Apr 13, 2005
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May 10, 1958 (Age: 59)
Rescuing Pioneer Silver

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On Hiatus, dealing with Dad's estate full time, Male, 59, from Bensenville,Illinois

    1. rick85p

      I'm looking for someone to restore my Pioneer CT-F100. Are you available and can you please provide a timeline. Regards, Rick
    2. Jamiex
      Are you still repairing the idler clutch assemblies (RXA-581) for the Pioneer CT-F9191 cassette decks?
    3. Rex Runner
      Rex Runner
      Is Mark back in the repair game?
    4. kapohoguy
      Hey Mark, just wondering if you are back yet? I've got a CT-F9191 idler clutch that needs your magic touch. Thanks.
    5. r887661
      G'day Mark, I have two CT-F9191 clutches that need your sleeve mod. If you are willing how do you recommend we get the ball rolling?
    6. pdxtim
      Hi Mark,
      I had bad caps in my Pioneer SX 636 replaced...sounds great now. The repairman told me to plug the 636 into a surge protector strip with 636 turned on, and use the surge protector to turn on/off the unit, since the power switches on the 636s often go bad. What do you think? I've read that the Pioneer SX-x50s have problems with their power switches. Does this apply to the SX 636? Thanks!
    7. Jbmorrey
      Mark, I have a Pioneer sx950 that has a crackle and popping intermittent sound on when my phono output is being used, phono 1 and 2. Aux and tuner work fine with no problems. Hooked up Turntable to another amp and it was fine, so I narrowed it down to the pioneer, any thoughts on what it might need? thanks for your help.
    8. Tigerpaw07
      I recently just found a Pioneer CT-F9191 Stereo Cassette Deck at a thrift store. Everything worked fine for a few days and then the FF and REV tabs stopped working. Members on this forum suggested that I send the deck to you and that it may have a cracked clutch? I also noticed that you are on hiatus right now. If you are unavailable could you point me to someone who may be able to fix it?
    9. duffymds
      Hi Mark. I was was recently referred to to you by Echowars. I have a Pioneer SA-9100 I'd like to have recapped--sounds like you might have more important things going on at the moment, but I thought I'd see if you're still doing repairs. I'm on the north side of Chicago, so not too far away. thanks for your time, Mike
    10. Eddyv
      Hi Mark. I was referred to you for the repair/replacement of the idler clutches on the 2 CT-F9191 units I have. Any help on this would be much appreciated. I'm roughly and hour from Bensenville. Thanks!
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    11. Nyko
      1. Nyko
        Hi Mark - just wanted to confirm I'm in the queue. Provided my contact details but didn't get any confirmation from you. Are you even back repairing? Thanks, Brent
        Toronto, Ontario
        Apr 25, 2017
    12. Selk36
      Hello Mark can I send you my clutch of my CT-F9191 for repair? What are your rates and where do I send it?
    13. cpw302
      I also would like to have the clutch repair on my ctf1000. How do I get it to you.
    14. F Staverman
      F Staverman
      Hi Mark I'm also interested in having my CT-F1000 clutch repaired
    15. 5thgear
      Hi Mark,
      I'm interested in having you repair my CT-F1000 clutch. I have it pulled and ready to ship. Are you up for it?
    16. Keith Jacoby
      Keith Jacoby
      Hi Mark,
      I was told by Rich P to contact you and ask if my Pioneer RT-909 R2R's original bias circuit transistors "2SC1382-Y" (R922 and R923 in service manual mother board schematic) could be subbed with Fairchild Semi 512-KSC2690AYS NPN transistors. 2 parts come up in Digikey, very similar but they have different specs for DC current gain.
      Keith J
    17. VisionElect
      Hello there Mark,
      My name is Mike and I have a CT-F1000 that has the Idler Clutch issue. I see that your on Hiatus currently and am sorry to hear about your loss. Please get back to me when you can, thank you.
    18. JamVal
      Mark, I see you are on hiatus, hope all is well with you under the circumstances.

      I have a CT-F9191 with the typical problem of no FF and no REW. The motor runs, as I can hear it kick in when pushing the FF or REW lever. I haven't taken it apart yet to look at the clutch, but assume it is cracked. What is your fee for the rebuild?

    19. Watthour
      Just guessing, but is this to minimize crosstalk, transients, or other interference between channels? I wouldn't think three inches of wire would significant in a circuit at these low frequencies.
    20. Watthour
      Not questioning the post, but I'd like to understand: Pioneer SX-850 speaker jacks. I can't find it in 850 docs but others (750, 1050) show what you are stating- the L and R channel speakers grounded via their own wires to a chassis ground.
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    May 10, 1958 (Age: 59)
    Rescuing Pioneer Silver
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