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78s galore., from Mississauga, Ont, Canada

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Nov 15, 2014
    1. Berkowwm

      I am a new member and have a quick question for you! I was reading a post you made in 2009 (, and it sounded like you have some expertise in my area of interest. I have a Garrard 2025TC sitting in the basement, and it has the 1-screw ceramic type of cartridge mount with a cruddy Varco TN4B on it. I already have a nice turntable for my daily use, but I was thinking of fixing this Garrard up and adapting it for a better cartridge that will be gentler on my vinyl, to use in a different room or to take to my office.

      In your post, you mentioned that you're familiar with adapter plates that used to be available. I was wondering if you know of somewhere I could buy such an adapter, or if you might still have an extra one lying around. Any advice would be great.

      Thank you very much for your time! I really appreciate your help!

    2. OLDVERN
      Would give 2 sets of hens teeth for a copy of the sta 2080 service manual..hours of looking and I still have 4 that need work !!!!
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