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Jul 11, 1987 (Age: 31)
Langhorne Borough, Pennsylvania

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(╯°□°)╯彡┻━┻, 31, from Langhorne Borough, Pennsylvania

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Mar 17, 2019 at 10:44 AM
    1. jimbo2k
    2. jives11
      Hi, are you still using your NAD 5120/Ortofon combo ? I found that the letal finger lift comes quite close to shorting the two signal ground tracks in the flat arm and can be dispensed with. I'm using mine with an Ortofon OM20, and it sounds very nice. the later model 5120's (red LED) improved the grounding which reduces hum, but all in all a very nice sounding deck, and quirky too
    3. DaveElton
      I don't mean to intrude, but I see you dabble in FR drivers also:) Nice pics of your system by the way!!. Just seeking an opinion here, I am currently playing with the Parts Express Dayton 8" (not the GRU) that has the large whizzer in it. I have them in ported "bookshelf sized" boxes, and have been tinkering with them for about 2 years. I have on some semi-dramatic classical (movie soundtrack) and with a little EQ on the upper end, I'm decently satisfied. I've not had experience with the cheaper GRU driver, but am wondering how you think those would compare? Also, PE has a Dayton 8" Coxial with the center mounted tweeter, the GW 8004. I've been pondering giving those a whirl, but, given a true tweeter is added, I'm wondering if I would lose the "single driver coherence"? Any thoughts or comments you have would be appreciated, since you delve into the single driver arena also:)

      Many thanks!
    4. Rod Beauvex
      Rod Beauvex
      Such icon! Wow!
    5. Pandovski
      Dude! Why do you have a 90s dial-up style avatar?
    6. Fisherdude
    7. sansuigirl
      not sure why this thread isnt in 'feedback'

      i have a Chris Ready - ReadyAudio - restored to the maxx 8080 db.

      been using it lightly for 3 years.

      the led lights went out
      the "reveneered to new" cabinet was ...uh...hmmmm....techs should stick to electronics:)
      "A" speakers work on one channel
      "A+B" selection doesnt work at all
      something is wrong with the tuner - it doesnt pick up anything.

      my problems are after 3 years of use - those posting praise should wait - use the thing for a while - and see what $1200 mess you really have. a restored receiver does not guaranty another "30 years of service" - and if you did fall for that thought then you really need to check yourself.

      every tech is a person with a personality - best bet to not get ripped off..... use someone within driving distance so your gear/time/money dont get held hostage.

      sansuigirl - ripped off by audio techs from coast to coast:)
    8. newzealand
      what sort of monitor audio speakers do you have???
    9. Manny
      All hail Grumpy cat ! Yaay !

    10. dalethorn
      I did review the D1, the Headstreamer, the iStreamer, and the FiiO E17 today. I don't know right off if all were posted at AudioKarma, but they're all at the Stereophile headphone site. I hope to get all this stuff organized this week. Tomorrow I have to do the FiiO E17 video. Just to summarize, I'd rate the D1 best, the Headstreamer a very close second, the iStreamer third and the FiiO fourth. But the E17 may be the best value for features and price.
    11. Fisherdude
      Actually, "thrift shop" conversations aren't banned at all. What's normally at risk are threads complaining that thrift shops are charging what something is actually worth instead of giving it away, thus depriving some folks of their "scroes". The fact that charitable thrifts are actually doing good work is being ignored.

      No problem!
    12. mrreality13
      NP. i grew up in king of prussia -lived up in horsham for about 10 yrs ,just this jan moved to texas.
      god i miss wawa--lol--had mom ship me coffee already-lol
    13. mrreality13
      if your lookin at chevy check out lafferty chevy on street rd i got a used car there a few yrs ago and they treated me good
    14. Taowolf51
      You're pretty close to me, so if you could get to Philly, I could absolutely do that.
      At the moment, I'm finishing up a few projects and such, but I'd be free in a few weeks if you'd be willing to wait that long.
    15. BadassBob
      Yo momma!!!
    16. c0ffee
      I've only been collecting records since this past summer really, but I did get one of my first orders from S.S.Direct. I've also used inSound (which I recommend). Some of the best deals I've found though are straight from the record labels. I've seen some $100 vinyls sell on Ebay and Amazon that the original record company still has up for like $13 or so. So always give that a go even when other's suggest that a record is OOP.

      Thanks for the kind words. I just upgraded my camera body about a month back, so I'm trying to get back into the groove of things.
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    Jul 11, 1987 (Age: 31)
    Langhorne Borough, Pennsylvania
    Budget audiophile.

    Coffee enthusiast.

    Seven years sober (and counting I fucking hope)

    I finally have an Italian car, even if it is a Fiat 500.

    Majoring in Human Resources Management.

    I have almost as many pairs of headphones as some members have pairs of speakers.


    Musical Paradise MP301 MkIII, Klipsch KG2
    Vintage AKG collector: K240 Sextett, DF and Monitor. K401 and K501.