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Dec 13, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Dec 2, 2007
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Athens, Greece
Software application architect

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Seriously Illogical, Male, from Athens, Greece

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Dec 13, 2018 at 8:00 AM
    1. seta_vn
      I just reading your post regarding Revox B710 mk2 speed issue. Lately my B710 developed the same problems after 20mins of running or so the speed becomes fluttery near the end of the tape. I wonder if you ever fix the problems of your 710.

    2. AndreasChris
      χαιρετισμους απο την Κυπρο
      πολλα τα ερωτημα απο διαφορους χρηστες
      Εχει παρει καποιος απαντηση μεχρι τωρα απο
      οποιονδηποτε, ευχαριστω Αντρεας
    3. biggs7
      Hello, do you still have a Technics rs-1520 service manual?
    4. Kostadis
      Καλημέρα φίλε SaSi!

      Έχοντας δυστυχώς βαθιά ριζωμένο το μικρόβιο του DAT μέσα μου αγόρασα ένα 59ES. Το άσχημο είναι ότι έχει καμμένο RF Amp.
      Μήπως έχεις κανένα spare;

      Υ.Γ. Εκπληκτική η δουλειά με το θέμα που έχεις δημιουργήσει εδώ, μπράβο!!

      Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ,
      1. AndreasChris
        Εχεις καμενο RF οπως λες.....τι προβλημα παρουσιαζει το DAT με τετοια βλαβη ??
        May 6, 2016
      Dear member Sasi.I am Nikos and I live in Larissa,Greece.I made a post about my KENWOOD KA-7300 that I bought from e-bay and the dear member dr audio told me to get in touch with you because you live in Greece.Are you a Greek?Do you speak the Greek language?I have a question about how to proceed with my amp that I bought from e-bay de.It seems that the sound is poor no strength at all,right channel almost dead and so on.So,I was wondering if the kenwood ka-7300 is worth to be fixed,if the amp will be like new after the repair , or the performance will be not good enough and generally if the amp is good enough to spent 120 or more in order to be fixed.Are you a technician?Thank you I will looking forward to have news from you.
    6. G33Studio
      Hi, I was referred to this site via a you tube search on head cleaning for my Sony DTC700...He mentioned following your recommendation(s) on the subject in a conversation you had w/ someone previously. I haven't used the machine very often in the last 5 years. While trying to play some dat mixes on the machine there were dropouts on the tape, sometimes there were not many dropouts then the following time o played back a particular song dropouts would happen I hope it's not the tapes themselves I don't have a cleaning tape ( I plan on trying to manually clean the drum and other metal parts of the tape path w/lint free swabs and 99% Isopropyl alcohol.
      any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    7. Person123
      Hey, you offered to sell me some DAT parts about a year ago, are you still thinking of selling them to me.
    8. l.bennardis
      could you help me in finding a working rf amp for a sony dtc 59 es?
      regards form Italy
    9. guiller
      Thanks for your acceptance!
    10. sindabezi
      Dear Sasi,

      I have read your terrific post about Sony DATs, so if you cannot help me nobody ever will.
      I have a Sony DTC-ZE700, which after power on goes to "caution" which should be humdity according to the manual, but the recorder has been in a very dry place for a long time. So my guess is a defect sensor. What is your opinion? In case it is, where can I find the sensor and can it be disabled (at least for making sure)?

      Thanks and best regards

    11. IsakAlexande
      Hi, seen your post about the lib-902 battery, I recently bought 2 of these Aiwa players and after trying to charge one battery it refuses to charge. It were thinkin of givin it a shock like you did. Already tried to wire 3.5v directly to it with no luck. But wont the circuit inside the battery completely fry up if presented with a 12v car battery charger? Seems strange that there aint a eqvivalent battery to be bought anywhere.
      Good morning - and apologies if this message intrudes ! I'm hoping you can help me. I have recently bought a clean Technics SL-1510 II which is perfect apart from (yes, you guessed it) the cue lever, which doesn't work. I've Googled the problem and found a couple of your forum posts - I gather you've had experience with this problem ? So, my question - can you offer me any pointers or assistance before I strip the truntable down and attempt a fix ? Thanks in anticipation and regards - The Galloform
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    Athens, Greece
    Software application architect
    Fascinated with technology producing art.

    Music, Photography, electronic and mechanical contraptions