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Mar 12, 2005
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Real Estate, Venture Cap, Tax Lawyer/CPA

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Administrator, Male, from Seattle-Eastside

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Aug 9, 2018
    1. Action Elect
      Action Elect
      I just updated my profile, but want to be sure i am not violating any of the rules. I used the logo from my business as my avatar, and I mention my business in the about you section of my profile. If this is an issue please let me know.
    2. Lossless
      I may write things that some members may not share mutual feelings for. I don’t mean to incite or detract visitors from the original topic and if you’re offering by my post, which is not my intention, please forgive me. I will srtive to be as politically correct as possible. I’m here to learn and convey what I have learned on this journey we all seek in becoming an audiophile.
    3. Indiana Drew
      Indiana Drew
      Bartertown question: I have posted a FS MC240. I have placed a link to the ad else where. I have read the tulles and don’t see a prohibition against this, but at least one member feels it is against the rules. I don’t wish to break the rules. Please advise and I will take the appropriate action. Thank you - Drew
    4. Chris Janson
      Chris Janson
      I made a second account by mistake - please delete the account "Chris Janson" but keep my account named as "ArthurDent". I guess I'm confused. I must have logged in again with my name to thank the folks who answered my original post. Not too sure what went wrong. Sorry about that.
    5. BlueB
    6. BlueB
      Joined, and never been on a forum of any kind. Got excited and posted the same darn thing like for times trying to find help learning. Went to read about rules to learn how to be on a forum and saw the rule about picking the best thing and only doing it one time. I'm sorry, I'm going now to erase. I hope I'm telling the right person, I think admin is like the boss right? I'm trying to fix it.
    7. zefosky
      Hide additional information for activity type debit cards -25.00 CHECKCARD 1010 PAYPAL *AUDIOKARMA 402-935-7733 MI...
      Why am I being alerted to renew?
    8. nycaddyjoe
      need your help please on AK - contact me on how to become a paid member so I can advertise my Ebay business on your site if possible --thx for your time Joe

      what link do I advertise my businss?
    9. Dave62
      You sent a payment of $25.00 USD toAudiokarma LLC..
      Feb 22, 2016 02:06:15 PST
      Receipt No:1984-5263-2630-8311
      Im still not been updated who takes care of it?
      Found my recipt for Subriber fee
    10. Dave62
      I paid my annual subscriber;s fee in March but can not see Barter Town. When I open AK it asks me to subribe?
    11. sfox7076
      I was auto debitted for my membership renewal, but it was not applied to my username. Can you sort that out?
    12. vintage 5.0
      vintage 5.0
      Hi I made a mistake and hit the pay button and sent 25 bucks via paypal. I have been a active member of barter town for a while. I was trying to renew that membership. Can you help me get that fixed. You guys have the funds so I think I just need it to be activated. Thanks.
    13. GP Hill
      GP Hill
      Hi, I just noticed I'm not a subscriber anymore even though you guys charged my paypal account a couple of weeks ago. What's up?
    14. Auricauricle
      Hello, N: I have been a member off and on for a few years now, and any attempt at logging onto active chat has been disabled. Is there something wrong with my operating system or is there something flawed on your end? Please send me a PM, as I would like to get this thing resolved soon.
      Thank you,
      -Spencer V, (AKA Auricauricle)
    15. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      HI, I PM'd Grumpy a couple of times, haven't heard back from him, advice as to what to do ? thanks, Ed
    16. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      HI, Ed here, aka Frankie's Market. I have been talking with Wayne Chou ( developed several amplifiers for C/m Labs...) he is interested in setting up a situation
      in that he would essentially share his latest amplifier design with out compensation. He is not sure how to go about this, and I suggested AK. Are you the person he would contact? Thanks, Ed
    17. Negotiableterms
      He's been gone for a while - medical issues. Try again, please? Your subscription will be for one year from when it starts, meaning you're not "losing" time now.
    18. Vintagegeek
      Hi, I pm'ed him last week have not seen or heard anything yet!
    19. 4seatPilot
      I hate it when that happens...
    20. Negotiableterms
      Only with the domain renewal, which is SUPPOSED to be automatic... but wasn't.
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    Real Estate, Venture Cap, Tax Lawyer/CPA
    Main System = MVP-871, MS-750, MDA-1000, C-500, NA-PD Xover, EQ-109B, MC501s & MC1201s, Pipedream 18s; m902 & HD650

    Audio, Skiing, Boating, Travel


    New gear, old gear, black gear, gold gear, it's still rock n' roll to me.