SB115 Thorens TD125MK2/SME3009, Tascam 122MKII
    Music room McIntosh MC2205, C33, MR80, Lake contour, QSC Powerlight 1.8 JBL L7 Tascam 112