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    1. eliast
      Hi there
      I saw an old post from 2013 where you said you had to remove the top plate of a thorens td150 and reinstall it, you said it had double stick tape and you were wondering if it's a good idea to use tape again...
      What did you finally do? I'm asking because I got a new steel top plate for a thorens td160 super and I don't know what kind of glue to use.
    2. vmedia
      Hi Shelly - was reading your thread on the HK 330a - I have a couple 330b - fixed one, the other is giving me fits. Sounds a lot like your issue with installing TR508 incorrectly. Wondering if you can shed some light on the proper pin placement for these transistors? I feel like I have this component in correctly, but want to be sure.
      Thanks in advance!
    3. backinthelou
      I'm going to give that autoformer checkout you posted on my MC250 thread a try. Thanks for the tip. BTW, I worked on F-4's in the early '90's and C-130's later on if that counts as a propped airplane.
    4. havols
      Hi Shelly. I have one little Mono Tube Amplifier, Stromberg Carlson, 12 watts. I want to connect a stereo input (a macbook for example) in mono auxiliary input of the amplifier. Wish i have to put a resistor with how value (ohms) at each positive Y cable, before joining the ends? I want to listen a stereo sound from macbook in mono tube amplifier. Can you help me? Thanks
    5. DSD-13
      That's amazing. I'm afraid that we don't have any vintage air shows in the Netherlands that I know about, aside from veterans day. A real shame, but we still have a few museums (;
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    6. DSD-13
      SUPER awesome plane as your avatar, love it!
    7. just dave
      just dave
      Hey Shelly,
      What's new?Gettin any new gear for Xmas?I'm not,if my wife were to buy me something she'd probably get me Bose! So I tell her don't buy me any gear.Anyhow have a great Xmas Dave
    8. visualine
      Many thanks Shelly_D ... I will do likewise.
    9. visualine
      I noted your response on a 2009 forum topic re an issue I am grappeling with and I hope you might be able to provide some guidence. I have a Thorens TD150 with the original TP 13A 'Kugel' tone arm. It came with 2 off TS 50 head shells. Each came with a Shure M44MC cartridge fitted, but I also have a Shure V15 Type III cartridge and noted that you had used this on your TT. I have a great elliptical .2 X .7 stylus for it and I would like to give it a run on the Thorens. Could you advise if your V15-III is fitted to a TS50, and if so is there anything I need to know before fitting mine?
    10. kenwood61
      Thanks Shelly, I'll have to look at that, and I should check and see what is going on with the thread. Maybe I should just delete it . . .
    11. track rodstr
      track rodstr

      This response is a bit delayed, life seems to intrude on my hobbies.

      I would like to take you up on your offer to provide speaker advise. I prefer phone calls as I'm not the fastest typist. My daytime number is 913 588 1856 and my home is 913 261 9202. I only use my mobile phone when I'm traveling. Call any time no worries, only I answer these numbers. I'm happy to give you a call if you prefer.

      My civilian email is:

      Thanks for your kind advice.


      Charles Little
      5400 Roeland Park KS 66205
    12. just dave
      just dave
      No problem and by the way my fav WWII fighter,p-47 Thunderbolt.
    13. just dave
      just dave
      Hey shelly just a little tip for ya,when you leave me a message leave it on my page not yours ok.
    14. shelly_d
      Thank you friend. I've never thought of myself as cool but take it as a very big compliment when someone else does. By the way, I saw on your info page that the pic in your avatar is your wife and that she's also a good cook. That makes you a VERY lucky man.
    15. just dave
      just dave
      Hey bud,I figure a guy who's into vintage planes and vintage stereos is gotta be pretty cool!
    16. shelly_d
      It didn't get one. It was experimental and never put into production. It started out as a variation on the p36 Hawk but the p40 was chosen for production instead. BTW the Warhawk was also know as the Kittyhawk and Tomahawk depending on who flew it. I'm sure the Russians had another name for it to, probably unpronounceable.
    17. just dave
      just dave
      Duh,ok p-38 I know the p-40 was the warhawk.What was the p-42 called?
    18. just dave
      just dave
      Hey Shelly Cool avatar that's a p-42 Lighting isn't it?
    19. ivan382

      I want to try those capacitors at the input stage. Do I use polarized capacitors and if so is the wiring from the take off sockets from pin 8 to pin 1/8 of V3 and pin 8 to V6 pins 8/1? What would be the orientation of the caps? What is the tolerance and voltage I used be using? Why not go past .1 since most speakers roll off between the 60Hz to 30Hz region? I have two 22mf capacitors that were part of the original wiring before I re-wired to stock. Should I re-add to the circuit? What would be the proper way of doing this? Or am I adding more noise?

    20. shelly_d
      Thanks for the message. I found I was into old airplanes before I even knew what a phonograph was - at that time I thought of it as a record player. But I could tell a P51 from a ME109 at a single glance - and quote you the armament, top speed and horsepower of both.

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