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    1. Jdk07
      Hi Mondialfan
      you told me to PM you if i'm interested in the a250 board but i don't know how to PM you. Is sending this message this way the right way to PM you thank you.
    2. uros
      Hi Modialfan,
      Could you please help with a question regarding Acurus RL11? Is it normal that volume and balance motors are producing clicking sound when using the remote?
      There is a mute button which after pressing eliminates the "click-click-click" of the balance control motor, but the volume will only go down and not up in this mode. Is this normal?
      thank you in advance.
      Best Regards,
    3. Dan Berndt
      Dan Berndt
      Hi Kevin, Are you doing upgrades to Acurus RL11 anymore? I'm interested! IF you aren't, any ideas who might be doing that instead? Thanks for your time!
      1. mondialfan
        Dan, I can help you, shoot me a PM.
        Mar 9, 2018
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    4. KNielsen
      Hey Mondialfan.

      Im restoring my Acurus A250 with Dale RN-series, new caps, diodebridge ect., and want to incorperate the polar/non-polar cap to the DC rail like Aragon series.. My quastion is:

      - should I just add the caps parallel at fuse (f2/f3) like a CRC-filter??
      - or after fuse and directly to grund output at the board??

      Thanks for your time.

      Regards Kaare Nielsen // Denmark
      1. mondialfan
        KNielsen, Place the caps on the DC rails after the fuses and tie them back to circuit common at the board output, do not connect them directly to chassis ground or you may introduce noise.
        Mar 7, 2018
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      2. mondialfan
        Harryconover, Hifiengine and Electrotanya have the schematics of these amps, both the Acurus A200/A250 are the same amp, just different rail voltages.
        Mar 7, 2018
      3. KNielsen
        Is it poaible to connect the "post-fuse" caps directly to PSU-ground at the electrylics?
        ---- Sorry, poor english;)

        BTW: I created a thread about my amp restoring in forum/diy.

        Mar 24, 2018
    5. Audiodrifter
      Hi Modialfan,

      Love the work you did on Dr K's Aragon 18k. Would you have a schematic for the 18k? I'd like to do the same z-foil resistor upgrades and need the resistors values for R1, R3, R4, & R15 & R16. Do you recall the resistor values or perhaps have a copy of the parts order, something showing the values for these placements?
      Thank you in advance!
    6. Vandyman
      Hi, I don't believe you are doing mods anymore but I will inquire none the less. I have an LS-11 Acurus and wish to have it upgraded, besides you and Ken Ealey where else I can I turn to ? Is there a basic schematic that you use with a parts list that could be had, and I could contract a private 3rd party to implement these changes ?
    7. cdoggy81
      I read a few of your posts & wanted to know if you did any basic mods to the L10 still, or if not, know someone who did ? (that was trustworthy & did necessary mods - No Ken Ealey!)
      Thanks & please do let me know :]
    8. j.burtt
      I was wondering if you are still modding the Acurus RL11's. Let me know.

    9. motoservizio
      Hi, I bought a 28k with a non working remote. I've sent an email to indy for the remote codes. But no response. would you have any ideas what I can do for a remote?
    10. TinEaredOne
    11. TinEaredOne
      Take a look. I have some other pictures if this doesn't help. The version of the circuitboard is PT57a. [IMG]
    12. TinEaredOne
      Good morning. I was peering through posts about the SE-100 and saw that you can advise about upgrading/updating. Do you still have the instructions/pictures you describe in your posts? I have one that I bought in the early 1990s, and I've always liked the sound but am hoping a lower noise floor is possible. Having just unboxed my gear and put it back into play after 7 months without it, I'm interested. Thanks.
    13. joekapahulu
      Hi Kevin, No didnt see it in my emails. However, as I am on Yahoo and there were issues for awhile there that may not be a surprise. Best bet may be to resend to my other emails or There were clearly messages lost in the YAHOO messup as others have emailed me regarding things not received. Sorry.
    14. joekapahulu
      Was referred by Michael aka tomlinmgt regarding mods to my Acurus Rl 11. Are you still doing this kind of work? Please advise if yes and interested. I would llike to get my unit modified. Thanks. Joe Kapahulu aka Wade Souza
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    Custom Aleph Mono's, Class A 40wpc Adcom GFA-5400, Aragon 18k & 28k, Nakamichi PA-5, Hafler XL-600, Vandersteen 2Ci and Acoustat Spectra 22's.