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Aug 9, 1953 (Age: 65)
Long Beach, CA

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Rolling Along, 65, from Long Beach, CA


I don't check these profile posts so you won't get a response if you post here. I respond to PMs which are now called conversations. Dec 17, 2015

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Mar 24, 2019 at 6:35 PM
    1. LBPete
      I don't check these profile posts so you won't get a response if you post here. I respond to PMs which are now called conversations.
    2. desertlizard
      I want to replace bulbs on my 221, can u advise me on this? could it just be fuses? total novice.
      thanks Jon
    3. LBPete
      Rolling along
    4. kaplang
      Hello Pete,

      Are you still repairing Sansui? I have a 6060 that depending on where you now reside needs repairing. Are you interested and please tell me your zip code.


    5. kaplang
      Hello Pete,

      Being the Sansui Guru that you are would you mind looking at a post I did for my Sansui 6060. It seems to be working OK but I have a question about the Bias Current setting

      Hope all is well with you Pete.


    6. jabski
      Hey Pete, SansuiSteve sent me your way.
      I need to buy eight each of the constant currant source ztx694b, mj21194g, and mj21193g
    7. UCSBeatNick
      Hi Pete. I was told to contact you regarding repair shops. I live in Huntington Beach and am looking to get my Sansui 811 cleaned and fixed. I believe the left channel stopped working. Thank you for your time and help.
    8. LBPete
      Hey Guys, I don't check these visitor messages so you probably won't get a response if you leave a message here. Leave a private message if you want a response.
    9. hamkwam77
      Hi Pete, greetings. I've been reading posts on this forum for a while but
      haven't posted yet. I have two Sansui 8's I need to repair
      (one of them is an Eight Deluxe). I can see that you're a real whiz in your understanding of these receivers. Would you be interested in doing any work on these to bring them back to good health? Regards, Jay
    10. testmoron
      If u check Craigslist for sansui, they are selling a g-801 and a g-901 . Both for 550.I think they are in santa clarita.
    11. 1979
      Pete, its not a troll (it me, Fred, "BeatleFred"), I created a new account. I had contacted the Sansui moderator who was willing to let me rejoin, but as I expected, 'Grumpy' refused. Obviously, the more I may write, someone will be bound to think its me and I'll probably get bounced again, thus I appreciate if you keep this confidential. Kale also knows, by the way. Most people who know me, know that I'm a good guy, but unfortunately 'Grumpy' has a thick skull and way too stubborm to reason with.
    12. cantredr
      Can you recommend the best substitute transistors commonly available for the 2SA726 and the 2SC1313 (found in my AU-6600 Sansui amp)? The tech who's checking out the unit seems to think the cutting out of the left (and sometime the right) channel is due to bad transistors.
    13. Buzz McBragg
      Buzz McBragg
      You've been outed as the go-to guy to give new life to an aging and ailing Sansui 9090DB. We just happen to have one here in Santa Monica in dire need of some overdue TLC. Original owner, so it's been in the family longer than the wife and kid... I'm hoping that if you can take care of the receiver, I'll continue to take care of the wife and kid. Friends/relatives up and down coast, LB, OC, SD, so we're in/by your neck of the woods frequently.
      My arms/hands don't work very well any more, so my days of opening things up, cleaning and reassembling are a dozen, or so, years behind me, so I need help w/ most things... but ears still work OK, and it would be nice to get the vintage Sansui back in action.
      aka "Buzz McBragg"
      best email is
      and cell phone is (310) 428-1250
    14. LBPete
      Hi All,
      I don't check these "visitor" messages on a regular basis so you probably won't get a response if you leave a message here. I do check "private" messages so that's the best way to reach me.

      - Pete
    15. Mettski
      Hi Pete, Is there any danger of interchanging the driver boards between 8080db or 9090db and a QRX 9001? - I know they are the same part number (f-2624)), but there are differences, i just don't want to fry the QRX.

      Many Thanks
    16. badtuna
      Another Sansui 9090 in need of an antenna clamp.I missed your
      Ebay listing.Are there any more coming?
      Best regards,Allan Lewis
    17. Kickingbird2
      Need help please to replace both FM meter lights on a 9090DB.

    18. Copperman
      Do you have any more of those antenna sockets you made a couple years ago? I have 2 more receivers that need them. A G7700 and a 9090db I found lying on the ground at Alpine Village 10 days ago. Looked so sad, I had to take it home. Besides Deoxit, I changed out the driver board fuse resistors, even though they weren't very bad, the worst only 2X its original resistance, and the tuner was dead, due to a bad Zener in the power supply. When I checked the bias this afternoon, 28 ma and <10 mv on both sides as it sat. And at a lying on the ground price! Wish I could do that every day.
      Anyway, need your price on 2 sockets and send all the way to Torrance. I'll send a check this time, no sense you absorbing a PayPal hit.
      Dan Demeo
      Oh, I bet it is 1N4148. Let me know for sure.
      Thanks for the help with the 8080, but I think there might be a typo on the diode no referenced. 1n4048 is a 275 amp power diode. Could you please check and reply with the correct designation.
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    Aug 9, 1953 (Age: 65)
    Long Beach, CA


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