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Hold on, here comes the bass., Male, 49, from Southern NJ

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    1. Binkman
      HEY LEE Thanks for your reply and sorry for the fuc* moving this time of year. I moved to chapel hill NC 6 months ago .. just a bitch over rent.. I've read many of your posts and used to have pics of what a mb should look like with all the straight caps and raised bent resistors leads.

      Seasons greetings..
      You know you could probably desig a nad that doesn't look like a nad. sell the design.
    2. emgineer
      Hi Lee,

      I have a pair of KEF Ref 101's that need to be re-capped and the protections circuit bypassed. Was wondering if you could give me an estimate? Thanks, Emil
    3. Artlane
      Hi Lee: Quick followup. May now be inclined to retain protection cktry. Looks like I'll have to jumper around corrosion. Do you know if c4 and c5 are non-polarized? Symbols on KEF schematic are different than other non-polarized. Thanks!
    4. Artlane
      Lee-New to KEFs. Bought recap kit from Falcon. Found some caps out of tol so reluctant to use. Originals measure closer! After inspecting SP2011A board, I now suspect woofer prob (no sound) due to board etching degradation under C4 and C5 caps. Best to jumper around bad etching. How do you recommend I disable prot cktry to minimize interaction with speaker sound? In normal operation, does relay shunt R1 resistor?
    5. triode17
      Hello, I hear your the man when it comes to NAD. I have a 7155 that keeps shutting down into protect mode. Yet there are no shorts. Its time sensitive because I have to send it back to with the owner to Florida on Sunday. If I turn it off, then on again, it comes back. But not for long. The Bias & DC offset are OK. Any ideas? Thermal sensor maybe?
    6. ausgeflippt
      Your explanation of the Sansui diamond differential ground free circuit in your ebay AU-D11II listing is the best I have ever seen. I already have two of these. I'm just not so sure that Sansui went downhill directly from there. Started using plastic, but the circuitry continued to improve for some time to come.
    7. Jakestr19
      Hi Lee, I have an old NAD 3020 that is tired (literally takes a min or two for the lights to come on fully) but I believe fully functional. Was wondering what you charge to go thru it and bring back to new/updated spec. Approx how long will it take? How do I get a hold of you to discuss?
      Thanks, Matt.
    8. Jerry Kim
      Jerry Kim
      Hi Lee, The tweeter on my KEF 103.2 stopped working, pulled circuit board out corrosion on circuit to tweeter. Not sure I can handle what you did to fix it. Do you do repairs?
      Thanks, Jerry
    9. mhjmhjones
      Hello Lee. Wilmington resident here. I have a Yamaha A-1020 that needs transistors replaced. How do your rates work?
    10. Aldo
      Hi Lee, I can sell the TA-3650 for 100 +50 shipping if I don't go through Ebay and pay all the fees. My email is aldo162@eastlink.ca if you are interested I can send it to you. Thanks, Ron
    11. blownrx7
      I have a TA-2650 that I am going to recap. Can you tell me what you used for the big 10000ufx2 cap? Your pictures no longer show up so I can't see what you did. Any other things I should know before I rip into this thing?
      Feel free to contact me via email: josephdanastasio@gmail.com
    12. clintster
      Hi this is Clinster. Thank you for responding. So I got the unit (1020a) about a year ago as a part of an adcom amp purchase. The guy just gave it to me. It sounds good but considering its age I know some of the caps are probably out of spec. No other problems that I'm aware of. I currently run an adcom gfa2 feeding into epicures or fraziers. Thanks!
    13. Wilson1417
      Jumping on the wagon about a NAD 3020 refurb. Looking at cost and time frame. Thanks
    14. g-horn
      Hey Lee. Can you refurbish my NAD 3020 that I’ve had since new? I bought a bunch of new caps but I’d rather have someone with much more experience than I to do the work. Needs a thorough look over. Can you get back to me with next steps please?
    15. Warbird777
      Dear Lee, I have 7 pairs of KEF 103/2 speakers. I recently discovered three pair have fried xovers. I identified the xover to be the reason for what initially seemed like bad woofers. I have two different xover designs, but have not finished breaking them down. I love the sound of these speakers, would do anything to fix them. Can you please point me in the right direction?
    16. 10ear
      Lee I am in need of a faceplate for a 3020E amp. I borrowed a friends unit and over the past weekend one of my grandchildren knocked it to the floor and broke it to the point it needs replacing. This one is with white lettering. Thanks for checking your stock or any ideas. Ole 10ear
      1. 10ear
        My mistake, it is a 3020A faceplate with white lettering. Again thanks for checking.
        Jan 9, 2018
    17. retroboy17
      Hi Lee I have a NAD 3020 that has been in used since new but is starting to show it's age. Are you still doing refurbs? thanks
    18. naij
      hi, i have a nad 3020 that needs refurbishing. it had not been played for over 10 years. please let me know if you will help me resuscitate this unit. thanks, curtis.
    19. Joanithan
      Thank you for the great service you provide this forum. I have two beloved NAD pieces, a 1300 pre Amp and 2600 Amp. I am technically inept.
      Are these pieces that you would have interest in restoring?
      I am hoping to drive Maggie 3.7 i 's with the latter. Does this seem feasible?
    20. rktktpaul
      Hi Lee. I picked up a 7155 receiver that is absolutely screaming for attention. I was wondering if this might be something of interest for you to restore for me? Thank you for your consideration.

      Paul Krutulis
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