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AK Subscriber, from Long Island N.Y.

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    1. steven94
      No problem you seemed to enjoy as much as I do.Always nice to do something out of the blue for some one. On july 4th my wife went out to the store I put the D75s on and started playing music When she came home she walked thru the sweet spot of the living rm stopped looked at the speakers then looked at me and said "this is that d somthing stylus isn't it that new one you just got", unbeliveable she only heard it once .I usually play stanton EEE , sometimes d74s or a pick xsv3000 but she picked out the D75s right away without me saying a word. KEEPER( but I already knew that)Hope you get a second one Good luck
    2. Hifirob2
      Hey - I just got your message. Yeah, I am watching the listings on ebay, and hope (really hope) I can snag another one when funds will allow. Such a nice sounding stylus! Thanks for the heads up.
    3. steven94
      Hi Wade I must say I'm a little disappointed that nobody else responded but I;m going to try again later. If I was in driving distance I would defiantly do it to look though the scope and meet you thank you Steven
    4. tubewade
      Hey Steven!

      I understand completely, and I don't take any offense at all. I was just disappointed that no one could offer any help for you and thought that I'd be willing to help. If we were within driving distance of each other it would be great. I'd set up the scope and then you could look through and see it yourself!

      Thank you for responding and take care.

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