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I hardly ever check here, if you are looking for service please email me directly at hifitech@comcast.net Mar 6, 2016

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Mar 24, 2019 at 6:06 AM
    1. Punker X
      Punker X
      I hardly ever check here, if you are looking for service please email me directly at hifitech@comcast.net
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    2. fosbal
      Hi Mike,
      Hope all is well and that 2016 isn't too busy for you. I have a Marantz 2235b that I'd like you to look at (cleaned, checked, recapped, etc...). I'm local (Grand Blanc) and glad to support local businesses as much as possible! I did locate your website but thought I'd contact you through here first. If you can help, please let me know. Thank you for your time in advance! Thanks, Mike P
    3. FallR
      Hey Punker X,
      I have several marantz receivers (2226b, 2230, 2238b, 2238b, 2240b, 2240b). I am wanting to have them cleaned, checked, recapped, maybe switch original lamps to led.
      Are you available to do this work or could recommend someone in the Flint/Detroit/Lansing/Grand Rapids area that is reputable? I live in Royal Oak.
      Ballpark estimate for a receiver to have this work done?
    4. c4reed
      I was suggested by a fellow AK member to write you about my Sansui TU 719 tuner. I just posted the issues in the Tuner section on here yesterday (and on the Sansui forum last month.
      The tuner no longer works, both FM and AM do not do anything. The white lights kick in but the other lights (quartz lock and FM) and the digital display do not.

      But then it started to not play but if I pushed the FM button on the right it would work. Anyway... now it does nothing and is a beautiful paperweight.
      I have opened it up and looked for anything that has come unsoldered. But didn't see anything.
      Do you have any suggestions that a rookie beginner like me can try to get it fixed? Do you have any suggestions on who can fix it or if its at all fixable?
      I just got it last month and hate to sell at a loss.....but I guess thats the nature of the game.
      thanks for the time and insight from an electronic rookie..

    5. Dave1229
      I have a cheapie Marantz SR-3500 110watt x 2 channel made in Taiwan (in the late 90's) receiver I suspect has a bad speaker/amplifier protection circuit relay. We use and leave this receiver at our summer home in the UP and we turn off the heat there and unplug the receiver for the winter. I would never do this to my Marantz 2270 or my McIntosh equipment. We never crank the volume up high on the SR-3500 and it drives quality JBL 8 ohm towers and a JBL 200 watt sub thru good quality carefully connected speaker wiring that has never been shorted. After years of trouble free service we had to unplug/reset the protection circuit a couple of times last year. This year the receiver started right up but no audio. After several reset tries I just left the receiver powered up for about 20 minutes and suddenly we had perfectly normal audio. I'm in Port Huron not far from Flint. Is this thing something you would look at?
      Thanks in advance! Dave Krugler dkrugler@msn.com
    6. sykes3170
      I have a thread in tuners that I guess should be in solid state. It's titled "onkyo tx 4500 balance pot" if it is better off in the solid state section would you please transfer it. Thank you!
    7. Johnnyhigh5
      Hello, I heard that your located in the Detroit area. I'm in Shelby township, and I have a pioneer sx1050. I'm have issues tuning in fm stations. When the stereo light comes on the distortion increases. Please message me back if you wouldn't mind looking at it. Thanks.
    8. wchwsky
      Hey Punker X. I saw your member name mentioned while trying to research a Marantz Model 150 Tuner. I received it in a family estate situation. It was my aunt's. She's who got me started 25 years ago. On the 150, what do I need to do to see if the scope works. Simply plug in the tuner ? Or does it need an amp preamp/amp connected. I am currently running a Vincent Hybrid Integrated, Vincent Hybrid CD, powering a pair of Eficion F200's. I'm using the pre-out to run a Marantz Model 15 which power a pair of Sonus Faber Concertinos. I also have a Model 510M amp just home from being serviced. I want to sell the Model 150, but need to check all of it's functions. Any info would be a big step in the right direction. Thanks..
    9. Browner
      I heard you may have some Marantz 120 tuner parts available. If so, I am looking to find a CRT for the scope and possibly the front panel. If you do an are interested in letting go, I would be very interested in them. Please let me know, thanks very much!

    10. StuBotNYC
      I also have a Sherwood tube tuner in need of care... 1965 multiplex.
    11. StuBotNYC
    12. drummergrl
      oops I just posted a new thread about an Pioneer EQ in Tuners. Can you please move it to Solid State? Thanks.
    13. hinodit
      Hello, It was suggested that I contact you about my Sansui 1000a. I have one that needs the tuner aligned and a fair amount of people I spoke to on AK suggested you. The unit I have has been recapped except the tuner section the am side functions but the fm side does not. Is this something you could help me with if I were to ship it to you? Please let me know.

    14. kenwood61
      Hi Mike,

      Casey (nosirrah) recommended I ask you this question. I am about to buy a mint TU-9900 in stock form, needing only fm alignment for $700 shipped. So figure $650, plus shipping.

      Am I crazy? I don't need a tuner, but I have been wanting a perfect example to go with my CA-2000, also stock, and this may move out my TU-517 (stock) and AU-517 (recapped).

      I've seen these up on ebay for more, and I've heard of guys getting them for less. Any food for thought? Do you need to slap me upside the head?


      aka Kenwood61
    15. FauxHall
    16. p. rex
      p. rex

      I've just bought a Technics ST-S8 tuner, and I'm slightly underwhelmed by the performance. It's not terrible, but for a machine with a 7-gang front end (supposedly), I expected to do a little better. Since you seem to be the man for serious tuner work, I was considering sending it to you.

      Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could give me some rough ballpark figures for cost. Also, how long is your backlog, and am I crazy for wanting to get this tuner overhauled? Seems like most of your customers are sending in the heavy metal '70s pieces, like Kenwood 700T's and Sansui TU-9900's.
    17. dc270
      Word is that you are good with tuner repair- hope I am correct about that! I have a sick Crown FM 2 tuner. I bought it off EBay and two days later it went tits up, was playing great one minute then it lost station lock and that was it. All I get now is static.

      Can you help me here by repairing it? If so then how much? I appreciate any help you can offer- while it did play I dearly loved it & it matches my Crown SL preamp, I waited for 2 years trying to win one and finally did only to have it play for two darn days.

      Anyway I apreciate any & all help here.
      Doug C
    18. moookie1051
      Hello Mike,
      I'm also Mike. I've got a Pioneer M-22 with a problem. I've got a very loud buzzing, chattering sound from 1 of the 2 transformers on the chassis, upon powering on, AFAIK. It's not audible through the attached speakers. It goes away almost completely after operating for 20 minutes or so, but seems to buzz/clatter longer each time I use it. Would you be willing to give this unit a shot at repairing ? If so, when might it be convenient for you to have me drop it off?
    19. Zarathustra
      Hello Mike,

      Just bought a Yamaha CT-7000B, changed all the lytics on the Powersupplyboard and attached heatsinks to all the 2SC1061 TO220's. Replaced all the defective bulbs and the Tuningmeter. Now everbody talks about a needed alignment for this more than thirty years old FM tuner. I have the Service-manual but not the knowledge or tools.
      I'm not sure if it's needed if the tuner pulls in signals rather well in the attic with a dipole but distorts with certain broadcasts on the cable.
      Is it true or advisable after I change all the lytics at the other PCB's as well I should have it aligned. I'm living in Europe.
      Thanks in advance,

      Greetings Robert
    20. pioneersound
      Whats up Mike, finally got a day off can I call around noon. Griff
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