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May 29, 2005
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Sep 1, 1967 (Age: 51)
Martinez California
Electronic Systems Specialist

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Sansui Enthusiast, Male, 51, from Martinez California

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Feb 16, 2019 at 11:43 AM
    1. scottrt
      Hi Rob: My wife and I are relocating and wondered if you would be interested in any of my Sansui stock.Scott Thompson in San Ramon. Call me at 925-648-one669
    2. playittwice
      Hi Rob Im getting ready to restore my 9090. Wondering if you have complete list of parts to order through Mouser?
      Also are these receivers difficult to work on? I just did my 999 and 9500 last week, I was able to navigate those with a little struggle but not bad. The 9500 being a little more of a challenge, but got through it.

      Thanks Loren
    3. Dion Chavez
      Dion Chavez
      HI Rob! name is Dion. I just acquired a AU 7900. I was looking for someone to go thru it and tune it up? Would you be interested? I am in Pleasant Hill. Super close..
    4. Doegee

      My name is Bill. I have an AU 20000, AU 9900, TU 9900 that Need work. I had sent the 20000 back to Chicago years ago for some work and it returned with the LT channel out but would cut back in when the volume was raised then cut out again. The TU needs replacement parts for the worn ones as does the AU 9900.
      If you email me I will send my number and would like to talk with you about doing the repairs.

    5. Mtnman009
      Hello Rob! Seems like you are the go to guy for repairs or at the least advise on repairs or where to go for a reputable repair. Hi my name is Jeff I have a Sansui 990db that sat in a local repair shop for 7 weeks...They said they were still trying to figure out the problem...I am trying to find someone to get this guy back up and running...Help me OB1 Kenobi...your my only hope...
    6. sflynn2nd
      Hello Rob,
      Just picked up a very clean Sansui 5000... 20 bucks with the knowledge that when turned on it goes into protection mode... small red light.
      I am a TOTAL novice. Where would I start shy of taking it in for service ?
      St Clair Shores, MI
    7. Quadraflex45
      How are your Reference: R series receivers working? I'm still happily using my 450R. I think the right channel may be slightly weaker in output than the left, but is barely noticeable.
    8. amourage
      Hey Rob,

      I have an AU-717 that started crackling on one channel.

      2 problems I know of:

      1. The infamous protection circuit issue where it takes forever for the relay to kick in.
      2. Due to #1, I often left it on 24/7/365 for almost 20 years until I heard a light crackling sound on one channel.

      Would you be interested in taking this on?


      David in SF
    9. psychoaudio
      Rob..couple of questions

      ! My Rotel RSX-1055 hums through speakers after it warms up.
      2.My Arcam AVR-280 has many issues and needs work as well

      Can you work on these or suggest anyone who can?

      Im in the northbay.

      Thank you
    10. Tubelicious
      Hi --

      I'm in the Bay Area and looking for someone to refresh / restore a pioneer SX-680 I bought on eBay (an LED light upgrade would be great also). AK member captouch, recommended you as a possible resource to do this.

      Could you please let me know if this is something you have time to do and approximately what the cost / options would be? I know this would just be ballpark.
    11. mixpix
      I have a 9090 db sansui, in need of repairs. The audio won't turn down & the fm tuning isn't working properly. I bought it in Japan, 1977. At the time, I spent over 6 months researching & going to stereo shops. Sansui was my favorite, but would have purchased a Yamaha. If you can do the work, or know whom could do it, I would greatly appreciate it.
    12. phowe
      Hello,sorry for the intrusion on a weekend.
      I would like to have a check up/repair on a Kenwood ka 4002 (from eBay).
      I'm in Walnut Creek,
      How can I contact you properly about it? Thanks, Paul Howe
    13. olecram
      Hi Rob,
      Greetings from San Jose CA. My name is Arthur, from San Jose. I was browsing thru and saw your posts regarding vintage Sansui. I have an AU717/TU417 combo that needs some repair and was wondering if you would have the time for them. The amp powers on with one channel only and both channels would engage in a couple of minutes. The tuner I think only needs the dial lamps as they are very dim although all lamps are working. I intend to keep them and my AU-9500 which is working well now. I just love their sound. Let me know please. I can bring them to you at your convenient time. Thank you so much and all the best.

      Kind Regards,
      Arthur Marcelo
    14. MtnHam
    15. fattfreddie
      Hi Rob:

      I have an AU717 that has performed well for years, but when I last went to turn it on, the power light just continued flashing and did not go solid. Can you bring it back to life please ?

      I live in Vallejo, work from home. I can bring it by any time. Please give me a call - 415 577 7577


      Brett Saunders
    16. noklew
      Hello. I have acquired a TU 719 and would like to ask some questions. I am trying to perform some alignment, however, TCa4 is extremely sensitive and loose and the dial jumps around. I do align with 98 however I cannot get to 88 on the scale because the gang is completely closed. Any thoughts?
    17. msingsen
      my email is
    18. msingsen
      Hi Rob,

      I've got a Marantz 2238B, original owner. The power switch seems to be broken, and lord knows this guy could use a tune up. I'm in Berkeley. Do you take on projects like this? What kind of cost would it take? Thanks.
    19. newzealand
      i see you like sansui stuff,i also like the look and sound of it ,i picked this up ,you may be interested in the model as is a rare peice,
      qa-6000,ill post some pics for you if you would like to see it ,i got it up and running and it is almost brand new in cond,

    20. naderpe
      Hi Rob,

      Send $10 to my Paypal at
      and I will ship you one toggle from a Sansui 9090.
      Please include your shipping address.


      Any chance you could list one for $10 shipped? If so, could you pick a nice one?
      I am restoring a 9090 for someone that was beat up during a burglary.

      Thank you,
      Rob - Robisme on AK.
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    Sep 1, 1967 (Age: 51)
    Martinez California
    Electronic Systems Specialist
    I like loud music and my wife does not.

    Listening to music through my AU-719, Yardwork, Boating, Good beer.
    My 1964 Chevy II Nova.


    Music........Listen to it loud and often!
    (With a Sansui) I do, with an AU/TU-719, AU/TU-888, G-8000, G-871DB, AU-G99X, Z5000X, S-X1200, AU-X711, SE-7, and SR-838.