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Nov 26, 2014
Jul 17, 2005
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Jul 4, 1971 (Age: 47)
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Chicago burbs (Roselle, IL)
Computer Network Admininstrator

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I need help, 47, from Chicago burbs (Roselle, IL)

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Nov 26, 2014
    1. Ginoray
      Hello sir I read your post on CT-93 I just bought one and was wondering do you own one also seems you know a lot about the units
    2. east electro
      east electro
      IS there a chance that i get a copy of the manual of the Sx1500T i have tuner and amplifier issues .

      Thanks in advance
    3. mwadden
      Hi pioneernut,
      Since you seem to be familiar with Pioneer systems from the mid-80's I am curious what the opinion of the Progression IV was at the time? I saw your comments about the Pioneer Wave AV900 and they didn't seem so good. While my system was only manufactured just a few years before....unfortunately I was born in 86 and I can't find any info from that time.

      Here is my system:

    4. petronne
      Good evening from Argenteuil France,
      I m looking for press test and revew about pioneer A757
      coud you help me
    5. Edriz
      Hey Pioneer Nut,
      It wasn't a deck, It was my Pioneer SX-1980 Receiver that was I'm going to sat "lost".

      In all actuallity it was probably stollen but until they can prove that, ya know.

      I have found a replacement and it's in the process of being tested and refurbished before being delivered. I'm getting very excited waiting for it.

      Where abouts you from. I'm up here in the heart of New York. Just south of Syracuse right in the middle of the snow belt. Other then blasting some good Rock, I like to hunt and fish and ride my motorcycle around all these finger lakes that Central New York is famous for. There is a lot of Vinyards here and me and the wife like to hit some of the tours while we drive the bikes around the lakes. We both have 750Kawasaki Vulcans.

    6. Edriz
      Good Morning Pioneernut,
      I want to welcome you to my little page here and thank you for stopping by. Anytime your in the neighborhood, stop in, have a drink. We can spin some vinyl on my PL-200 and crank it on my temporary SX-980 while I wait for my new SX-1980 to arrive and blow the dust out of my Bose 901 series V's

      We like it "Loud-Proud,Clean and Mean" around here!!

      Have a great day and a Very Happy New Year

    7. Edriz
      Good Morning Pioneernut,
      I'd like to welcome you to my little page and wish you and yours a very Happy Healthy New Year. If you're ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by and have a drink, listen to ome awesome music. We do like out music loud-proud, clean and mean.

      I'm also a Pioneer Fanatic. It started when I bought a Pioneer CT-F9191 while in Alaska in 1977. Then in Colorado in 79 I went and got the SX-1980 brand new. I had that up until 3 months ago. I never had anything done to it and it was getting dusty behind the glass. I also noticed some noise coming from the volumn knob.

      I decided to send it out and have it cleaned and serviced. It never arrived and somehow got "lost".It's now been 3 months and I'm guessing I'll probaby never see it again. Luckily I have it insured for the full value but I also have my SSN etched on it in 3 various locations. It's in the hands of the insurance company/investigators now. Anyway, that's the short of it.
      Have a great day

    8. pioneernut
      That A-717 MKII looks like a direct spin off of my A-717 and mine has been great. I'd highly recommen it.
    9. yilmazcan
      Hi, from Turkey. I am also a pioneer fan. These days, i am planning to get a a-717 MKII for 750$ [you're lucy for finding these things cheaper, but in Turkey prices are high :( and the ebay sellers don't want to ship to Turkey ] But i wonder about the diffefence between a-717 and a-717 MKII. Of course the firt thing I have to ask is "Do you recommend this thing?" I will be glad if you help, thank you..
    10. cmk59
      Mike, you must live in a time machine! I remember having both a Grenada (yeesh!) and a Dodge Diplomat like your Elite...save my Dodge was the ever-present sky blue. All I needed was a leisure suit and Ricardo Montalban!

      Those are some great LP's, and you snagged 'em good and cheap, but here in OK even Discwasher'd LP's don't seem to command more than about $3..sad, given what we paid for 'em new...LP's just don't appreciate like good equipment does!

      I hear you on the hobby shop thing...I was into "N" scale trains till the prices went ballistic, then I concentrated on my Impala and my audio equipment...the scary thing is that I'd like to branch into some (ok, one piece-an amp) tube gear, just 'cause it looks cool...and VERY 'spensive...sigh...
    11. pioneernut
      With gas prices the way they are these days you just might get a bite on that 650. As crazy as it sounds, I too have contemplated getting a motorcycle or big ass honda scooter, but the thought of a 6'3" 260 lbs man on a scooter would look about has funny as a kiwana's memember on a tricycle in a parade. Plus the crap I'd get from the guys at work would be priceless. By the way, its taken me some time to figure out how to use this buddy feature. I don't have to many buddies here at audiokarma, I guess I've been reluctant in the past to initiate anything with the others.

      Oh by the way, I just have to say that though I got all that Elite gear, I completely admire the Spec gear. I like to compare Spec gear to a nice sweet sounding 454 or 460 engine from the late 60's to say 94' 5.0L SVT Mustang engine or Corvette LT1 engine. I wouldn't kick either out of my garage. :)
    12. cmk59
      ....Hey, after our phone conversation, I DID finally 'find' you here! I decided to get brave (stoopid?) and throw my Nighthawk 650 in trade for the SPEC gear I've been wanting...in the 'trades' section. Maybe that will help get some attention!?

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    Jul 4, 1971 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    Chicago burbs (Roselle, IL)
    Computer Network Admininstrator
    Cars, Stereos, Model Trains, Road Trips, and Mr. Fix It around the house


    Pioneer Elite M-91 C-91 M-72 F-91 PD-65 CT-91a DV-09 SP-99D
    Pioneer A-717 F-717 PD-7100 CT-S800 CT-S600 DSS-7 RT-701 PL-610 CT-F615 SX-1500TD SA-900 TX-900
    Sony TC-640 Technics SL-D2 Teac A-4300SX
    KLH Model 17 Polk S-6 AR-4x DBX-224
    Homepage www.elitebypioneer.com
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