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Jan 23, 1947 (Age: 72)
Eastern Bamastan
Retired U.S. Army Sgt.

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AK Member, Male, 72, from Eastern Bamastan

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Viewing thread FX Audio 6j1 tube preamp - a $31 wonder, Feb 16, 2019 at 3:24 PM
    1. pete1729
      Hey now, can you direct me to the thread where you e-waved a pair of Advent/2's? I'm curious to see what it would take.
      1. Pio1980
        Jun 28, 2017
    2. SET12
      It would take something in the $5000 range to meet my satisfaction.As of late the best passive device I have heard is the Dave Slagle Transformer Volume Control which hands down beats any passive device I have heard including many active preamps. I heard Redboys remote control version which made such a profound impression on me that I just bought a manual controlled TVC kit.
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      2. Pio1980
        That's pretty much why I've stuck with simple passive components that have proven transparent in my critical listening setup. The othe sys has a minimalist C-J Motif MC-9, close to passive with only 2 milspec FETs per channel as gain plus source follower line drivers.
        Nov 21, 2015
    3. battradio
      Hi Steve,
      , Clean out your mail box , you also have a PM at the radio board you might want to respond to
    4. encus
      Have I read correctly that you still have surplus of CNC PCBs? If so, let me know, please! I wold be very-very interesed in this business...:)
    5. gregorenburg
      Hello PIO , i am lucky owner Pioneer PL 1000 A, i sow long time ago discussion
      With professor Bittz , he mention some problem with TT, wnen the tonarm up it move
      little bit back on the record , Do you know something about this or you Bittz E mail GREg
    6. davidbeinct
      Hi, I wonder if I might pick your brain about a turntable I've seen you mention. There is currently a HK T60C available on ebay. If it doesn't shoot up at the last minute it seems like a pretty good deal. I found a post of yours saying that if the three known issues are dealt with, it's a pretty good table. Could you tell me what those three know issues are, and how they are dealt with. I was thinking this might be a good table to play with tweaking. I have currently set up a new cart and belt on an old Pioneer PL-A45D, but beyond that did nothing to it.
    7. jhaan92
      Hey-long time, no issues!

      I just picked up a PL-L1000 tone arm that I am going to install in a PL-1000A, but the rubber cap that centers the tone armwhen Iit's lifted is missing. I know that you commented on this before, and I was wondering where I could source up areplacement.
    8. htpimp
      Hello sir. I am a complete and utter tube-newb. I have recently picked up a Silvertone 4302 b and it is identical to the one you showed in a thread the other day. Do you happen to know where I can find a schematic for it? Any tips or pointers when doing your mods/updates that I should be aware of. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!
    9. battradio
      Hi Steve ,

      You been hiding under a rock , found some nice UTC LS-57 output transformers , to go with the S-39 you sent me .

      Now just need to find a second S-39 so i can do two chassis .

    10. Buckman
      Pio ,
      hope you remember me . I 've been working on my Grundig Model 1070 for about a yr now and small steps . Thx for all your patience and help. As we left it you needed to see a schematic and here it is . WOW what a process, but patience payed off.
    11. Buckman
      Hope you don't mind me sending you a message. I am back at working on my Grundig and have just posted to try and get a schematic. Hopefully it will happen. Thx for all your help and sorry for the time lap. I am disabled and not able to get around , so everything takes "Forever". I have the original schematic but no way to scan.
      Thx, Jerry
    12. Pio1980
      Goodness comes with getting the basics right, glory is to be found in tending to the details.
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    Jan 23, 1947 (Age: 72)
    Eastern Bamastan
    Retired U.S. Army Sgt.
    Originally from Utah, S.L.C area before Army enlistment..

    Audio, Radio incl old/antique, motorcycles and vintage cars of all ages.


    "Different" is easy, "Better" not so much.
    Goodness comes from getting the basics right, glory is to be found in tending to the details.