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    1. ultralight
      Warm Greetings,

      Saw your post regarding your Omega and replacing your LS50.

      I may be in the same boat except that I am currently on my first system. Five years ago, wondered into an audio store by accident. The salesperson demoed a $20K system for me and rocked my world. Never knew reproduced music could be like that - warm, inviting, detailed, huge. That emotion hung with me for 3 months.

      Fast forward 4 years later. I picked up my first system. KEF LS50, Line Magnetic 22 watt SET amp that does drive the LS50 credibly. I never turn the volume more than half way (12 o clock) due to my small 11x13x8 room and never louder than 75-80 db. I lsten a lot around 55-60 db while working.

      Love the LS50's FAST transients and great resolution contribute to the natural timbre when compared to other sub $2500 speakers from Totems to Martin Logan ESLs. Grand piano simply sounds most like grand pianos on the LS50.

      (Limited to 1000 characters. Continued next PM.)
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