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Mar 18, 1969 (Age: 48)
Southern NJ
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Hold on, here comes the bass., Male, 48, from Southern NJ

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Jan 23, 2018 at 1:42 PM
    1. Warbird777
      Dear Lee, I have 7 pairs of KEF 103/2 speakers. I recently discovered three pair have fried xovers. I identified the xover to be the reason for what initially seemed like bad woofers. I have two different xover designs, but have not finished breaking them down. I love the sound of these speakers, would do anything to fix them. Can you please point me in the right direction?
    2. 10ear
      Lee I am in need of a faceplate for a 3020E amp. I borrowed a friends unit and over the past weekend one of my grandchildren knocked it to the floor and broke it to the point it needs replacing. This one is with white lettering. Thanks for checking your stock or any ideas. Ole 10ear
      1. 10ear
        My mistake, it is a 3020A faceplate with white lettering. Again thanks for checking.
        Jan 9, 2018
    3. retroboy17
      Hi Lee I have a NAD 3020 that has been in used since new but is starting to show it's age. Are you still doing refurbs? thanks
    4. naij
      hi, i have a nad 3020 that needs refurbishing. it had not been played for over 10 years. please let me know if you will help me resuscitate this unit. thanks, curtis.
    5. Joanithan
      Thank you for the great service you provide this forum. I have two beloved NAD pieces, a 1300 pre Amp and 2600 Amp. I am technically inept.
      Are these pieces that you would have interest in restoring?
      I am hoping to drive Maggie 3.7 i 's with the latter. Does this seem feasible?
    6. rktktpaul
      Hi Lee. I picked up a 7155 receiver that is absolutely screaming for attention. I was wondering if this might be something of interest for you to restore for me? Thank you for your consideration.

      Paul Krutulis
    7. tusntuk2
      Hello leesonic, I'm a new AKer and I posted in the Solid State forum, ( "No audio" -the 7140 preamp does not pass signal to a working power amp,) Binkman suggested I PM you, but I'm so new I don't know how to PM yet. I have read and followed your advice for a while, and I would appreciate your help getting this NAD 7140 to work. Thanks!
    8. USMC Spike
      USMC Spike
    9. Pup
      Hi Lee,

      I have a NAD 3020 that I'd like to talk to you about updating... I just joined AK today... Was going to PM you but couldn't seen to figure out how? I am located in Maine...

    10. dukeofurl
    11. TubeJunkie
      Hi. AK member Binkman, told me to PM you regarding a NAD 214. The thermal fuse in the transformer is open. I've dug it out and plan on replacing soon. Any advise you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks
    12. musicisrx
      Hi Lee! I have a 3020 that is ready for a checkup. Thank you for any information you can provide.
      1. leesonic
        I sent you a message about restoring it.
        Oct 29, 2016
    13. gunpoet
      Hey Lee! It's been a long time. Hope you are well! Hey I just picked up a set of Optimus fours for $20 and they're amazing condition I was wondering if you had an idea of what I could do or what I should use to replace the crossovers I'm sure at this age they need it.
    14. onehifiguy
      Might you be willing to replace the speaker protection relays and the associated resistor in my wonderful sounding NAD 2200 power amp. I have the 3 new replacement parts but my soldering skills are too rusty to tackle this myself...Thanks, a former North Jersey boy!
    15. Fat Point Ja
      Fat Point Ja
      The volume knob has broken on my NAD 1020. Might you have one laying around.

      I followed your rebuild of yours and showed it to my local tech. He did not seem interested in such a project.

      Do you have a ball park price for a recap and tuneup.

      Thank you,
    16. tomelsey
    17. Jim Peterson
      Jim Peterson
      Hello Lee, my name is Jim . I am the original owner of a NAD 3020. It overheated a while back I would like to fix and possibly restore the entire unit. Do you have any ideas as to why it overheated?
      Can you give me a ballpark on the cost? Thanks, Jim
    18. ron jacquard
      ron jacquard
      leesonic, your reputation preceeds you.Question, i recently bought a Nad 3020 second gen did they fix the legendary cross talk issueon the unit or starting with the 3020A? thx-R
    19. dkfens
      Lee: Time to restore my NAD 3020. How do I get started? Thanks, David
    20. JLaw0218
      Hello Lee, I have an NAD 3020 series 20 that I am considering having recapped. Wondering if you're still doing these and if so, how do I go about arranging with you for repair? Thanks
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