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I had a good response but can't make it fit within the 140 max characters allowed here. Send me a PM instead. Feb 24, 2018

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    1. Baymavision
      Hi -- I saw you had some posts last year talking about how pleased you were with your Channel Master Stream+ and wondered if you still felt that way. Thanks!
      1. Poultrygeist
        Still love it! It has a great tuner which really improves the picture of OTA transmission. It helps pull in stations that I wasn't getting with the on-board tv tuner and attic antenna.
        Feb 1, 2019
    2. jororaitchev
      jororaitchev Hello,
      a few weeks ago I made my group in the" face", if you have a record time and desire, please visit her!
      This group is for duers only and has no commercial purpose. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1046794425475324/ Jorros DIY -Audio
    3. GRBmedia
      Seeking advice on Realistic super tweeeter project. New to this board. How do I send you a PM?
    4. Poultrygeist
      I had a good response but can't make it fit within the 140 max characters allowed here. Send me a PM instead.
    5. mattfortone
      Hi there. I've recently built my own pair of Frugalhorns with Coral Fe103's. They sound incredible but could do with some bass augmentation. I saw you've added a separate open bass to your Frugal's. Also read that in the Zenith H-frame you used two Chinese amps (TPA3116?) with a Behringer crossover. How'd you configure this?

      Thanks a lot.
      1. Poultrygeist
        Feb 24, 2018
      2. mattfortone
        Feb 24, 2018
      3. mattfortone
        And how did you hook up the configuration with plate amps? I've only recently started with diy speakers so first of all I decided crossovers to be a bit over my head. But your way seems doable.
        Feb 24, 2018
    6. Rufusblues
      Using Caintuck Audio Betsy speakers (plus two Rythmik subs), driven by First Watt F6. Lovely! Was wondering if you could recommend SET tube amp? Musical Paradise MP301 or new Mini Watt? Anything else to consider?
    7. CopperWizard
      I have been working on an open baffle project with H frame similar to the one in your avatar. I was wondering how you isolate the top portion from the H frame. Rubber feet? Did you try different options for that? The 2 chickens here would like to know.
    8. MartinG
      Thanks for posting about the 6n3 pre mated with the TPA3116. I had been running an unmodded blue/black board with a stepped attenuator in our bedroom system. The mailman brought the little preamp yesterday afternoon (and dropped it on the concrete between the truck and the house). I hooked it up bare just to test and it sounds great!
    9. trikster
      Love your TPA3116 setup. Got any info on the sub? I know it's a bucket sub, but what driver are you using?
    10. Rach3maninoff
      PG --

      Your contributions to the TPA3116 thread have been invaluable. Because of this thread, I have been opened up to a whole new realm of audio that I never knew before existed - and I have been a lifelong fan of anything audio, but unfortunately have been plagued by limited finances. You have shown that audiophile quality sound does not have to cost an arm and a leg, and I am certainly reaping the benefits.

      That being said, please don't stay away too long from the thread. It sucks that there are trolls out there who insist on airing their technical prowess with stuff that is clearly over the heads of most of us, and clearly belongs in DIY or other threads. Pay them no mind -- after all, it's about the enjoyment of the music.

      Keep the faith, brother -

    11. snapontom
      Hello, I have sent a contact request. We seem to have a the garage thing going on!
    12. hobbit

      Sorry for bothering you.
      Largely due to your positive views of the small TPA 3116 board in the start of your post - the little red one.
      One question .
      The audio input at the top left hand corner - what plug does it use ?

      I am planning to use this with a little bear tube pre in one box
    13. Porkloin
      Is that a TangBand full range driver in your avatar, and if so, why the offset baffle ?
    14. goldleaf
      Loved your OB+Sub setup. Very modern. I look forward to following you soon with a system to pair with a Bottlehead SE amp.
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